10 Replies to “Childbirth in Africa – Moms React”

  1. USA have some cheek! Have you seen where you are on the world list for highest mortality in pregnacy and birth? 16.5 that's very high for a powerful country and also in your poorest districts there are woman not getting maternity care they deserve or need and also die or the baby!

  2. To the first mother, what are the simple changes that can be done and how do you suggest those changes be implemented? Please, take into consideration that missionaries and other groups have been working to help these people for a long time, decades etc. Yet you seem to think that improvements could be made so easily. Yes, here in America and in other countries where we take running water and electricity for granted, flip the f#$k out when our cell phone won't get service, it's pretty easy to say "oh just make some simple changes". The next time the power goes off, and your entire grid is without, let me know how that goes for you to get that babies bottom changed/warm up their bottle or food, keep them comfortable when it's hot as hell outside. Then let's talk about those simple changes.

  3. I don't think these images of African mothers touched these American moms.  They could care less.  Listen to their responses and the smiles on their faces.

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