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– Hi, welcome to The Sneak Peak Show, the best show on the whole internet. I, Amy Pham, am your host
and person who decided it was the best show out there. I also hold the keys
to the sneak peeks, so, I better see some aggressive nodding if you want a first look
at what’s on MTV tonight. Okay, those nods were satisfactory. Your sneaks await. First up is Teen Mom 2, where Chelsea and Cole
have some exciting news to share with Aubree. The news is also shared with Baby Watson, but he’s more interested in his blue ball, his pacifier, and you
know, other baby stuff. – [Chelsea] Cole and I
have some exciting news, and we couldn’t wait for
the cameras to share it. What does that mean? – You’re pregnant! Eeee! (upbeat music) – You guys are having a baby! – [Chelsea] Oh, yeah. – [Cole] We sure are. – [Chelsea] It’s so early. It’s the size of an apple seed. (Watson laughs) – [Mandi] Aubree, you ready
to be a big sister again? – Yeah. – [Chelsea] How’s that feel?
– [Cole] Aubree, you excited? – Mm! – You were excited when I told you, I told you right away, didn’t I? – You were really excited. – We’re gonna have two under two. We were obviously trying
and I took a test everyday, and they were always no. And I wanted to know like
the second I could find out. – We took quite a few. – I did it everyday.
– [Aubree] We? (laughs) – Like multiple times a day. It was two weeks ago, it
was a no in the morning and then later, after I ran errands I took another one and it had like, the lightest, lightest, lightest line. – [Cole] I knew it the whole time. – [Mandi] What are we
hoping for this time, a boy or a girl? – Girl! – [Chelsea] I think it’s a girl and Cole thinks it’s a boy. Are you ready for another little baby? – Yeah! – [Chelsea] Okay, are you gonna change the poopy diapers this time? – No! – [Cole] Yeah! – No! – [Chelsea] (laughs) Now
that you’ve seen it enough. – [Aubree] No! (laughs) (Chelsea laughs) – We have taught you, we’ve taught you well.
– It is your time. (Aubree laughs) – I pass these duties to you. (Aubree laughs) – After Teen Mom 2 is Teen Mom: Young + Pregnant Reunion, where Brianna and Danae’s
rocky relationship takes a turn for the worse after Brianna alleges Danae has been lying about her. – Danae was calling Brianna, she didn’t answer her phone for, at all, and your son was at our house. She’s so concerned about his safety, but we were calling you to try to get– – I did answer–
– Can I finish Brianna? Don’t be rude, don’t
interrupt, I’m talking. Since when did you become so rude? Why are you so angry towards me? – I’m not angry. – [Danae’s Mom] You acting like it. – I’m angry because you’re
trying to defend him when he told me that he was drunk. – I’m telling you what was
happening when I was there. – [Brianna] He personally said to me that he was drunk that night. – But I’m telling you, I was there, I’m telling you the baby
was there, I was there. – So I don’t know why he would say that he was drunk that night. – Because obviously–
– When I– – He said that you guys
was supposed to talk. So he was trying to get
you over to the house. – Exactly. – [Brianna] Yeah, he told me that when I was at work and I answered the phone. – No, oh my. – You did tell me that. – [Danae] Now you’re talking about (bleep) like it’s, oh my– – So back on that night,
so the baby was fine? Asked Danae to call Brianna to figure out when Brianna was gonna
come back and get the baby. Calling Brianna, calling calling calling, no answer, nothing at all. So finally the next day, Jessica comes and pick up Braeson, and then, come to find
out, like, you know, we see her on Facebook or Snapchat, she out with another dude. Hanging out, taking
pictures, and hehe haha, but you can’t even answer
the phone for your baby. – All right, that’s a lie, that’s a lie. – [Danae’s Mom] It’s not a lie. – Now you’re lying,
nope, now you’re lying. I would not answer the phone for my baby? I answered the phone for my baby, and no, and every time,
shut the (bleep) up, every time you told–
– Why you so mad? (group shouts over each other) – You told me, no but you told me, I just want to talk to you. I just want to talk to you. Because, you’re lying, I’m not lying. – I’m not lying, bro. (bleep) – [Brianna] Lie to your mom all the time! (group shouts over each other) Like I would not answer
the phone for my baby? That’s why you don’t see my baby anymore! – Have you realized that you switched because you have so
much hatred towards me, what did I do to you? – Because, you wanna lie to her, really? – [Danae] How am I lying? – I’ve answered the
phone every (bleep) time, and every (bleep) time you’re like, “Oh, you’re a dumbass whore, you’re worthless, shut up! – Really? – [Audience] Ohhh. – Guys, let’s, let’s, one at a time. Let’s calm down.
– I’m done. I don’t, I am not doing this anymore. I’m done, I’m done. – [Danae’s Mom] Bye. – You wanna (bleep) lie,
go be a (bleep) liar. – [Danae] I’m not lying, you’re the only (bleep)
liar here, Brianna. – [Brianna] Yeah, shut
the (bleep) up, dude. – Find out whether Brianna
returns to the stage and what else is new with the other young and pregnant moms tonight
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100 Replies to “Chelsea & Cole’s Exciting Baby 👶 News | The Sneak Peek Show | MTV”

  1. This girls mother is an enabler, no wonder she got pregnant while still a child. Good luck Grandma, you’re going to be raising your daughters baby!!

  2. I believe what they are saying about Brianna, she was pretty thirsty for some D… she threw her baby to her mom in one of the episodes because they were talking about her 1 month BF like if he was her husband! Girl take care of your child!! Stop worrying about D*ck!!

  3. OMG!! Does anyone else get annoyed with Chelsea for talking like if her nose is clogged and chewing bubble gum all the dam time she talks!!

  4. Didn't Watson just turn 1. Damn they're baby crazy. But when Watson is one of the cutest babies on the planet, why not have more.

  5. Omg on young and pregant mabye if these girls weren’t stupid enough to get pregant they wouldn’t have these fights and these issues think twice like fr fr

  6. Well I guess if ur getting paid to have kids and be on t.v why not just keep having them but I say to Chelsea ur too damn old to be talking like a baby ur about to have 3 grow up. And as for Brianna she's a hoe and she's mad cause she knows it.

  7. Can Chelsea film something else? Can she take Aubrey to the fair or something. Like they never go anywhere.

  8. Whoa Chelsea another one?? Ur a good mom so in my book you can have as many as you want lol. As far as Brianna this is prime example why kids should not be having babies!!!

  9. Chelsea is the only team mom I'm actually happy for. She didn't hop from d to d. She waited till she found a good man and now is the only Teen Mom with a stable relationship lol

  10. Cole…Poster man for "How to properly be a step parent"….it's a shame so many people NEED to be taught!

  11. Subscribe to my Channel!! I'll be posting videos recapping this show and any others you suggest! I'll subscribe back! 😉

  12. Brianna need to sit on that couch and get her coins tho… she’s a newbie , too early to be acting like you done

  13. Why is Angela Simmons tha host when she clearly was tha fakest role model a young girl could have! Talk about not having sex before marriage, LMFAO, that's why she had a child out of wedlock!! But okay you go ahead MTV.

  14. I believe Briana left Braeson at Danae's and was dancing with another dude. But did answer the phone and Danae will call her a hoe. I believe that.
    I think Brianna is this show's Jenelle.

  15. I like Chelsea but it's kind of sad that all she seems to want in life is to have baby after baby. Like, she just had a kid…

  16. Brianna is a damn hoe! I feel so bad for that poor baby. Hes only a few months old and already has had 2 "dads" in his life…

  17. She seems to be the best mom out of all the girls. Plus, Cole is an amazing husband & dad. I wish them the best!

  18. I'm sorry but I think they're all pure white trash. They just live to have baby after baby and none of them have jobs. MTV is the only way they are supporting themselves. There isn't anything wrong with wanting a family but I'll be curious what these girls end up doing once their kids are grown and when they can't have anymore kids. I guess Chelsea has been an esthetician and Kailyn has her college degree but none of them have anything to put on a job resume.

  19. I’m so happy for Chelsea ❤️ she’s came such a long way, throughout so much bullshit, she deserves this happiness 🙂 Godbless 🙏🏽

  20. God blessed her with the family she wanted, I remember when she was crying to her Father about her daughter not having a father around and god blessed her with a great husband and more children. The only surviving couple on Teen Mom☺

  21. This dumb ass (Chelsea) barely wants 2 film anything. Yet she doesn't mind telling every1 every time she getting ready 2 pop ANOTHER 1 OUT!!!! These girls just keep popping them out left & right. 🤨

  22. You dont deserve a child none of you on there do. People been trying for years to conceive yet you get to pop one out and not even care about it. All your after is money and drama its disgusting

  23. But why does chelsea want another one so soon…..sounds like she's securing the trap. And cole isn't man enough to say….no…….yeah he's nice and works and all. But he has no backbone. He know damn well he doesn't want another so soon. His face screams it.

  24. Congratulations!! A baby is a blessing.. No matter if it’s your first, second, third or 25th!! AND as long as the state isn’t supporting your children and you all do the majority of their care and needs (which you do) then it’s absolutely no ones business how many children someone has…Great Parents

  25. Good for them, but she has no story line (aka. no drama). She tries to get any Adam drama in the show that she can … her life is too perfect and not exciting enough for the drama this show needs.

  26. I WISH I had a guy like Cole for my man!!! He seems so honest, reliable, loving, appreciative, attentive, stable and every other positive word you could think of.

  27. Chelsea can have 1,000 babies if she wanted at the end of the day she’s a great mother & she has a great husband who loves and cares about her & the children for Brianna on the other hand …she reminds me a bit of jenelle. Thirsty for penis instead of just focusing on her child.

  28. Teen mom has got stupid now.I used to keep up with the show.all its about now is having babies.and going from man to man.the only good ones on their is maci and Chelsea.

  29. I would like to be a mom to my newborn if I had a baby and my boyfriend would be really good dad to my kid

  30. I fail to see why everyone thinks Chelsea is the best mom on this show. Does anyone remember a few years back when Adam called her out on the reunion show stating that she had fucked his best friend while she was pregnant with Aubree? And she didn't even try to deny that. She just sat there with an uncomfortable look on her face. I'll give her props for staying out of trouble and finding a normal guy but other than that, I don't see why people are saying she should be a "role model" to teen mothers. She's a high school drop out and has barely worked a day in her life. She just lives off an MTV salary because that's the only way she can stay at home and pop out babies for as long as her body will let her. No, she isn't as bad as the other girls on this show but she is still trashy in her own way.

  31. I'm so Happy for Chelsea and Cole there both great parents ans Chelsea is the best Tren MoM 2 MoM on the show she actually don't need to be on the show anymore she is better than all that Drama!!

  32. So all I heard during Chelsea's discussion was that she was fucking Cole 2x's a day in a desperate race for another child. I will never be able to understand the desire to breed so fast. Her cooch hasn't even healed up yet.

  33. This bitch is always looking messy asf and she never does her hair, always looks bummy, but I think she’s a real good mom, maybe the best out of all of them.

  34. Everyone’s gonna attack Briana but not see what a piece of shit Danae is and HIS MOTHER IS ALSO A ENABLER WTF

  35. Brianna and Danae were in an unhealtby relationship anyway. They are both verbally and emotionally abusive with each other. Going their separate ways was the best thing.

  36. Chelsea doesn't have to film everything. They need to keep some of their life private. I dont understand why people need to know all their personal life

  37. All the hate comments towards Chelsea like y’all just jealous you can’t love her life y’all really think she cares what you say no I don’t think so 😂 I’d love to have the life she has and I plan on I’m building my future as we speak so why don’t y’all go do the same

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