Childbirth: Sue's Story

I found that people have been very good at handing out advice and telling me what I ought to do and what I ought not to do and telling you all about things that went wrong in their pregnancies that you don't tend to hear about the good things and the nice things that happen one thing that particularly worried me was people kept saying to me oh you're not getting very big you don't look as though you're as many months pregnant to are and I was very concerned about is so I asked my doctor that she said that everything was perfectly all right it was just the fact that some people gained more fluid than others and some people put more weight on but I think it's important when people do say these things to you don't take any notice of the more you ask somebody who knows right so you get blood literally it's nice and normal good now meeting your tummy it's getting clear just after a second we'll just going to see your tummy that's 34 weeks that's nice a normal that's about right isn't it big baby is all there that's lovely now I mean listen the baby's heart all right lovely sue is pounding away nicely if you like listen to oh yes please I not put this any years how many years are used to it grant I just hearing a pom pom pom pom pom just faster than you I am here asking the baby's heartbeat gotten exciting so this evening we're going to talk about breastfeeding now have any of you thought about breastfeeding yes we thought I mean for one thing we thought it just seemed a lot more natural than using a bottle to feed after all the mother's milk is designed for the baby whereas cow's milk isn't so that seemed one thing that was better than serving it's not convenient and it is cheaper the separate case of baby against diseases as well I've got here tonight two families who are both breastfeeding their babies a Caroline you breastfed NER me for how long the nine for nine months and Tamar's how old ten days ten days and why did you feed now me for nine months it's a long time because I enjoyed it and with Tamra how often are you feeding her when she wants it really so it's at any specific length of time between Pheebs no sometimes it's as much as four hours and sometimes only half Mia and you feed her for any length of time no I just feed him as much as she wants and then I stop in winter and then if she makes more she has been for Caroline's feeding Tamar as often as Tamar wants to be fed and for as long as tamer wants to be fed yes now I expect some of the father's here tonight have decided to be in the labor ward some of your perhaps a bit undecided and I want to reassure you that you can feel completely free to come and go you don't at any time have to sign on the dotted line and stay through it or you can walk in and out and nobody feels that's strange you see so it's up to you whether you come or not now if you are going to be there another thing I want to say is that you can do your own scene don't feel that there's a certain way for the father behave in labor and it's got to be like that and this was very much brought home to me the other day because I was with in our labor ward and I was in two adjacent rooms with two girls that I knew very well well one of them had her husband nearly in bed with her was cuddling her and whispering in her ear and comforting her and the other girl her husband was right in a distant corner reading lucky Jim I thought this was a bit strange but the girl seemed quite happy next day I said to her did he ever get any nearer to you so she said oh no she said he's not that sort of chap and she said it really comforted me to see him just being himself in that corner with his book is actually my husband wasn't planning to come at all that's fine it's just his choice and you don't want to persuade him do you because then you'd worry about him and you will have someone with you all the time in labor if he's not going to be there and then I expect you'll be around the corner on coming as soon as the baby's born will he yes that's fine now the men if you're going to be there in the labour ward it's most important that you've learnt what she's learnt in the classes so that you can help her and that's particularly the relaxation if you haven't already learned how to relax please go home and learn tonight because that's the way you're going to help her most the other thing you can help her with is by rubbing her back during first stage contractions can I just try on you if you turn with your back to your chap and the way to do it is with a flat of your hand straight up and down the length of her spine that can be very soothing during first stage contractions so can you try that nice firm rubbing and she ought to like it if she's liking it you're probably doing it the right way fine I've been trying to help as much as I can because sue has all the mole and pleasant science of the pregnancy when I first got pregnant I was very sick in the morning and Ian used to be super easy to get her and bring me my breakfast and then I stay in bed for about half an hour and I'd get up and go to school I mean I wouldn't manage without him because of course my mum wasn't really corn and could pop round and help me it seemed only fair that I should take some of the responsibility and as regards making things easier for Sue and easing some of the burden there then when I used to get out from school I used to be quite tired so I just used to flake out on a couch nanny and came home and cook dinner so it's very lucky your coffee dear what's not too strong all right that's fine that's good gosh I'm ready for this yes you will be have you being tired today no not too bad a long sleep this afternoon yep Oh what's lighter lord's up about two hours did you enjoy this evening yeah it was interesting on that but thing I remember how to do those exercises there well what's practice well you probably remember them better than me oh well we'll see we could have a girl and later cling on to go to bed yes that's a good idea yeah well Charlie that can't go to sleep yeah oh oh close back okay you know if you're going to be any use to me when I'm in labor you've got to know what you're doing so you can help me okay then is this like we did tonight Yeah right right pull your shoulders down stop register a new position move your arms difficut when you body stretch stop stretch your fingers so they're long and hard stop purchased a new position is that nice mmm lovely that's good you want to move over a bit and let me in now all right and you can never go on me ah

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  1. Another brilliant film.
    The ending was a bit 'kinky'…..

    What a wonderful man to look after his wife so well.Made me jealous of the hopeless & highly selfish twit I had NOT helping me.

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