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*Sneezes!!* *Bldl* *High fives!* Top of the mornin’ to ya, laddies! I’m Dr. JackSepticeye, and welcome back to my E.R! Are you all ready for a brand new surgery video? I sure am, but first we gotta we gotta a sanitize, okay We gotta get our hand sanitizer. And we gotta kill all that bacteria on there because a good doctor scrubs in before he scrubs off here. We go. Yes. Oh feeling good, Nurse! Have my coffee ready five minutes. That’s all it’s gonna. Take me right so We are doing a retinal Detachment surgery. I think that’s what it is ye to touch retina surgery um Judging by the way, I react to eyeball things This is probably gonna be horrible But you know what a good doctor never shied away from a challenge or never shy his away from something That’s gonna make him cringe into oblivion like his face sucked on 12 lemons. It’s it’s loading my surgery is loading I’m waiting for the patient Hope Dr. Suzie’s here.. (Jack Snores..) Hello welcome back surgery squads retinal detachment surgery, I’m Dr. Jay I’ll be guiding you through this procedure today Where’s Suzie the vitriol fluid? Which is the gel in your eye can contract pulling the retina away from the eye? This contraction can cause a small tear in the retina allowing the fluid to seat behind the retina Detaching it from the back of the eye This can cause loss of vision Retinal detachment is a very serious ailment that must be dealt with as soon as possible you May experience with a detachment, can you see this image? Can you see everything that’s going on in this image? If you can’t see the small bunny rabbit in the far right corner of this image, then you might have to touch retinas I’m sorry to say if you can’t see everything that’s going on in this image if you can’t see the piece of cloud up in the top left corner of the shape like Mike Tyson I Don’t know you’re probably gonna have to go see a doctor okay luckily I’m going to teach you how to do this or frequent flashes of light? Shadows appearing in your peripheral or side VIP wait wait wait wait wait what? Seeing floaters is the sign of retinal detachment I see those all the time Like all the time I Thought that that was just a common thing for their like the viscous fluid inside your eyes that made you see floaters all the time If any of you out there don’t know Foner’s are if you don’t get like a white image a white bright image and sometimes you See these like little Little squiggly things around but when you try and look at them they move slightly and they keep moving with you, those are eye floaters Freakin flashes of light or shadows okay? I don’t have those a great Curtain moving across your field of vision or sudden decrease in your vision Again if you experience any of these symptoms Contact your eye doctor immediately okay, these videos are gonna fucking make me a hypochondriac That’s what’s going to end up happening Hey. You just looked like you were in a bar fight as well Just like Herron was hey. We’re going to perform a retinal reattachment called a pneumatic retina pesky Girardi takes about an hour and can be done on an outpatient basis, okay? Our patient today is a thirty year old man. Who recently noticed flashes and his vision is Ophthalmologist dilated the eye and detected a retinal tear and a detachment. Are you sure you just weren’t watching like Netflix, and you’re seeing flashes you know going across Because that can happen when you watch the flash he recommended immediate surgery to limit additional loss of vision let’s begin We need to administer a relaxing sedative And drowsy but not put him to sleep, can you place the needle for me? I? don’t want to kind of just hit him with a hammer and knock him out now be Like goodbye a punch real good I don’t want to have to put a fucking IV drip in or at least it’s not going into my hand That’s right, that’s right, it’s fine. We’ve seen a thousand of these already ah Yeah stick that worm in there there we go just Prior to surgery additional drops of the anesthetic are applied Okay, oh, we’re putting anesthetic on your ice. Okay. Are you sir are you okay blink twice if no He’s fine They’re just gonna put acid in your ice We’ll use a device called a speculum to hold the eye open one will use a device called A lens here look at his face during the procedure place the speculum for me, please Oh Already feeling weird no because of the eye floater thing and the like loss of vision I’m super paranoid I am terrified about losing my vision I I very highly value my vision and the fact that I’ve had to get glasses my vision has had a huge drop in quality Over the last like two years because I’ve been doing YouTube so much I’ve been looking at computer screens and phones and everything so much. I know I’m always worried about fucking up my eyes I already fucked up my year ears years ago by by playing drums all the time and not wearing ear protection for most of it and Just listening to stuff really really loudly and now I have tinnitus and I don’t like it So I’m trying to take care of myself oh Jesus that’s a big right eyeball now that the patient is anesthetized we insert a syringe into the eye And then enesta testa sighs okay, got it drag the syringe into Your eyeball good Daddy, no eyeballs are not supposed to have things poked in them. I can’t even hand you when somebody touches their ID oh Jesus – how eject an air bubble into the vitriol fluid why would you do this thing as? The bubble expands it pushes the retina back against the wall of the eye Go with the retina back in place we can now seal the tear using a freezing probe the probe is touched to the outside of The eye where the tear is this freezes the tear back in place it may take several touches depending on the size of the tear Mr.. Freeze get in here we need we need you to put a thing on this the freezing probe so really what doctors call it nurse give me the anesthesia nurse give me the Septum nurse give me the scalpel nurse give me the freezing rod free freezing probe Yeah, god. That’s a fucking cool name. Okay, everybody chill Sex is also done with a laser the tear is now repaired the needle insertion will heal quickly. Can you remove the speculum? Wait that’s it What that seems highly easy wait did you say this takes an hour to do Also, are we just gonna leave a bubble in say this man’s eye There you go a special pair of post-op sunglasses also need to be Well, yeah a bright light as as I recovers because we need people to know that he went through a battle a battle with his Eyes, he is a scar now, and you some glasses make you look cool. I know you even excuse to wear them indoors However the biggest part of the recovery is head positioning the bubble floats to the top of the eye So the head must be positioned to keep the bubble against the detached portion of the eye This means the patient must keep his head facing down or the position indicated by his surgeon for at least a week What you’d be like this for about a week That’s that’s really hard You ready – my hair heads ever like this if I’m on my phone or in the shower getting the water on the back of My head so you have to sleep Like it’s the imagine. I’m flat and you’re sleeping with like a pillow like this What happens if you move around in your sleep that fucking sucks doctor Jeff You’re not a real doctor Are you? You did a great job today surgeon While you’re here try one of our other surgeries here at surgery squad Tom I didn’t even do anything way you recommended me births. Oh God Birthing surgeries oh I didn’t even know these were on there Everything else is like silicone breast implants teeth whitening teeth removal oh oh Mercy, I’m very curious right now. All right We’re all about to see the beauty of Childbirth okay right of your squeamish or any of you who don’t want to see this shit click away now Because this this is gonna be it’s gonna fall on. I imagine we’re gonna see a child be birthed into the world We didn’t do one of these ready No, I don’t think I’ve done a pregnancy surgery. I think I remember that Maybe I just blanked it from my memory welcome to parent point. I’m dr. Rachel wait wait wait who da fuck is dr. Rachel Okay, I don’t trust you dr. Rachel. Even if you are a nob guying okay? I trust dr. Susie I Don’t really trust dr. Jeff, but it’s a name. I know and it’s a face I’ve seen before dr. Rachel I haven’t seen or heard about before Very very worried as a doctor the birth of a baby is the most remarkable thing that I get to experience Excuse me. Did you not just see me fix people’s eye. He’s a couple of minutes ago I mean childbirth is great and all but have you heard about cataract explosions inside your eyes uh-huh did you know that more than two-thirds of all babies born in the United States are delivered vaginally and Average costs for a vaginal delivery without complications in the u.s.. Rang from six to ten thousand dollars Wow I mean the other third is that they’re delivered by cannon That you just stick a cannon in there and go poop and the baby flies out, and then the doctors just like here you go Qualified me a doctor here a normal gestation period for a single birth is between 37 and 41 weeks Wow Nearly 80% of all newborns are delivered at full term damn. I came out after four weeks is that weird I? I was in there, and it was just like Let’s do this and I was in there lifting weights I was on a treadmill I was going added after four weeks Fully developed had a full head of hair I had a joint pair of testicles and came out and saying yeah What up, let’s fucking do this most women go into spontaneous labor, but about one in five women are induced It’s so sick. You made you made it sound like they’re just going to Spontaneous labor just like walking down the streets like huh money from pregnant arrays he’s like I’m late for my Oh God Now that we’ve covered the basics let’s deliver a baby sure our placement isn’t her late, 20 scarran, okay? So stuff somebody to get a little weird, okay, but this is natural childbirth It’s about to happen if you’re not ready for this then it might not be a good idea to be here I am ready for this because I am The best doctor the world has ever seen So I am about to do this okay, no problem Two electrodes are placed on the mothers abdomen okay? I’m not ready what? Here you go Take this weightlifting belt a blood-pressure cuff will be applied to check the mother’s blood pressure throughout the procedure this one I know how to do big baby are doing fantastic Let’s feel the patient’s stomach to check on the baby’s position Okay You can feel that the baby is positioned to come out headfirst you shouldn’t have to worry about a breech birth That is where the baby’s position feet first, okay? Whoa our patients water just broke. Yeah, whoa our patients had just turned we can see that her cervix Is he faced and fully dilated at 10 centimeters wow you’re transitioning into the second stage Our patient is now having some painful patient is now Incredibly uncomfortable, I’m so sorry current This is what needs to happen you could have a beautiful passing baby after this okay Are you with me keep up that positive mental attitude? We can get through this contractions So she is doing the breathing exercises she learned in her prenatal classes viju Remember since she has chosen to have a totally natural birth. We won’t be administering any pain medication you got this current And push okay? Okay forty minutes late there We were doing okay right now we are however going to help our patients slightly using our and It added space for the baby to come out oh Okay, okay, Robin you have to censor this because the D monetization people are up there going oh Okay purely for educational purposes so the why I’m here Karen. It’s a great face. You got going on I Don’t know My first thing was just I was saying that it was a good factor. I was just pretending man I don’t know what I’m feeling with babies. I’m not a baby head rotates as it exits the mother’s body Before we fully remove the baby from the birth canal we need to make sure the umbilical cord. Isn’t wrapped around the baby’s neck Okay Beautiful Dad sorry my mouth almost there Clip and cut the baby’s umbilical cord in order to detach it from the placenta. Okay, this one I can do Nice nice The doctor midwife Or nurse will assess the baby’s breathing heart rate color Reflex response and muscle tone and a sinus score ranging from zero to two our baby is swole We’re gonna test its muscle tone And we’re gonna be like our wheeler to have this baby out in the streets This baby is a killer person removing the placenta requires just a bit more pushing by our new mother Okay, push mama push. Oh God, if there are any tears to the cervix or vagina during birth We would suture them, but in this case our mother is fine. Oh, I highly doubt that It that’s just the way it is 40 minutes of natural childbirth. The mother’s fine the baby’s fine This sounds like a fucking Disney movie a healthy mother and baby Discharged from the hospital the day after giving birth. I suggest that new mothers have assistance with tours following childbirth and I Suggest that new mothers hire a very sexy muscular young man to clean their house Amazing isn’t it Hey when they get home your new parents will spend lots of time feeding their, baby And they’ll change more diapers than ever imagine It was more than a little sleep as they adjust to the baby circle Thanks for stopping by parent Point and helping bring a new life into the world No, no problem. Check out the other exciting parenting information and procedures that we have to offer here on parent point comm Let’s work a lot out of me Just like to say not a real doctor in regards to babies so that was that was quite a lot Thank you for joining me other doctor who’s more qualified I Need to play one. That’s a lot more lighthearted than this one something. That’s not as extreme because that was childbirth. It’s beautiful Sorry bottom school with some good old-fashioned teeth whitening. I mean technically dentists are Doctors as well me a fully fledged real doctor doesn’t see them that way you’re you’re more of a You’re more of a teeth mechanic, then you are a doctor Okay, so don’t get up in your high horse I fix hearts and ice. What do you do scrub people’s teeth yeah whatever man? Fucking hate my brother Okay, let’s scrub in and scrub some teeth I’ve been fascinated to find out how teeth whitening is actually done because I’ve never gotten it Done in real life myself. I hate my teeth. I hate getting anything don’t hurt my teeth I have always wanted to try getting them whitened. Just to see what it was like so now we can live vicariously through this game Hello, and welcome to surgery squads Whitening I’m dr. Suzie You through this procedure today? Okay, thank you. No longer have to be a supermodel or a movie star to have a dazzling white smile About anyone nowadays can get one. He looks so happy to have ease Heightened and it changed my life our teeth become stained from coffee tea and other dark colored liquids certainly adds to the discoloration I don’t do that one a teeth whitening procedure can remove those stains caused by age, and the things that we eat and drink also Photoshop There are a variety of ways to do it a whitening toothpaste or rinse over-the-counter strips and gels tray based white nurse or in-office whitening performed by a dentist This is the one I want to know well the most obvious benefit ancient Romans used Urine and goat milk as a product to keep teeth whiter Should we tell them you do need to know that whitening is not permanent and a whitening program Whether you do it yourself, or have it done by a dentist might not always late to the results you want okay? if you have Formed by dentists your teeth need to be in pretty good condition Your dentist will also want to fill any cavities or replace older fillings before the procedure yeah, that’s the one I don’t like Getting fillings I have like 20 million of them in my mouth don’t like them Don’t want more of them get nope in addition a dentist will not perform the procedure if you have gum disease or your teeth have worn enamel if You already have crowns or other restorations the whitening will be inconsistent between those teeth and the others okay? That makes sense our patron 27 year old woman who was ok? Is you fucking time traveler or something between? Operation and medication and dentist appointments everything she just flip flops in her age She’s just going around. She’s like hey. I’m Karen. I’m 27 I was like sure you are she’s a tremendous admirer of coffee, but she wants to impress them Ok please use that one. I don’t just love coffee. I don’t know if drinking coffee. I’m a tremendous admirer of coffee Sometimes I just sit in my kitchen looking at the cupboards and being like Coffee just staring at the coffee from a distance admiring and sometimes I write letters to my coffee to say how much I admire it It’s like hmm. I love your deep inky blackness the way you smell in the morning Just the way you make me feel. I just feel so much more energised around you. I want you in me your secret admirer Your class reunion with a bright white smile, so let’s scrub up. Glove up and help her out scrub up go up Jake should already cleaned her teeth to remove all of the plaque Silver job by matching our patient’s current tooth shade with one from our shade reference guide Okay This one because this is the only one that’s yellow and your teeth are yellow Right, okay? We’ve got our starting shade your teeth are like this First protect her lips and tongue by covering them with these rubber guards protect her lips and tongue by kissing her Okay, this one of the smiley ones Nice work now. You need to cover her gums and papilla Which are the tips of her gums between her teeth? Well special coating to protect them from the risk of chemical burns when we use the bleaching agent Excuse me. Ah chemical burns. Take a drag to apply okay Didn’t sound good Mix up our bleaching agent will use carbamide peroxide which is a powerful reddish looking substance It turns into a stronger form of hydrogen peroxide in the mouth once we clean it off with water well That’s when it takes off the stains don’t drink it. Though. The mixture is ready, so let’s get it onto our teeth Susy okay click and drag okay? Ah It’s just like ketchup Have you been eating hotdogs Karen who’s that you gotta like ketchup on your tea there Your teeth are perfectly white now most women out there putting on red lipstick Trying to get that deep like scarlet color trying to try to dress to impress. You know you know people are really into these days Red teeth that’s what they really like We keep this solution on her beautiful about a half an hour Jesus. Oh Beautiful smiles underneath all of this red stuff Teeth just fall apart, okay, what’s gonna happen wow wow wow wow wow? Bernie shiners Amazo I feel like an infomercial for teeth whitening like the people who who show you like carpet cleaning and they’re like just in 30 minutes look how much whiter this carpet has become And with a simple splash of ketchup on ur teeth they have become whiteness wowee-wow-wow now with our dental pick simply pop the protective coating from her gums There are dental pick Jesus, okay, do it? wow She’s really gonna knock him dead with that bright smile of hers at her class reunion very good Her teeth will probably be sensitive for a few days, yeah I’ve heard you should avoid extremely hot or cold beverages for the rest of the day She should avoid extremely hot looking people because that could be very sensitive to your teeth she should also avoid her coffee because even though she isn’t an extreme admirer of it and use a toothpaste made for sensitive teeth for a couple of weeks and So as much as possible avoid discoloring beverages like coffee Colas or red wine for a few days and do it if she smokes well now would be a perfect Time to stop well this piece will most likely last for two or three years So she’ll want to make this an ongoing part of her overall dental care well That’s three years Call her dentist if she feels a burning sensation in her gums or on her teeth that lasts for a couple of days or four teeth remain highly sensitive You did a fantastic job today while you’re here try your hand at one of our other surgeries available at surgery squad comm I Think I’m okay this cataract eye surgery kind of fucked me up last time so I think I’m good for now I think I think easing off on something as easy as teeth whitening and just seeing magic happen Let’s forget about the other ones that were in this video because I’m just gonna blank them from my memory And move on with my life because I can’t look at those again You know what surgery is fantastic there’s many ways to fix a body to give life to improve your Cosmetics a lotta different things out there that you can do and this is a great resource for that. I’m learning so much Now I’m terrified going anywhere that does it for this surgery video. Thank you all for being here We all learned a little something here today Let me know if you want to see me do more surgeries there are loads of them on this website There’s I I could see like 12 more of them already just here in front of me, so we’ve learned material We’ve a lot more surgeries to do we have a lot more learning to do Who knows we might be able to figure out? How we could shove a balloon up inside our asses and float away, Narnia That’s a surgery right there look whatever. I don’t look at it whoo Thank you guys so much for watching this episode if you liked it punch that like button in the face Like you boys Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna go sanitize my eyeballs real quick

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