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one day she’s a child the next she’s a
wife that’s the reality for one in three
girls in Bangladesh at best they lose their childhood and a chance for
education at worse they faced dangerous childbirth violence and virtual slavery
I’m Steve Chow on this episode of one on one East we enter the world of
Bangladesh’s child brides this is one of Bangladesh’s poorest
regions more than half the population lives below the poverty line but right now it’s harvest time it’s a
time of Plenty a time for marriage and all two oxen the brides come from
here the local school young girls like Beasley
Laura Laura kisana they say I want to be so many things when I grow up
dr. Elanna I want to be a doctor so I can help people I want to study I want
to become someone big when I grow up but today is our last day of childhood
tomorrow Beasley is marrying an older man that she’s only met once
her groom is 25 Beasley is just 13 under Bangladeshi law the wedding will be
illegal avionic Nahuatl una familia hablo gotta say Islam I didn’t want this
wedding I agreed under one condition that I
would continue my studies after marriage they are marrying me or forcefully say
pilot elevated the same when she gets home from school the
preparations for her wedding have already begun bizzy’s father has saved
up enough money for a dowry to pay the groom’s family because of this tradition
girls in Bangladesh are seen as a burden no matter whether the families are
Muslim like most of the population here or Hindu like Beasley’s family for
Hindus marriage is full of rituals the first of these symbolizes her future as
a married woman these Li grimaces as the bangles are forced over her wrists
binding her to her future husband forever then busy school uniform is traded in
for her first sorry this marks her as a woman even though she’s still just a
young girl the last step is to unbraid her hair and tie it in a traditional not the symbol of a Bengali bride her transformation is complete as everyone prepares for the festivities
I sit with Beasley and sense her helplessness it’s hard to know what to
say man kiss a girl no does anyone want to leave their parents house no one
wants to do that but they’re forcing me what can I do
they are forcing me she’s shaking and she’s terrified and she has no idea
what’s going on around her she has no control over the situation a bride is
supposed to be an essential theme for any ceremony like this but for the first
time what I’m seeing is her being the last person being asked about anything outside her aunt grinds tumeric into a
paste it will be rubbed on too busy skin so she glows at her wedding tomorrow then her aunts bless her with oil and
water village elders only gave the go-ahead for Bizzy to marry one day ago
she didn’t have time to tell her friends at school she’s playing the role that’s
expected of her in Bangladeshi society maintaining family honour by marrying
young the whole community is here but no one seems concerned about what Beasley
wants or that her marriage will be against the law on the morning of
Beasley’s wedding I can’t help but think how familiar this feels i spent a large
part of my childhood in Bangladesh my grandmother was married when she was
just 10 in a village like this one I want to understand why this keeps
happening generation after generation and if there’s any hope for girls like
Beasley who would rather make their own choices like I did there are organizations who are trying
to stop child marriages since it was outlawed in the 80s but today Bangladesh
still has the highest rate of child marriage in Asia the laws are hard to
enforce families defy the ban by making fake birth certificates the ID is
illegal but who knows the child age you know birth registration is not happening
yeah so you can’t take them to the law or to the court or anything because you
cannot prove the age of the child so there is no way that the government can
take action tonight Gabe reside works for Plan International an NGO which is
working to keep girls in school but they are fighting against strong cultural
beliefs they do it from all over most places in Bangladesh and it has societal
implication as well because you know if one child is does not get married at an
early age then society talks about it why she is not getting married
experts likes tonight’s a government proposal to lower the legal marriage age
from 18 to 16 will be a disaster for many more Bangladeshi girls girls like
majeeda who live in a remote village in the country’s north Madiba is only 13
and was forced to marry last year does it have a coda she can’t talk openly in
front of her husband but after a great deal of persuasion he gives permission
for us to go for a drive career day I grew up and worked in my
uncle’s house because my parents were too poor to take care of me then after
he died my parents married me off I studied till the second grade I’m looking at home the further we go
from her home the more happy magical things but when she talks about life
with her husband she can’t look me in the eye ya later for me over
Charlotte I didn’t feel good getting married I thought how am I gonna live
with this man then three months later I realized I have to stay here I have to
stay at my husband’s house for the rest of my life my dad is already a mother to
a little boy doctors told her she’s malnourished and is too young to deal
with the baby but I’m on a job it’s hard I’m learning how to be a mother having a
kid is so tough my milk isn’t enough so the baby cries when I was giving birth
the doctor wanted to do a c-section but my husband said no done dr. Lovell is it
the doctor said how can I even have a baby because I was married so young I
have nothing in my body I’m children what about when I make her her doula guy
kitchen at home there are other problems my debe
says she feels like a slave was I was a bashful when he won sex
I have to give it to him I tell him I don’t like it then he says if you stay
in my house you have to give it to me he grabs me all of a sudden when I’m
sleeping then he attacks me Madiba says her husband is often violent
and beat her when she was pregnant she is an ironical that money way to beats
me with his hands on my back when he beats me I feel sad but there’s little
sympathy here for girls like Madiba one village elder tells me girls should be
married young for their own protection other those it boy
getting a girl married young is a good thing even if they die at least they are
married it’s also a good thing because some runaway I still don’t have our
money no murder would have you guys it’s illegal oh we leave the house and mix
with boys how do we stop this problem marry them off at an early age child
brides aren’t just at risk of domestic violence pregnancy and childbirth can
cause significant damage to their undeveloped bodies doctor Beatriz Berger
is a doctor a Bangladesh’s only clinic dealing with fistula a complication
during birth that causes the reproductive organs rectum and bladder
to split the condition leaves young women incontinent and in pain living as
outcasts in their community it’s really hard to live near a patient who’s always
full of urine it’s like honestly I could welter when we see them it’s really hard
to tolerate the smell worst case would be they died I mean many are dying aunt
you are a is one of dr. burgers patients she’s been suffering fistula for nine
years that’s the most funny did boogaloo get
is it I see does it even a doctor I’m always okay who was dozy notable
sure our consumer Shannon Fano Bomi pop kitchen a important class five porosity
fighter poor be a dominant gyro Toto air boom that poor tweet about choice on on
Angela’s just had an operation that will stop her living a life of shame it’s
just very amazing to have the chance to help them in this situation and then
that to see them when they are dry like now she got operated yesterday and she
spent after many years she spent a dry knife so that’s that’s so amazing for
her it’s too late for Angela’s marriage though her husband left her and married
someone else in these villages girls like on Jawara
lose their childhood in a blink of an eye lisanna but one young man geshe boy
is on a mission to stop girls from being married off so early he takes his
message door to door today he’s visiting a family who are planning to marry off
their 13-year old daughter with him is a group of boys who catch up his training
to prevent child marriages he thinks that’s the best way to create change in
the next generation yes an unlucky be decided even to know
okay Chevy mannequins I see Pollock habits the Chipola cottagey among boys
at Ottavia d’avin he beat a dividend even Massicotte avila genetic what a
volunteer to be able to see apne Coco no idiot about sister Corbin as the day of
nearest man : unlock appreciate upon doable in the walk by Banga Dorchester
Go Go Go diva how long have in lockup era for I live for a problem as you
didn’t I have every year yeah I’m a mobile no matter I can imagine ABA
Davis on Corbett Omashu demo covered event I’m not comin Bolivia – Adama that
more ketchup is determined to change her mind
I’m rappin or Valerie say I’m not the Carib cynical commodity somebody was the
lack of our economy Tom Shannon definitely his family’s
angry with me booty applause from salsa let’s say cash up hopes he made a
difference but it’s not easy to change long-held cultural beliefs it was a
tragedy in his own family that drives him to try and stop child marriages I’m
on bones joke on a terrible sure to ami bacha a cascode pissy
I had a niece who committed suicide by taking poison because her family was
forcing her to marry as a child she never wanted to marry so young everyone
was screaming when we took her to hospital I took her on a rickshaw but
halfway down the road she became too choked I felt sick I kept thinking of
her why isn’t she here how many more girls
are going to die like this since then Kashyap has taught thousands of child
marriages in his village economists promotion even less people share so echo
Doge otaku look little more Basha ash VI is one of the girls he saved oh and I’ve
got a boy Potro Coshocton alia she’ll ever be you who is it ami don’t last
night in a dock without him I would be married off at 13 he came to my house
and asked my parents why they are doing this I told them I want to study and do
something for my community when my parents knew I could be something big
they understood and my marriage proposal was broken when she finishes school ash
via wants to join the police force but that still doesn’t impress her mother
mayor glares well daughters are expensive if she goes to school you have
to buy her books so having a daughter is a problem if she goes to her husband’s
house there’s no issue with expenses now girls have the same rights as boys but I
could have gotten rid of the educational expenses if I could have married her off
after a super negative I live alone Kashyap wants to reach even more people
with his message and he knows how to draw a crowd
if you kill my daughter tonight thousands of people have come from all
over the area to a special film screening he’s organised in villages
with no access to electricity TV or entertainment
the audience is hooked I’m gonna have to talk about in me why
sandy token night I’m a girl see under the quit I could be a neighbor Quixote
goes its bizzy’s wedding day and celebrations are beginning at her grooms
house this is the man VC is married 25 year-old Schemmel pic 13 year old
Beasley because he says she’s easy to control Schemmel tells me he was offered
a lot more dowry money to marry other girls but he wanted the youngest and
most innocent bride Nami to artisan de una cadena money on conversion mckeavy I
like her behavior so I picked Beasley she’s pure
most girls mix with other boys and have relations I don’t like that I’ve had
better proposals but I didn’t like the girls behavior a good girl goes to
school and straight home and that’s it Beasley dreams of being a doctor and
wants to stay at school but Shambo seems to have other plans for her
I mean viagra family Gras no matter when I come home she can cool me down and
relieve me of my tension a good wife takes care of me when I come home from
my shop she will make me food and get along with my parents then our community
will consider her a good wife as the wedding draws closer shells
family is in full celebration they are looking forward to the arrival of a new
bride who can help them with household chores I can’t help but feel how
different it is in the somber mood at Beasley’s house yesterday
I don’t wanna go nobody down like this I can wander that’s enough
but for Schemmel not everything is going well
local authorities have discovered his plans to marry a child so they’re going
to have to hold the ceremony in secret a mother Victor Mancha knows amethyst near
timonium truth is after hagia sofia to the Aashiqui secretive organic food
given with a ignored oven it’s a bad omen to break the tradition
of marrying at the bride’s house but there is no choice we head to a location
where many child weddings take place away from prying eyes everyone is racing to get the marriage
started Beasley is already here her aunts helped dress her in her
wedding sari and turn her into a bride Beasley seems resigned to her fate she’s quiet and sad go my third a boo
myself was your I mean I think you wanna hurt it to me to my time I kick back Schemmel is also getting dressed good
night he seems a lot happier than Beasley when they are both ready the wedding can
begin the priest is told to hurry to get the
rituals done in case the police come the couple began the day as strangers now
after the ritual of circling of fire seven times they are married bound
together for seven lifetimes there’s a big sense of relief except for
Beasley who hangs her head she says goodbye to her parents it all
becomes too much she stops in her mother’s arms
family members hold them apart for a 13 year old this is an overwhelming moment during the final blessing she collapses
to the floor as Beasley continues to sob a relative
lives around then she’s bundled into a waiting ban
with her husband and new inaudible deep and just like that her married life has
begun a week later I go back to visit Beasley
her life is already very different as a new bride her friends can no longer
visit her and she can’t stay with her family her husband had promised he would
allow her to return to school but now that’s not happening jamika doctor hotel it’s sad to see how quickly a girl’s
dreams can be crushed not that Schemmel seems to mind can give
us a Madonna thousands of girls like Beasley the
Bangladeshi culture marrying young has continued generation after generation in
this world of grinding poverty girls have little value until that changes
it’s hard to see how future generations can break free

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