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hello and welcome ladies and gentlemen the ds3 is now taking questions as well so listeners here at science health are medically related headline or questions you'd like to grab the show please go to our website DRDs medical desert that's www.hs meknes reviews comm click submit a headline and upload your headline or question there I hope everyone is doing well on this warm sunny spring day here in southern Indiana and the flowers are beginning of bloom and it looks like it's time to mow soon well this first headline caught my attention and it says the world's cheapest Hospital has to get even cheaper well before I tell you where it is let's compare the costs to the USA head and neck cancer surgery in the USA can cost two hundred thousand dollars had the cheapest Hospital in the world the same surgery will cost you around seven hundred dollars yes that's one hundred and ninety nine thousand three hundred dollar difference at the same hospital a heart bypasses two thousand in the US it's around seventy six thousand the world's cheapest hospital is in India I don't think the rest of the article is that important but do you might want to take a look for yourself in my opinion there is one reason our health care costs are so high in the USA and that's the middleman called insurance company people let's see some examples for instance pretend I'd actually accept insurance and you saw me and I build your insurance company for $100 now if you have a government plan I can expect to get around $30 pay to me from them yes they took 70% to provide insurance for you oh but you have awesome insurance don't you well awesome to you likely means low copay to a physician there's no awesome insurance there is not one that pays the amount charge there's the biggest problem of it all most of you people think this is okay or normal you're literally literally brainwashed into believing that your insurance companies mean well that it's okay for them to take 70% of your money and pay your health care provider 30% let me rephrase that to see the doctor you are paying the middleman the insurance companies more money than the doctor gets paid to see you and you're brainwashed into believing that is right or normal or just the way things work I've heard it all and it's nonsense so then what happens we get real creative with our billing we try to add on to our office visit so we can charge more I just need to move on to the next headline before I really go off on a tangent and one thing is for sure I learned long ago that no matter what I say I can't convince anyone of anything if they don't like what I'm telling them or it goes against whatever they heard first or against their sacred belief system it's stupid people wake up I'll finish that this headline was saying there's no money in cures well if you have an altruistic image of medicine this next headline hopefully reels you in a little when I heard this headline I almost drove off the road and I quote the third leading cause of death in this country is routine medical care yeah according to John Hopkins University more than 250,000 people die every year because of medical mistakes or care the only thing that is killing more Americans as cancer and heart disease that's a quarter million deaths per year from routine medical care this is a perfect example of how brainwashed the populace is we will pay more money to someone we never see for service that is killing us at a rate only behind cancer and heart disease educate yourselves people your brain is as good as mine if you think your mind or brain is foggy or not as it should be working start with getting outside and sitting in the Sun with your shoes and socks off once a day every day or learn to play that musical instrument you've always wanted take a vitamin your body can't make certain things called fight vital amino acids or vitamins for short that's why you need them I don't care how you only eat organic blah blah blah unless you eat eight homegrown bananas from your own banana plant every day take a multivitamin every day or so but that's my opinion not meant to be taken as medical advice I have to say stupid stuff like that because there are morons who would draft litigation against me for giving out medical advice in my opinion it's not some healthcare conspiracy against anyone it's just capitalism at its best marketing on the gullibility of the people with fear as their spear since we are on the topic I'm going to throw a few random accolades left alone two-thirds of all cancers go away on their own without intervention there is no such thing as bad cholesterol only bad research heart disease vessel disease is caused by sugar your body's cells are made out of cholesterol without it there is no cell membrane and essentially no life forms as we currently see them moving on this last article was interesting even after the New York Times cut me off halfway through it because I apparently had reached my limit in free reads for the month good thing I read fast enough to not care about the rest of the article and I quote at 71 she's never felt pain or anxiety now scientists know this is awesome news and tells the story of that woman who describes a childbirth as feeling like a tickle the woman has been a focus of many researchers for many years and now they found a reason it seems that they've identified a previously unknown gene in our DNA that is responsible for her having no pain or anxiety it seems that this it seems that this woman has a genetic variant from the normal human populace I need to do more research on the subject before I start getting excited about targeting this gene as a future treatment options see if the unfortunate thing about genetics is the unknown processes that are happening when the DNA folds back upon itself when it touches together there's further data and directions transmitted then when the DNA molecule is stretched out and being copied and what has been called junk DNA by some is where the specific folding interactions seem to be located a lot of the time for example let's use a sentence that is written in a foreign language now imagine this is your DNA it's not hard to read and figure out what this one line says or gives instructions to do because we have translators just like inside our cells to tell us that this sentence makes these proteins or our DNA makes these proteins okay so now we know that this sentence made these proteins and now the sentence that is our DNA is going to be put away so imagine now that if you took that sentence written in a foreign language and started folding it in such a way that it would take up the smallest space possible once your sentences in that smallest little spot is some of the words make sense and some do not and it is this interface or folding of the sentence or our DNA that makes it hard to be like oh you're it that's the spot that's the reason it's causing this defect and I hope that's not the case with this woman's suspected genetic anomaly and leads to a better treatment options for pain and anxiety sufferers you know we certainly have illness and pains etc and I do not ever want to make the impression that I'm anti anything I am for whatever works however when it comes to health care this should be individualized not commercialized there should not be middlemen making more of a profit than the ones providing health care I can hear it now what if you get blah blah blah or into a blah blah blah if you don't have insurance what you'll die well someone just leave you there because they can't confirm you're in network maybe in the future but thankfully not today now I'm not endorsing using the emergency services as a good way to get medical treatment either I'm just saying fear is what controls you what would I suggest well that we model the military specifically what I was told about how their auto insurance work and apply it to health care I'd say take all the premiums we pay for our health insurance and put them in a public's health care fund everyone pays the same amounts everyone has access to any doctor they'd like to see after the patient have seen the doctor's office and submits the invoice to the public's health care fund and is paid in full for the charges yes there would need to be humans running the infrastructure of a public health care fund of course but the keep the corporations out of it remember we are currently being charged 45 to 75 45 to 70 cents on the dollar for our current health care costs in this country well think about it like this I want to start my own money processing services like check cashing ok using our current health insurer model as a business model I'm charge the same as they do so you've got a check for $100 I get 70 what sane person would use my services well take a look in the mirror because you're likely doing this with your health care and people wonder why the doctor doesn't spend more time with them well the doctor pie works for one of these monster health care machines out there that refers to the patients as units of revenue and has to see 35 to 50 of you a day to ensure he makes a couple hundred thousand meanwhile he makes the corporation he worker four times at mo the problem is the doctor that decides they don't want to work for the health care machine can't survive multiple delay of payments from insurers and people have a hard time going to see a doctor that does not take insurance you know an old an older physician told me it happened in the 1980s that's when the middlemen really amped up their efforts to control the money making capacity and decision-making capacity of the physician and unfortunately they did it with money he went on to say that in insurance companies if you signed on in the 1980s would pay a cardiologist over 400 thousand dollars a year today that same cardiologist working for the same insurer or hospital would be paid around 250,000 well listeners this was a difficult show for me to keep myself reeled in and not get lost in the at all if you have a science health or medically related headline or question you'd like to hear on the show please go to the website click Submit a headline and upload your file there the website's WWD RDS medical news reviews calm I'd like to thank you all for listening and perhaps I'll get a start on putting together an episode on evaluating source material I think it's important because a lot of you think with Wikipedia is a reputable resource it is not and it is not allowed in the academic world as a reference I love wiki but take it with a grain of salt and that concludes the show watch out for more D Street

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