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  1. I love how no one understands that this group is just like a joke band, they call themselves child birth and just write songs as joke with their music videos. Everyone else on here is just hating on them and are not understanding that their doing rock is a joking way

  2. Trout guy (swipe left!)
    Tech bro (swipe left!)
    Dick pic, swipe left!
    Chacos, swipe left!

    Siri, open Tinder
    Siri, open Tinder

    Shirtless (swipe left!)
    Gym rat (swipe left!)
    Dreadlocks (swipe left!)
    Spaghetti straps (swipe left!)

    Siri, open Tinder
    Siri, open Tinder

    Single dad (swipe left!)
    Seahawks (swipe left!)
    Married couple (swipe right!)
    Group shot (which one are you?)

    Siri, open Tinder
    Siri, open Tinder

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  3. I work at the vans store and for some reason the company chooses to play this shit song on repeat, so I get to hear it daily. When it comes on I contemplate about ending my life with a shoe lace lol

  4. Liking the incisive simplicity of their lyrics and music…captures some of the ethos of early 90s greats like Huggy Bear's 'Shaved Pussy Poetry' or Bikini Kill's 'White Boy'…it's not pretending to be accomplished musically, in the best tradition of punk and grunge, it's just of the moment and relevant…

  5. greatest title for a song ever. I wonder why people hate on everything that they're just not used to listening.

  6. In light of the lame comments I have to come in and say this is funny, smart and clever. One of my favourite songs of last year. I'm guessing those who don't like it don't have a sense of humour.

  7. Damn, this is like the holy trinity of lame music: uninspired chords and instrumental parts, weak voice, shitty lyrics. And that title, my God…

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