Cherish Sanitary Napkins – Menstrual Cycle Breakthrough

introducing cherish premium sanitary napkins by inspire cherished abs have been designed by women for women notice houston cherish premium sanitary napkins are as compared to one of the leading eight-hour pads these 8 and 10 hour protection pads are bulky uncomfortable and can be embarrassing to carry around cherish is compact design promotes comfort and fits discreetly in your purse or backpack cherish premium sanitary napkins feature eight levels of comfort and protection the first layer is beautiful soft cotton cotton is soft sanitary comfortable and does not have to be bleached to be white it's white naturally most top brands use synthetic petrochemical materials these petrochemical materials may irritate sensitive skin and cause discomfort also they do not let the skin breathe which increases the risk of bacterial growth they are chosen by manufacturers because of their cheaper production cost the second layer is the all-natural negative ion strip negative ions are oxygen atoms charged with an extra electron they are created in nature by the effects of water air and sunlight that taste in the air and feeling you get at the beach near a waterfall or after a storm is your body being saturated in the benefits of negative ions cherish creamy and sanitary napkins include negative ion technology which has been proven to balance pH and hormone levels helps protect against germs and bacteria helps to reduce inflammation fights against vaginal irritations and factions and reduces unwanted odor this wonder strip is also infused with far infrared ray technology that has been proven to improve your body's oxygen levels health pH balance the body and boost your immune system among other things finally the ion strip contains nano silver ion technology nano silver ions have a number of health benefits including preventing bacterial growth the third layer is air laid paper that provides additional protection from unwanted leaks the fourth layer is an amazing super absorbent and safe polymer that is up to ten times more absorbent than conventional pets and holds more than 300 times its own weight in liquid the average woman discharges between 15 milliliters and 50 milliliters of fluid a day during the peak of her menstrual cycle we will pour 50 milliliters of water on the cherish premium sanitary napkin now we'll pour the same 50 milliliters of water on a leading pad which is advertised to provide up to 8 hours of wetness protection notice how we take an ordinary paper towel and place it on the highly advertised pad look at how wet the paper towel is it's virtually soaked this is the damp wet uncomfortable sensation that women are frequently left with after their menstrual discharge using the products that are on the market today now look as we place a paper towel on top of the cherish premium sanitary napkin even with applying force which we did not do with the leading brand the paper towel is 99% dry dryness and comfort is what you can expect with cherish premium sanitary napkins you're going to love the way you feel the fit layer is an enhanced flow layer that has been specially designed to prevent reverse percolation in other words it conveniently absorbs and moved staunton away from the body the sixth layer is an additional layer of air laid paper to reinforce and lock in the dryness women need and desire take a look as we've now removed the absorbent cords of both the leading eight-hour protection pad and the cherish premium pad that we've previously saturated with 50 milliliters of water first we will submerge the core of the leading pad into the cup containing the least amount of water the majority of pads sold today use wood pulp wood fibers and other waste materials for their core and then bleach it to give it an artificial fresh looking white appearance next we'll place the core of the super absorbent polymer found in the cherish premium sanitary napkin into the cup containing at least twice as much water unlike the leading pad the super absorbent polymer in the core of the cherish premium sanitary napkins is so safe that it is the same polymer used in diapers for infants watch how quickly the polymer absorbs all of the water this specially formulated polymer used by the cherished premium pad keeps you drier and more comfortable much much longer look at how the leading brand has only partially absorbed the water while the cherish core completely absorbs more water and in less time we'll even pour the excess water not absorbed by the leading brand into the cup containing the cherish core and it quickly absorbs it all the seventh layer is a micro perforated breathable bottom that promotes the flow of fresh air limiting and preventing the growth of harmful bacteria the eighth layer is the release paper that contains a composition specially formulated in Europe that has strong adhesion properties safe for the skin many manufacturers use construction grade glue as an adhesive again harmful both to women and the environment at first I was like shocked at how much information I lacked on the ingredients that the products out there have that affect our health and then I was just amazed at the technology that the cherish pads have and the third part was that I only wanted to use that one I'm a very active person I like working out going to the gym I'm an entrepreneur so I have a very diverse agenda I need something where I can move and feel comfortable and they're almost seamless you like can't even feel them as comfortable as they are my experience with the cherish craft it was a great experience first of all the size of top I have to wear those overnight hair so you know that's about this thick and there's no being discrete with that but with it and took it up under my arm nobody would ever know like I can carry the little two clutches versus the big bags that I have to carry as far as when I actually physically use it those little things you go the mile I mean I tell you like typically I go through about five overnight during my heaviest part of my cycle and on my heaviest day I use three of the cherish pads and then on my next Hub USA I use two it is a like little thin small pads and I'm just like this is great so my experience was for not try it you have to try it it will change your life invent the smell was different it wasn't as pungent as it typically is with the other pads and there wasn't any itching because it's actually absorbing and it's not sitting you know on top and Kinetico one was cut cotton is a woman's best friend so absolutely my cherished experience was absolutely amazing I can't imagine myself using anything other than the chairs pegs so after I saw the demonstration and I saw with the actual pass that I used to use was made of and the ingredients I was like no way and it explained a lot of different things like why we smell the way we do you leave it all to wrong and everything that it's made of this just it wasn't good at all now I know that I can be comfortable in knowing that I'm a cheerleader in I'm busy all the time and I have to jump up and down and tumble I can be comfortable and I can feel secure without feeling like I'm embarrassed or feeling like someone can see me or a significant as a teenager in high school with your group of friends knowing that everybody has a cycle you have to have each other's back if you're you get on yours out of nowhere during the day and they take some lucky lantern you got to give it to them Jenna has a back when I saw the demonstration and learned about you know the difference between this product and other products that are on the market and sadly that have been on the market for years and years and years absolutely I wanted to stand up and just yell my background is wellness and what I know the most important thing we can do is make just simple changes and and knowing that it was a healthier version of what we have today that was huge but at the end of the day let's set aside that health component when I saw the thickness of it when I saw how it felt when I was able to touch it and feel how smooth and nice it was and I thought how is it possible that that is going to take care of someone's daily flow and then I saw that demonstration of putting it in the water and then comparing it to the thicker pad that you would think would do better a better job listen he had me it dry okay it's elemina LEL Malolos yo to be experiencia de Gama de salud en el sentido mira la primera este insuk a to de con la otra marca negative a sweet estando fuera del país way to sabe que no le mamani okay no tiene en la Co y al Jaeger aquí viene co-infection area entonces el doctor me dijo que que paso a yeah Oh Leslie que bueno yo salia por la mañana y tu Saba algún algún protestor o el gouna plant illa si bueno ESO te o Cassy oh no I ll say she owned yeah Peggy hey mal experiencia guar quanto beneficio tiene esta marta que no tiene la otra a su papel ax otra pockets Fateh te teko el acceso mi caso a la que tengan contingency adorned aria yo evan eve of ella la salvation ami ami proceso connect a product oh well I feel Castro is no more secure I don't have to go to the bathroom and change all the time and I'm taking money that's a big thing for me because before I got to buy two packages and now I'm buying just one and it's perfect well I'm excited now because I'm insured I'm taking care of my health and I can share this information with other women when I first saw the chairs pad demonstration I was amazed he poured a bunch of water on a pad that we all you know used all time and came away wet and of course as a woman i sat there going yeah okay and when you put the water on that chair cat and happen nothing it is honestly I went wow that's fantastic that's what everybody would want you know something that they're not going to have to change constantly it's going to hold the liquid that they need it to they're not going to feel like they're dirty that they're wet but they're uncomfortable they get irritated it was really very very enlightening to kind of see that that that's out there now we know is a movement it's an awareness campaign that is informing men and women boys and girls around the world about the harmful effects of the ingredients that are sometimes placed in maxi pads and sanitary napkins and tampons from some of these high-level highly advertised manufacturers it's really an idea that was born from the founders of inspiring Network we thought you know where there are a lot of companies in the MLM direct sales industry that have great products but what about a mission what about a campaign what about a movement around the product and that's where now we know came from and one of the questions that we get oftentimes is mr. Iverson if this product is so great then why why haven't the big pharmaceutical companies why haven't they brought this to America well if you understand the pharmaceutical industry the money is not really in the curing of your disease the money is really in the maintenance of your disease you see with the cherished premium pads we want to keep you dry we want to keep our women safe and not just for right now before the future generations to come because when you know better guess what you can do better what excites me about the now we know campaign is one the product is phenomenal light I want to scream from the mouth and subside ladies you need to try this this is going to save your life it's going to change your life give you a better quality of life and outside of that it's also good for your health as well and anytime I have something good that I can share with somebody else I mean why not pass that information along I got gold Skol cherish absolutely we now have a platform of some incredible people with a heart to go out and share this as a crusade for women and and not just the women but the men who love them and you know I already knew about some of these things there's you know there's so much evidence out there that what we're putting on our bodies in so many different areas is so harmful but what I love about the now we know campaign is I believe that the leadership of this company has a true desire a true heart to stand out take a stand and just push through all the muck and say we are going to change now that we know we're going to say no and I believe that I can align myself with a company like that that truly their heart and passion is to help save you know the lives of women around the world I believe we can do that it's just organic that you're going to share it because health is the one thing that we have to be able to live to pursue our dreams to work and that's something that cherish past gives us there's a woman in your life that you know that they were exposed to the truth about these issues regarding feminine hygiene products you would want them to know that true there's someone in your life that you cherish and in keeping with our mission of being a campaign oriented company we have products that are going to benefit the entire family we have a line of nutraceuticals we have a men's vitality line that's coming soon in the days weeks and months to come you know what guys at the end of the day we are inspired remission driven people [Applause] you

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