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  1. My mother had two miscarriages between my two older sisters and me. I have wondered if I have unknown siblings in heaven. My middle sister asked me why I would even think of that. It just made sense to me that they had souls so they should be in heaven. Unlike Catholics, I don't believe that babies don't go directly to heaven!

    Thanks for sharing this story. I'm sure it's painful. I wish Mom had talked more about it. All she said was they gave her medication when she was pregnant with me so she wouldn't miscarry. In later years, she worried if whatever they gave her was harmful to me. I've always been sick, but I really think my difficult birth caused PTSD.

    I was born breach at home, and both of us could have died. My dad cried and said, "No more, Mom!" They had a large farm and wanted a boy, but never got one. They didn't tell Mom that I was a girl because they thought she wouldn't try as hard to deliver me. Mom and I were so very close, but too close. I would love a reading, but I could never afford it.

    Erik has been so helpful. He has me addicted. Whether all of this is true or not, it brings us peace and helps us get through this tough life.

    I've been sick for years and no one knows what's wrong. Now I am too short of breath to even get to a doctor. I've tried going to the ER twice, but you can't get admitted for tests anymore. I'm fine lying in bed so they think I'm fine. The reality is that I haven't been strong enough to go outside for months. I know I'm getting worse, and I welcome death unless my being here helps other people.

    I have no mate and no children. Perhaps that medication to prevent miscarriage caused infertility. My mother always insinuated that I'd never be able to take care of children which I think is untrue. How could I argue when I have no idea? My sisters thought I was favored, but they have no idea what Mom put me through comparing me to them.

    I have so many questions, and I don't deserve to be left alone with no friends. Mental patients don't have friends. I'm sure Erik can relate. I find it so hard to love myself because of all the abuse, verbal and sexual! It started almost at birth! Pity party is over, sorry!

  2. What about losing a child to adoption? It breaks the natural mother-child bond and causes permanent psychological harm to both.

  3. Try to talk about cave man spirit some time oh my gandpa was best friend in ohio they both work at fierstone

  4. Thankyou so much for stillborn babies😢 my 1 st grandson Benjemin Jamison…..he would have been 15 years now…xxx

  5. So true. A Soul will not enter its body until it is Born. If the soul passes before birth it will not enter the body.

  6. Interesting. My mother, after the age of 30, had five pregnancies and six daughters and never miscarried. Tried as I might, I couldn’t get pregnant.

  7. My heart was breaking for you Elisa but I thank you so deeply for this particular video! I too lost a child, my 4th baby…I was never sure of the sex of my child, they wouldn't tell me but I gave the baby a girls name. I went on to have 2 more children to a 2nd husband but have always missed this child in my life…when me and the boys all get together (5 boys) I always feel like someone is missing…it happens every time and then I realize it's her. This was in 87 and to this day I miss not having this child in my life. I AM blessed with my 5 boys and all my grandchildren (all boys as well…lol)! But I know the reason my baby didn't get here the entire way….the child born right after was Autistic and I think I needed to learn to appreciate my children more but also learn more about unconditional love and what that really meant…..had I not learned to be more appreciative I would not have been able to care for the child that came after losing her! He is 29 and he is still in my care……….LOTS of unconditional love!!!! After losing that baby….oh you betcha….I didn't care WHAT was wrong or different about the next one….I was just SO thankful he came at all!!!!

  8. God bless Elisa for sharing this wonderful video. Opening up herself to the channeling Erik family.

  9. I can Feel My Personality with what was said and How I am Feeling about this is Connected to Seth. Hmm, Bright Face. 222 peace and harmony. I myself love peas tho hehe. I'm going to be Meditating with Seth, it's really strong. I haven't even felt this way even with Erik in a long time. My Grandma lost a baby @ birth, I thought of him hmm, its very sweet & Innocent. I wrote most of this comment here Before I watched all of this video aswell. Aww he's Here to Help me, I need Healing & will need them. I'm Grateful for all the help i can get, Thnx Seth. heh ( You know it ) My Angels & these Guides are very Soothing, I'm going to Focus on soothing Emotions. Chillin with Seth. Chillin with Adam, & Hangin with Coop… lol

  10. My baby brother died at 3 months. My mother rarely talked about it so I thought she had forgotten him. But in her journal I read that she was having dreams about him right before she died of an aneurysm at 55. I think he was waiting for her in Heaven.

  11. I had three miscarriages. I cannot stop crying while listening to this. I thought these wounds were healead…. Thank you for this.

  12. Why oh why are people so enticed by reincarnation? You realise once a person reincarnates the person they were dies, they just become someone else with no knowledge of who you were to them and that person is gone forever! ITS LIKE THEY’VE BEEN RECYCLED! That is why reincarnation is nonsense and worse than a total nothingness death.

  13. Oh Elisa I can't tell you how happy I am you did this video. My first born daughter, Jade was stillborn at 40 wks and that is what set me out on this journey to discover what happens when we die. I had a steady chill down my spin throughout this entire video (in a good way) ..hanging onto every answer Seth gave you. I will hold this video close to my heart and come back to it when I'm missing my daughter. Thank you for doing this. You are such an example of strength and resilience after loss in this life! Sending you love from one angel mommy to another! ❤

  14. At 23:30 I hear someone say "Are you talking about me", was that someone at your house Elisa? It might be a little after or before time stamp. Has anyone else heard it?

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