45 Replies to “Channeling a 7 Month-Old | Long Island Medium”

  1. Did someone die???? What is…. where is…. did you… who had an issue with bed restriction who who. WHO WHO WHO. SHE IS a complete idiot. I only watch to laugh at caputo and the stupidity of the people that believe her

  2. Such a cute baby I feel bad for his mom she is a very good mom she should not balm her self at all it was an accident

  3. Just the way the mom was telling the story of how he passed isn’t right – like she’s not saying something 🤨

  4. I think this woman is full of shit, but I feel so terrible for the mother. May God bring this poor woman peace.

  5. I hate when people say even if the medium is fake she provides comfort like ya i would love to pay for a reading for someone to lie to me and having someone tell me my loved one that died is at peace that would mean nothing to me personally


  7. This lady must have serious mental illness or shes just a pathological liar trying to convince people she can speak to the death.

  8. This so call long island medium is 100% fake asking questions like this is not very hard to do. This faker is asking hot readings. She's 100% a scam artiest!!

  9. he was hanging from the stroller? so she put him it to nap? what he do slide out through the leg part? poor baby and momma

  10. my heart goes out to her, this wasn’t her fault and it’s just something that unfortunately happened 🙁

  11. I truly believe that if it was his soul's time to go, he had to die. Whether it was in this sort of freak accident, or if this hadn't happened, it would have been something else (like crib death, a fall, a car accident, an aneurism…). So I hope this reading gives the mother and father some peace, as of course it wasn't their fault.

  12. Even if you were there I wouldn’t have survived?? Umm really?? It was a tragic accident but YES if she was standing right there she could have saved him. This was preventable HAD she been standing right there. Not blaming the mom because this was an unintentional accident and they happen every day of course but it wasn’t a terminal illness or something so how can she say the baby is telling her that his mom couldn’t have done anything? I’m sure the mom beats herself up every day over this however I don’t see honest tears or pain in her face when she talks about it which makes me question the events. Oh and Theresa is a joke because she ALWAYS uses the same damn lines with everyone. Every spirit always “tells” her same thing. Such a rip off. She knew the back stories before doing this interview.

  13. I’m kind of surprised they didn’t try to charge the mother with neglect. Saying that doesn’t mean I believe that she deserves it. All I’m saying is that parents are charged with neglect all the time after accidental deaths of their children, it’s awful and happens more than you would think. It’s surprising that the state didn’t do that to this grieving mom. I mean…that is the LAST thing she needs to deal with right now. RIP Little Buddy 😔

  14. Oh what a crock of shit. Preying on the grief stricken,taking advantage of their vulnerability with your lies and tricks. You're a piece of filth. Hate everything about you; your stupid hair,that tired manicure,your voice,and especially the little circus act you got goin on here.

  15. I'm glad I watched this. Makes me a little paranoid, but if I gotta have my baby in a room with just the crib (lol) I will

  16. I'm going by my intuition&it seems sketchy on mom's part,look at her body language,she gets silent when Theresa mentions hit on the head,I think theresa knows more after she found out nothing happened to baby head ,it was the neck supposedly the mom said.&look how when she start talking to the camera she looks off into distance or a trance to start crying but it didn't work.

  17. Stay away from all pyshics, mediums, etc…. You are being deceived! These people are talking with demons! They lie to ypu! Trust in the Lord, seek Him and Him alone!

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