Childbirth in America: One Expert's Opinion

if you look at obstetrics for the last 50 years what do you find in the 1930s they were giving x-rays on every pregnant woman to measure her pelvis at men in the 1940s they discovered that that caused the baby to have cancer so they had to stop it and then in the 1950s and 60s they had another drug called Felina mite which caused babies to be born without arms and legs and then they had to stop that but you see in every case it was after the fact in the 1990s they were giving cytotec to induce labor in women who had had a previous cesarean and they ended up with hundreds and hundreds of ruptured uterus and many many many dead babies before they found out finally in 1999 that they shouldn't do that but you see there's not a good history in obstetric practice of careful study of the long-term effects of all these interventions this is why if you really want a humanized birth the best thing to do is to get the hell out of the hospital you you can go to Great Britain you can go to France Germany Scandinavia Australia New Zealand Japan go to all the highly developed countries where they are losing fewer women and fewer babies around the time of birth and what do you see you see midwives attending 70 or 80 percent of all the births and the doctors are there to take care of the small percent that developed the complications that is the proven system everywhere in the world and the United States stands alone you

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  1. I LOVE Marsden Wagner; I feel like it's so rare for "esteemed" doctors in high positions to advocate for the needs of the patient instead of towing the medical establishment's financial line. I wish we had more doctors and more men in general like Wagner and Michel Odent.

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