Cheryl Pui-Yan Au: Gestational diabetes (2012 Three Minute Thesis)

so what comes to mind when you hear the word fat baby short we has connotations of cuteness but it is actually a come occasion of infants born to mothers with gestational diabetes mellitus or gdm so each year a significant number women around the world will develop Judea and in Australia about five percent of all pregnant women will have this condition so wat estudia well gdm is defined as glucose intolerance or high blood glucose concentration in the blood stream of the mother will onset or first recognition during pregnancy so during a normal pregnancy insulin which is a hormone secreted by the pancreas inner body becomes less effective and transferring glucose from the bloodstream to the mother's tissues and it's ensures an adequate nutrients apply to the baby as the pregnancy advances insulin becomes less effective and gdm occurs when the mother no longer secretes enough insulin to be able to meet his resistance and if some results in the excess transfer fuels across the placenta to the baby and with this results in over Greece and indeed previous studies have shown that gdm infants have increased birth weight and body fat and this predisposes them to certain complications such as birth traumas and cesarean sections and gdm authors long term effects on the infant fast infants are at increased risk of diabetes and obesity and if the offspring is FEMA herself she is likely to develop gdm and this perpetuates this intergenerational vicious cycle of diabetes and obesity interrupting the cycle will be a public health imperative so my study investigates whether gdm treatment can reduce the effect of high blood glucose concentration on the accumulation of infant body fat so my study consisted of 532 babies born to mothers without diabetes and 67 babies born to mothers which I am in our gdm group treatment consisted of diet exercise self monitoring of glucose four times a day and insulin if needed to maintain the glucose targets and good glycemic control was achieved in most of our GE and mothers in terms of body composition in the infants were used to the gold standard method of air displacement elitism ography to measure the body composition changes so briefly the emphasis placed on the scale and is weight as measured and is placed inside a glass like chamber for about two minutes where air displacement is measured using pressure and volume changes body fat percentage is then computed surprisingly we found there were no differences in body fat percentage between the gdm and the non gdm infants and this is in contrast to previous studies we showed it even if birth weight can be normalized with good glucose control body factors do increased in these infants so my study to my knowledge is the first to demonstrate that normal newborn body composition can be achieved in treated gdm others would good glucose control and since the development of body fat in infants is correlated with a subsequent development of obesity and diabetes treatment of gdm can be a way to stop this vicious cycle of gdm

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