CHECKING OUT CKF REMASTERED! | ARK: Survival Evolved Modded Island Gameplay/Let's Play E9

let's go ah but this is John Boehner would welcome you know Ark survival evolved hopefully you guys are doing pretty good today I'm doing good missile don't forget about you guys hit the subscribe button of a vacation bill so you be here when stuff happens and well here we go again here we go again stuff has happened there has been a release of a mod the version of a mod that we have used before in the past and that we're currently using now us ckf has released a remastered version it's been in the works for quite some time and it is now available and it's on the server yes it is we have is ckf has right there FR right there BAM the masonary table and this is the new one and we're gonna check this thing out today also hopefully my hair grows out this saving server saving also my hair's growing out so we can get a nanny up so we get some baby our G's to get a little bit of lovemaking going on well we already have the egg but you know I mean let's go ahead and throw you and right here just to see okay you physically visually look different – that's nice and so now there's a whole bunch of things in here that it's gonna look amazing I hope tapered okay okay okay okay okay there you go well then slates inside outside and then there's a vanilla height one let's do this let's check this out and let's check you out and we're gonna make some of these and see a vanilla adapter insulate sorry okay okay okay let's try that out – and I guess we need to grab some vanilla pieces and there's a regular little one so let's we have a couple different size I'm really excited about that we have offset doors – very nice okay okay okay a little sweet ha there's the Gateway frame I just want to see some of the as a Roman style versus a keep hunt when we make some inning pace for that modular art let's go ahead and get a foundation down this is one of all we needed some ending paces for all this Wow okay let's go over to here let's do cementing pace I do have some supplies we should be good to go let's see if we can pull 4,000 we can't we're making a thousand we only need a couple loads to check this out because I want to see how the the visual of it is it compared again and lining up with yeah cement we need to do the foundations I just want to see how it compares with the with the vanilla sizes I toured around with some what was in test mode just to see and it had a great foundation to it we have you as well my friends huh that one's back so let's see here we have these ones here and then we'll grab the material gun and this is just a real quick look at this now if the ends up being something that I really like to do we might do a rebuild of what we've already started that means we need to push to get a grinder so I can get all my mats back from all the other stuff and then see what the deal is so let's go right here this seems like a very nice spot to bring it out and look at it so let's see here so there is that's a very familiar looking thing to me let's turn off that too okay okay and then we have the triangles now now they got rid of the 90s and there's only triangles now for stuff which makes it match up with the vanilla stuff now before we put down some walls let's grab a vanilla wall or two let's also grab some the original pieces just to see I will use the doorway we have doorways already made I'm interested in seeing how all this compares to each other nothing compares now do you snap okay you will snap to it alright let's check out the ckf one that lines up cool I'm interested now in seeing this compared to the other new seat ooh oh nice okay so there's the regular one so you can see the heights are higher here's the vanilla one there it is so we do have vanilla abilities now and there's fieldstone too okay okay that's that's alright is that all we have the cut stone or field stone are the two so is that what's on the material changer so it switches between the two does this still have this hey this this is some atlas abbasids okay so those are the pieces compared to that and it looks like these almost match up interesting so we have two versions than to mess with here huh interesting that's cool okay okay so that's interesting hmm let's see okay so but I need to do is I'm gonna go ahead and make a bunch of the mats that takes to build this all the different pieces and what we'll do is just do a little preview of all the pieces laid out and check it out we'll put it together and all that stuff together but let me go ahead and get some more stuff crafted up and we'll come back and see what we got okay welcome back I've just threw down a couple pieces and crafted up one of everything actually doubles uh some other things and definitely more foundations figured might as well just do a few of these just to see and as you can see now we can stack foundations with this mod before it was impossible so that's pretty nice I'm happy about that that's that's a good good change let's go ahead and just start getting into it it's see what we have let's to work with the single walls first we are note the regular ones look like so I'm interested in just seeing what these ones look like here and in these offsets as well and then we can get into some of the other stuff too that'll work for now so here's a window okay there's a double window here's an archway here's a double window archway squarish window here's the keep one versus the rounded arch okay bat looks really cool that's really nice actually not that I was like expecting like negative things to look like it or whatnot but excuse me this that was rather negative of you and Dodos y'all need to calm down in there that looks pretty stellar let's go ahead and throw on some more of these here and I like the offset window thing that looks really cool we also have some tall frames here those are the walls you've already seen we can mess with that later again if we need to alright another row of stuff well let's go on the other side then since we have this much stuff okay there's a doors with offset okay windows offset now if we switch these around it puts it on the other side but it does change how those connect so they're not lined up right if we do that so that kind of yeah it is what it is we can still make do very well I think there's the tall window there's another tall window Morris okay okay Cathedral versus like yeah mmm more of our you know there's that let's do this okay that's actually really nice now I'm wondering how this looks meshed together with the other material oh he has a yes that were the border or stays like that that's interesting huh okay I have I have that 20 click thing I use sometimes with this with the other gun too it's interesting and in this since it's a toggle it doesn't work as good as this it would dip before what else do we have we had double windows too let's see how the double windows look oh very nice not not mad at that at all that looks really really nice now there's a glass piece this looks like it goes in a gate okay what else do we have we hit where's the actual windows himself here's some glass here so those go there but do they go in here too oh he has some automatically switch Oh neat okay then that's really cool I should have made two of those I think I use the ball my mats I want to make another one though so we can see a side-by-side comparison let's go over here and let's grab there we go there's another glass there let's just do for three of them so we have four total and then do a full side-by-side now I'm wondering if we can change the material on these for anything we also need to check if we have to weigh available still one way or two way okay so you can excellently snap it over the other one okay do you have another material you have a gothic uh-huh okay okay so you can switch between the two okay and I guess since the frame stay that these won't change it just changed okay at least that does change that okay and there is no option for one way or the other way there's a menu here okay so that one just does a switch to okay okay that's pretty cool we also have other windows too that can go in here's the doors the stuff and we'll put those in place that's a window okay there's just a regular window so does this look you wanted to go there it opens and closes okay so there is okay so it will switch between the two it automatically fill it out okay that's pretty neat and then we have doors here so this will automatically switch as well and it sells the functionality of the closing and all that stuff okay interesting okay that's pretty cool on those now we have some other bigger pieces that we can use to before we get into the other stuff like these gates let's see how big the large actually is okay and the medium oh it's like a low one ah interesting that looks nice how does it look switched it's going either side so we get some better lighting it's same kind of thing going on here oh this won't let me change it oh there we go fieldstone had a little bit different stuff with a menu stuff so that's not that's not bad I kind of liking the cut-stone better those look really clean – I like that I keep pressing II wonder what game I've been playing so let's do this let's grab some regular walls now and check out some of these other pieces here and also we'll check out that in relation to this to that to get them together let's see what this looks like right wait I guess we should put although the math and the discipline nations together so let's do this nice nice that looks really nice okay that looks sizes expected I'm gonna use a vanilla one so this is the vanilla adapter to bring it up to a height of the other ones that's what the adapter means okay gotcha gotcha gotcha so what's the half one look like okay obviously like half let's see if we put a dab through there and let's see if we can also snap to these actually let's see this this half walls here does the adapter bring it up to the height of it no it goes up a little bit higher okay alright so let's see this here I'm gonna move this and we have some other half wall slash math than the mination stuff to put up here – there's a pillar there's an accent we'll say that there we go we have these ones here all right so let's check out you know it looks kind of cool is and okay just see if there's any other options on it here's this one okay that looks really good both of those have a lot of potential on adding flavor to it builds and then there's a Battlement now do these haven't toggleable no let me go ahead and put this back on and we'll see what the other version is Oh interesting huh interesting very interesting I like that that's interesting okay so let's put this back in the way it was it looks like it's about to be nighttime so oh let's get this the one last piece done it's to get this other one out before you move oh that's some nice pretty stuff right there and when it's what goes a fieldstone it goes to more of a point excellent huh all right night time to come in let me craft up some more parts mainly some more walls so we can do some other things with I grooves and whatnot and we'll be right back okay welcome back and I've been working I got the book I got done what I thought was gonna get done hey yo we got it done you know I'm saying I'm gonna move these the outside here because I want to see actually let's do the large ones on the side there's a couple additions that we have now to like this so let's oh look at that switch to manual and it does go up through the wall okay that's it come up through on both sides oh there's a backside on it now nice with a little support thing going on I like that very nice but we have a drawbridge now it has chains there's a thing on the back no but that's fine let's you can do open-angle oh wow okay and is there anything else on that so it does it little by little that's actually really nice now is the automatic it is not so this is a manual yeah that's pretty cool that it doesn't automatically open that that's super cool can you walk on this now – yes you can okay that's really cool oh that's nice that's nice that's nice very nice okay so we have that let me go ahead and see what the other medium stuff looks like now because we have a portcullis for that and I think there's a door too or is that just a portholes same idea going on there wasn't there a double door was that it can you go in there okay won't snap in there that's that's a good thing that's a good thing there is a lara that's there we go there's this door so we do have another large one to deal with – oh that looks nice and it has the same thing going on excellent and let's go ahead and switch out this one with you nice and it has that sound ah-ha-ha-ha-ha okay and we don't have anything like option wise to use with with something this how do these look with it it tastefully work they tastefully work okay okay that's not too bad I like I like it I like it there's some nice stuff in here and we've only begun to scratch the surface of what's capable so there's also a hatch too oh it's it's actually Oh oh it goes with the length of that that's not bad either cellar doors anybody I like that – there's manual and has the same thing going on hmm neat I like that okay so we have those ones that oh and then this is a double door for you do you work in the other double door and it does form fit to it that is super nice I like that that's a nice nice thing so you only had that one door for each type of size that you have that's not like if you're crafting out stuff okay something else I wanted to check out was the stair systems and the gables and whatnot so let's check out those two here and I made one thing of stairs so these are like like side little gable things here yes step gables okay I wonder if with how that would look lined up with some stairs Oh Snapple that is nice and it snapped very easily – very nice and then here's the standard issue when we're used to seeing it adds a little bit of overlap but you know that's not bad it looks better than semilla stuff we see and get rid of that outline okay and then then there's also this this other piece here does is this actually snap-on oh that finishes it off very nicely so you have two options kind of with this if you want like a more of a like a nice like decorative thing well that's decorative – very nice excellent excellent excellent there's no options for this right it's just structure variants all right I have feeling that bottom one won't switch with the gun oh it does okay for some reason I have probably other one but how does it the stairs look okay the stairs don't all right so all we have is the one way with the stairs I guess with with how things are that works there okay let's get a ceiling let's check out the ceiling stuff here there's a thing called an accent now I do there oh I've read it put this in the front one the main – let's check out this one let's check out this one I'm believing it goes in here no it goes in the small the mean you know that goes into something completely different that's too tall oh it will automatically adjust mm structure variance oh wow awesome so that's what it was there's a split column split rule with a rose and then it's a straight crossed one needs meet all right so what do we have here with this with this with this accent I'm hoping it's an overhang it is an overhang we have overhangs now we have overhangs now we have overhangs thank you very much exile that's it for the overhangs something else I'd like to try out too is placing these guys like that right right all right cool and then using these and seeing what it's just the right thing for that it is what options do we have or roofing – all right so hopefully the material gun will work on this if there's options it is not it is not working on it okay is there options or is this all we have for now with underneath looks yeah that's all we have right now is that now I know he plans to add more stuff to the mod as we go but that overhang on there is pimping so we could do something like this and still get the nice shapes very very nice thumbs up and this is their triangle there we go that that's what that is excellent excellent excellent excellent excellent I like that a lot there's a peak – pika – okay so that's just one of these right at the be on a roof piece it does okay okay so that's not too bad um we still have these arch things to look at as well along with the pillars so let's get them out – there's a giant one as well there's a giant and a modular so let's do this as a snap to the side it will now this being modular what is their difference it's just it we can do different things I guess it looks like we can put a centerpiece on that somewhere – that's snapping to the ceiling thing we don't want that let's get rid of that let's see if that has the same snap on it it does okay and that's kind of wonky there I think that that uses is the center connection piece that I make one I did can I use the accent with that oh that actually snaps at the top of the walls interesting okay let's put this pillar up or is the pillar snap at just the center so looks like I did it aside – that's straight at Center it does to the sides is there a field stone ooh that looks pretty good they were that border again hmm interesting again I keep saying interesting because it is I'm not just trying to build it up or something now we have these lower ones now that these are they do line up so we can do these circular of things Oh awesome that is Wow okay any better accent anywhere we want you know we hand huh it'd be interesting to do some offsets with those okay so what else do we have we have this giant one isn't like it snaps so let's go over here and place it Jayant gatepost huh the field stone looks pretty cool like stacked pillars okay so does what fits and there's there a giant thing oh come on is there a giant thing that fits on there no no no let's go see if there's a giant one in here and we can check this out – this is a good little preview just I kind of get familiar with some of the pieces there it is there do I have stuff I need metal ingots I thought I had middle ingots oh crap um crap do I have metal in here I mean I got some metal I selected the item please please please work with me here okay we do I'm gonna pull this stuff in the Anki loaf all right quick actually I should probably only do one stack because we might need to save that for other builder relations this will take it a second give me a second we'll do this okay I have the stuff for making the giant gate now to see how this looks and let's go over here and see what we've got ooh oh it has this this is very nice I'm happy with the setup awesome and that's decently wide does it snap with itself people I know a lot who I like to die don't really care for I like to build actual walls around my stuff with gates in them but let's see if the giant one works with it because if it snaps to it then that makes a life a little bit nicer for placement for people let's see it does needs foundation support so it can't float can I snap foundations to this okay that's a little weird for me now if I put that there it does rotate or change snap positions okay it just needs to be yeah you gotta be real careful on how you place that or have foundations below it before you place the first one and then make sure it's lined up so that snaps together okay that's not too bad I don't know um there seems like we looked over the world of pieces that I miss anything yeah that's oh we have oh we fret look at the hatch ceiling and the ceiling pieces I like to see what those look like I'm sure they look just like the floors but it's worth it worth the gander you know so there's a ceiling one there okay it has the regular border like that and we I'm assuming it looks like the doors it does interesting and that is the only version of that sorry I did not want to end without looking at every single thing like we just did and there's no reason to have these switch because that's how they look even when you change the exterior tile like this it still has that floor piece so I feel like the this matches the cut stone better than the field stone but it still looks good it looks good and I like how we have these options now for the the for the walls and stuff so that's that's pretty nice – wait wait what'd I just do there what was that wait what oh it was the edge structure variants oh you can change the two of the captive one on there to make it the transition on that look cleaner oh that looks pretty nice then is there a version like that no okay I'm leaning more towards the cut stone right now the way it looks compared to the other one I like the original s+ Wow ckf walls a little bit better like these guys how this looks but this mod just came out and there's a funny I'm sure he's got the work of a love he's only working on a I think I know he stayed in as discord that's who do it more so that looks really nice that looks really cool I think it's a great addition to the mods be available especially for building it's always great to have some new building mods but my hair is not long enough and that's the time I got for today I'm sorry sorry thil shorter but this we don't want to review this out check it out let you guys see what it is tell me what you think down below but as always guys thank you so very much did you all have a good night [Applause] you

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  1. Very nice vid, I'm currently waiting for test server builds to be done to make a vid showing off a few of the builds there myself.

  2. That was awesome! Thanks for taking the time to show the aspects of the mod. I love castle designs, so this was of real interest to me. Here is a question about durability. Now that foundations can be stacked, do they have more durability than walls? If so, the outer defense walls will actually look and act as defense walls. Love your content.

  3. Great video,
    Thanks for letting me know about the Giant Gate post placement and some of the other little issues 🙂

  4. Keep the vids coming man love your builds you are definitely my favorite Ark and Conan Builder brother. Do you think you will go back to Conan exiles anytime soon would be kool. When i can afford it i will become a patron so maybe i can play on a server with ya someday.

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