"Childbirth" Surprises 4: Trauma on the Table by PregnancyChat.com

hi I'm Monica welcome to part 4 of my 10 little-known surprises about childbirth and beyond video series surprise number four is trauma on the table you may want to be prepared for some of the less glamorous elements of labor and delivery those who choose an epidural well you may find it surprising to be connected to a little catheter or a small flexible tube inserted through the urethra into the bladder the fact of the matter is that you will be receiving a large amount of fluid with your epidural to keep your blood pressure within the range of normal hence the catheter also you may be surprised that not only does an epidural dull the pain your bottom half and your legs are paralyzed temporarily not only will your urine be expelled but many women poop when it's time to push you are using the same muscles you use when you want to defecate so it's only natural that your body would do both try not to fret about such a minor incident did I just say minor okay it is what it is and doctors and nurses see it every day in the labor and delivery field they'll clean it up before you even know what happened watch the next video to see surprise number five do you want to learn more about your pregnancy and how to have a happy and healthy childbirth experience click here to find out about my childbirth program and to get free childbirth tips after having six children myself and working with thousands of pregnant moms each year I've learned a lot about how to prepare for a happy and healthy labor and childbirth experience and I want to share this with you click this link here or the link in the video description below and head over to pregnancy chat calm to find out more thanks for watching and I'll see you on the next page

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  1. I take my hat off you for having 6 children, labour is horrible, thank God for the epidural, even with it, it was painful and I wasn't worried about pooping, just wanted the baby out haha

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