Chief Keef Dm'd Me About Diamond Being Pregnant, Wont Believe What He Said, Tay K Gets 55 Years

yo yo it's the kid New York look man you back back in the building so as you all know you know the story of dumb being pregnant by Chief Keef he's been going around going viral you know everybody's talking about it like if she goes live they just spamming her comments with it bro when she goes when she premieres a video they spamming or comments were like you're not gonna say so you not gonna say something so you know everyone kind of knows already you feel me like so the only person who ever heard from is Chief Keef and apparently that has changed Chief Keef has responded now what has he said some someone on this I don't know someone on this celebrity page on Facebook right they messaged him they message Chief Keef and it was like a yellow please don't tell me you got another baby on the way and their Facebook say that's your new baby mama but I don't believe it till you say yeah Chief Keef responds who is her and the person responds don't worry imma treat days for you one honey now listen there's a couple things that go through my mind a couple different you know scenarios that I'm thinking of like one first off what he actually doesn't know her you're honestly bro this is a very Chief Keef this exactly I'll expect Chiqui to response wrote do stay high spy just laying bare in his gym like who was her like exactly how I expect him to reply to something like this you feel me so one one thing I got is yeah he doesn't know her and she's not pregnant you found me or two he may not know her but on the call they might be talking about a different salsa like some random socialite I don't know but there's a lot of soldiers out here so it could be a diff so so you feel me maybe she was never pregnant from the jump but I guess I'll know if it was good publicity or something well I don't know if it was devilish it because she was game she was catching to me she's came to me she never really addressed it now I mean she sucked to get a couple times but you know I'm really concrete you feel me so it's like yo you know three cheap maybe she keep is so high he doesn't even recognize her or Chief Keef run through so many chicks like she might just like no disrespect she might just be another one of chicks here a new lady cheeky if I had getting a pop and apparently bro like so what do y'all think man like what do y'all think about this like oh I thought it was Photoshop eyes I smile MEAC see you know – you know he deal with the photo I said you'll go throughout some of that shit Photoshop he said it wasn't for a shot so a man look I don't know maybe she's not pregnant maybe is you know I don't know what's going on bro this beef has so many different layers that would be hard for me to believe it's not she not pregnant something cuz a lot of different pieces moved people was getting hacked and all that over there so I don't know bro I really don't know but tell him to think about this down below anybody I go by man take a man no take a you know a rapper he got poppin like after he got caught like all right as he was getting caught so you get 50 got fifty five years now I pop this lawyer on Instagram and I'ma let him explain kind of how some of his sentencing went and then I'm gonna come back and talk about it man you guys see that take a sentence saying crazy and this is what I talk about a lot which is how she can get really unfair she could get really unequal based on what you look like who you are at the sentencing for take a today they were talking about everything under the Sun and it wasn't about did you commit a crime it was about what type of person are you they were talking about his social media they were talking about what type of pictures he posted his rap lyrics are like what his song is like basically just anything and everything about that person starts getting questioned analyzed picked apart by who by just one man one white judge and Tarrant County and that guy's gonna decide what he's gonna decide whether take a guess five years or life or something in between look at how much discretion look at how much room that judge has to now impose the sentence and if he likes you and he thinks that you're a certain type of person maybe he you know whatever that that judge is thinking about you it's gonna determine the fate of your whole life all right so as you can see he's kinda explaining like yay you got five – you know – 99 years or whatever you got the judge the judge discretion Egon look at you know your internet profile per se you feel more like what you've been doing but everything on Aaron about take a is bad like every video totem hammers you know he's hanging around the wrong crowd he's indifferent I mean that's just typical hood stuff man so you might be doing that but you might not necessarily be a bad person I think I can he I think in a pillar so I think it's probably my pill you know it's kind of its kind of Airy that one person control your whole life row like I don't know man they gave that they gave the actual shooter a deal to help lock up take a why he's more like he's a shooter right how you gonna shoot of a jail the shooter in a driver he might eat might just been there but they get me shooting driver deals to get their tickets it's pretty ridiculous mail or system works man but the same man your social media man just you know if you if you want to streets for real man connect your social media you know put a couple suit picks up there you know try to finesse to finesse you feel me just you know don't be too don't don't be too hard on line don't be too hot don't be too hot man you could be the light listen man you might be around you might just be robbing people right and then one stupid dude out the crew does something dumb and then now you're getting life like you feel me so you know watching hangout what you got no losing hotheads and they they gonna follow the plan like anybody master kid in New York uh kids stay out of the life of crime a life of crime and any word for anywhere for that all their trust it's just not worth it like you mothers Mother's go to school or like find a trade or something bro cuz cuz man when I lawyer you say guilty and you start hearing on football numbers that's when it gets real man that's when it gets real I mean once you go once you go behind that gate you ain't escaping bro very few escape very few escape and they always get caught man so just you know just don't do anything better you be good you feel me and you telling you in a situation we're like yo this is bad might be time to go home man though succumb to peer pressure you feel me hey somebody about to do something stupid a let me walk let me get out of here man I'm going y'all y'all y'all man don't know I mean I got do to get this money stay out of jail all you gotta do is get this money and get these honey's man it's so you got do big fellow get this money and get these honey's y'all gotta be out there toting them thangs man like you feel me buddy me as kidding y'all come out this thing man peace there's about to be a four or three minute black street you lead a video now and comment below you feel be about this thing you

29 Replies to “Chief Keef Dm'd Me About Diamond Being Pregnant, Wont Believe What He Said, Tay K Gets 55 Years”

  1. Clickbaited and stretched video out to ten minutes. Typical New York😂. Aye no hate tho, get that bag.

  2. No this Mean Abby actually started a rumor and know trying to make it seem like Diamond the one said she was pregnant when it was her calling herself exposing diamond when that came out…y’all haven’t heard Diamond say she was pregnant…the only thing I can recall is Diamond doing a “I’m pregnant prank of her cousin/friends” but Abby and her friends started that…on diamond last video she said “I know y’all been hearing a lot of stuff that ain’t True” now…she never said she was pregnant…they did…what I don’t get it how Abby gon Start something and then try to beef up when she hear from the horses mouth that he don’t even know her…she felt stupid asf.

  3. That ig picture photoshopped 😂😂😂 how you ain’t know that from the jump you can clearly see the wrongs 😂

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