Cheetah Cubs in Nursery After C-Section – Cincinnati Zoo

the Cincinnati Zoo has long been known for our Cheetahs we run them we help conserve them in Africa and we also breed them we're down here at the nursery I'm with the zoo's chief veterinarian mark Campbell because we have five babies but it was an unusual birth a c-section which even at our zoo with lots of babies is pretty uncommon absolutely so tell a little about that yeah I've done I've been part of three c-sections in my 25-year career here did one on a talking which is a goal like animals Asia and a lion and actually now cheetah she just we knew that she was due to give birth fella Tilly soon she developed some AB some issues that we all kind of thought were abnormal so the decision was made collectively to to anesthetize her evaluate her then we ultimately chose to do a cesarean section on her what you thought would be the best outcome for her and for her pups now doc some people have seen a human c-section but hardly anybody seen one on a wild cat it had to be something at the moment of pain it was it's all it's a very group effort team effort you know we had all hands on deck for this thing to happen you know surgeon anesthesiologist I was doing the anesthesia and another assistant and once once those Cubs start coming I mean it's it's it's boom boom boom so we had the veterinary technicians helping with that part of it plus curatorial staff and innkeeper staff to kind of help so it's kind of like a factory line yeah if you would and it was quick and quick and furious but everybody did their job they know what their job is they do it well they work well together and we had a good outcome absolutely so we've got the fight but during the nursery to get almost like in a human neonatology nursery at a hospital really a lot of TLC absolutely I mean these these knees covered a little bit higher risk just because they were pulled from their mother carnivores and hoof stock tend to get a lot of passive immunity from their mother's milk and they were obviously not able to do that so they tend to be immunocompromised they don't have an active immune system it's all passive which is through the mother's milk and antibodies so we have to be very careful about hygiene that's critical that they be kept clean the the formula sterilize the waters and sterilize bile just like it would be for human baby and obviously that staffs up here several times a day to make sure things are going well

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  1. Yes, how is the momma doing? Will she ever get to see them? Having not actually given birth in the natural way, does she suffer for being separated? 🙁

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