Childbirth Environment : Childbirth Environment: Who to Allow at Birth

So, when talking about birth environment,
you want to think about your ideal, and birth environment. And, one of those things is going
to include who you want at your birth. Before I get to that, I want you to think about what
would be your ideal birth environment. Take a couple of minutes, write down some things
that come to mind. I don’t mean specifics like I want to have a green, soft couch. I
want to have wood floors. I mean more things that are in general like maybe privacy, maybe
support, those are some things that are really important to people, when they’re giving birth.
So, that ties back into who do you want to have at your birth. You want people at your
birth that will not make you feel self conscious, that will not make you feel tense. You want
people there that trust in you completely and believe in what you’re doing. You want
people that have the same belief system as you about giving birth. Now, this can be tricky
because a lot of times people feel pressure from relatives, maybe their mother, maybe
their mother-in-law, maybe they have a friend that’s trying to work their way into that
birth room. It’s your and your partner’s decision, and no one else’s, and no one should try to
make you feel guilty for not allowing them at your birth. You want people there that
are going to be able to get you to relax, that are not going to make you feel self conscious,
you want people there that are on your side, that you don’t have any doubts about. So,
I want you to really take a long time and think about who you want to be at your birth.
Don’t invite who you think you should have there, invite who you actually want there,
and if that’s no one, that’s fine too, because they’re going to have plenty of time to see
the baby afterwards. Giving birth is a very private thing, you don’t need a lot of people
in the room, because having the wrong people there, or having too many people there can
inhibit you and not make you able to give birth properly. Now, whoever you decide that
you are going to invite to your birth, you need to let them know that you might change
your mind at any point, and that is your decision and you’re allowed to do that. It’s nothing
personal against them, it’s just if all of a sudden you find that someone you thought
was going to be helpful, is not being helpful to you, you have the right and you need to
be able to speak up and say “I need you to leave, please.” So, you just want to have
that talk with them ahead of time, and let them know hey, “I might change my mind, it’s
nothing personal against you, it’s just I need to do what’s best for me, what’s best
for my partner, and what’s best for the baby.” So, think about what you need to give birth
the best. Think about your ideal birth environment, jot that down, and also think about who you
want to have at the birth of your baby.

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