Childbirth Truths C section Isn’t A Birth

Hi It’s the 25th of March 2018 in New
Zealand and I’m wearing my gardening clothes so there you go. I want to talk
today about the idea that Caesareans aren’t a ‘real’ birth. When I gave
birth in 1970 the Caesarean rate was 4.5%. Those of us who had Caesareans we were incredibly grateful this was
available. The circumstances of our birth that led to a Cesarean
was so extreme our Cesarean was really life-saving. We were the 1st
generation of Women who wanted to try to have a Vaginal Birth after a Cesarean or a
Trial of Labor. I’m the Director of Common Knowledge Trust and the person
who developed the Birthing Better skills with hundreds of families in the early
1970s. I actually know something about this
switch in attitude about Cesareans now. Definitely the Cesarean rate has
skyrocketed. The ‘Why’ is perceived of by different people in different ways.
Birthing Better families will be out front and tell you why we
think the Cesarean rate has skyrocketed. We just believe there’s no Societal
Expectation any of us should become skilled to birth our baby. This is
profound. It has a profound influence on all of us. What are the common causes
for cesarean? (1) A failure to progress in 1st stage of the dilation and (2) a failure to
progress in 2nd stage. But this is not dealt with with a Cesarean. It’s dealt with
with an episiotomy and forceps or vacuum delivery. The next cause for a
Caesarean is Women just not coping. People don’t want to see women ‘suffer’ so
they’d rather get the baby out and have the birth over with. Therefore they
have Cesareans. Caesareans are done more safely than they were
in the early 1970s. There are now ‘bikini cuts’ that protects the uterus if we want to have a Trial of Labor afterwards. We’re
now awake rather than knocked out. Cesarean sections are easier. They’re
safer. We’re more involved. There’s more effort for us to be engaged in
having a Cesarean but the Cesarean rate is 30%. While Birthing Better families don’t make any judgment about that, we
just use our skills on the way to the hospital, while be prepped and in surgery.
We know 100% of us as pregnant women are going to do the
activity of birthing our baby. It’s as simple as that. 100% of pregnant
women will do the Activity of birthing their baby no matter where the birth occurs, who is present or what happens to or around the birth. We have a ‘choice’ in
society into how we deal with pregnancy and birth. Right now we deal with
pregnancy and birth as ‘something that happens in unexpected
ways that we have no control of’ or it’s an event we can plan via Birth Plan.
But there is no Societal Expectation that birth is an Activity and we should be
skilled to do the Activity. A lot of that messaging is between Women to
Women. It doesn’t come from the Obstetricians.
It doesn’t come from anywhere in the medical profession. The medical
profession doesn’t have any judgement about our birth. They are there to
safeguard the health and well-being of ourselves and our babies. It’s the
attitude of Women toward each other and toward themselves which now has given
the message that a Cesarean is not a birth … it’s not a real birth … that the
only ‘real’ birth is one that’s at home or in water. Even the
hospital birth, if there’s a lot of Assessments. Monitoring or Procedures
( called interventions) then that’s ‘not a real
birth’ It’s crazy to say that women who birth into the hospital can’t have a normal birth or a natural
birth BECAUSE they’re in the hospital or they have tubes coming out of their
holes or have different types of interventions.
I’ve heard thousands of women say to me ‘I wanted a natural birth but I got induced and therefore I couldn’t have one’. This
is how Women talking to each other! We have to stop it. I’ll repeat again … We just have to stop it. we have to realize 100% of us, as pregnant women, will do the Activity of
birthing our baby. That Activity is best done if we have a great set of
skills. It’s easy to get skills now. It’s true all the Childbirth
Preparation courses and skills-based courses (with the exception of Birthing
Better) focus on trying to achieve a natural birth, pain-free labor and one
free of medical care. Some of these things are truths. Some of these
aren’t truth. First of all it is ‘natural’ to have a baby at the end of pregnancy.
It’s a 100% ‘natural’ in fact … pregnancy ends ‘normally’ with the birth
naturally with the birth 100% of the Time. Can we have a pain-free birth?
Ina May Gaskin in the 70s and 80s kept saying to people ‘Don’t call it a
contraction. Don’t call it pain. Use words like ‘rush’ or ‘wave’. Whatever you do, if you perceive it as pain, its pain. It doesn’t matter if in a birth there is
medical care. Is there anything that can take away the fact that the labor continues to
go on? No it doesn’t. If we have skills we could improve our ability to have a
labor without a ‘failure to progress’. We’ve learned to create space
and open our soft tissue inside our pelvis. We’ve prepared our baby’s birth canal. We’ve also learned birth and birth coaching skills so we can work through the natural
recurring pain of labor. If we labor at home, in the hospital or a Birth
Center and we have very little or lots of medical care one contraction then the
next contractions is going to come along. How we cope and manage with it, how
we work through it is really the true essence of us, as Women, doing the
Activity of birthing our baby. If we understand that a 100% of
pregnant women’s bodies are preparing to labor and have a vaginal birth even if
our Mind knows we’re going to have a non-labouring
Cesarean or even if we end up with an unplanned one … the fact is we can
thoroughly enjoy preparing a pregnant body for birth from 24 weeks onward. Why
shouldn’t we? How many times are we getting pregnant … even if we’re having 20
children? They’re not a lot of those. We want to tell you what we’ve
learned is Birthing Better families is that the birth of every family’s baby is
important to them. Every family wants to have a safe birth for themselves and for
their baby. Everyone wants to have a positive birth. What society isn’t
telling us … in other words … what we’re not telling each other … is that ‘giving’ birth
or ‘having’ a baby are very weak verbs. To ‘give’ birth
or ‘have’ a baby, they are not even closely related to the phrase ‘I have to do the
Activity of birthing my baby’. If everyone was saying: ‘I’m going to
have a non-laboring Cesarean but I’m going to do the Activity of birthing my
baby. We used our skills on the way to the hospital, we used our skills be while being prepped and in surgery’. IF our Societal Mind … in the Collective Mind of the
Consciousness of families, of friends and society around you
were saying to you … ‘You are doing the Activity of birthing your baby
whether you birth your baby without laboring, by laboring and you birth
your baby vaginally, whether you birth your baby after you’ve labor and then
have a surgical birth … this is your baby’s birth. No one can take that away
from you. No one should depress your pride and your joy. The anxiety and
fears you might have for this Activity … all of us have a range
of emotions … all of us are doing this Activity. It’s essential you
understand that we, as Women, have to stop bullying each other. That really
has become what is called The Mummy Wars. That’s a form of bullying
of one to another. Oh my goodness, how does it start and
where does it end? All the time I hear women say: ‘I had a home birth, You read
everything and ended up with a cesarean!’ Listen to the tone and the voice. We know
it exists. Or, ‘She was my home-birth baby He was my Cesarean’. Listen to the concept behind that. So the Societal Concept right now is valuing one type of birth
and devaluing every other type of birth. That comes from a long line of
Natural birth advocates and authors who basically were dismissive of the medical
community, felt the medical community was aggressive. It isn’t so much aggressive as it’s the Standardized Maternity Care. In other words, everyone
went in and had the same Assessments, the same Monitoring, the same Procedures. That’s not a good thing. However even if we have that, it would still be better if
we were skilled. Birthing Better skills developed when that was true.
We took these skills into every type of birth that we had. We have to say it
again and again and again because the birth of our baby is important to us.
Once we realize we are going to do the Activity of birthing our baby and
there are skills that can help us do that Activity and skills that our
partner can have to work with us through that Activity then we change our
attitude. Changing our attitude means that we’re changing our behaviors.
When we change our behaviors then society begins to change both attitudes
and behaviors. For any of you who have read Malcolm Gladwell’s Tipping Point
book, this is what it’s all about. If you want to change how Society view things,
you change how your thinking. You change what you say. You change how you
behave. It’s as simple as that. We used to allow people to drink and
drive. We stopped that. We used to allow children without car seats. Now we have children in car seats or restraints. we’ve stopped that. we did it because
we changed our attitude, we changed how we explained it and we
changed the behaviors. Now we expect children to be safe by being in car
seats or car restraints. We expect to be safe by being in the seatbelt. So we need
to understand that when we become skilled, as a society, to birth our baby
we are increasing the safety to our baby and to ourselves. We can reduce
and prevent long exhausting labors. When we prepare our body realistically to
create space for this big object that has to come down, through, out and soften inside (which helps our baby to move down, through and out) and use skills to cope
and manage with any sensation we feel internally or any of the things
that externally are happening to us or around us. For all of you who have had
a Cesarean birth or all of you who will have a Cesarean birth, we hope
you’ll use skills to birth your baby. You will be more engaged. We
hope your partner/other will help you do that. You don’t have to be passive.
You don’t have to feel passive just something is happening to you. As
women, we have to stop tearing each other down. We have to stop The Mummy Wars. We are all mommies. How we live as a family, how we are as a mother … that’s
pretty much our ‘business’. We would like to have some normality to it.
In other words, our ‘business’ shouldn’t include beating the crap out of our
children. Come on. We need to really understand the best we
can do we do, because we have skills. If we’re beating the crap out of our
children, we LACK SKILLS. It’s not hard to get parenting skills any more
than it’s hard to get birthing skills. The difference is … the
birthing skills available now (with the exception of the Birthing Better skills)
are all focused on one type of birth. It becomes a double bind and
it becomes circular … If you use these skills then you will
achieve this type of birth but too many women don’t. If you use the Birthing
Better skills, you will achieve a positive birth because you’ll be skilled.
You’ll use skills to birth your baby no matter what. As a Charitable
Trust in New Zealand, we house all the Birthing Better skills. How can you
support our efforts to grow a skilled birthing population? Donate to us through
PayPal using [email protected] Share this video. Make certain that
you stop the Mommy Wars in your family, among friends. Make certain
everybody knows that every family’s birth of their baby is important to them.
We must honor and respect the birth of everyone’s baby. Use skills, comment
share this. Go to our YouTube channel and you can find a playlist on the Truths
Around Childbirth as well as Debunking The Myths of Childbirth. What we’re
trying to do now is to wake-up our Society and to bring forward a New Era and a new
conversation in the childbirth conversation. We’re stuck right
now. We have an ever increasing Caesarean rate. We have an ever increasing rate of
numbing ourselves using epidurals. We have an ever increasing rate of TABS or
Trauma After Birth Syndrome. We have an ever increasing rate in a belief that
women can no longer birth their babies. First we’re always birthing our
baby. Second, we shouldn’t be traumatized by birth because we can
have skills to even work through the most challenging birth. We’re using pain
relief because we don’t have the skills to cope and manage. We don’t have
partners or others who are helping us. We are having more Cesareans
because we haven’t prepared our bodies to let this big object out. It’s
really as simple as that. So come along and become skilled. See you again

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  1. Money- it's in US hospitals favor that pitocin, epidural, and c – sections make them more $. Costs $2,000 more for C-section than vaginal births.
    Most women go to the hospital way too early in labor. You shouldn't go during the 1st phase of labor. Should wait until your contractions are 5 min apart.
    I''d also blame the fact that there are more MEN in Obstetrics then women. Men cannot empathize with pregnant women the way other women can. It used to be midwives and doulas (female) delivering babies, now — in the US, it's OB's. An OB is a trained SURGEON, they want something to go wrong, so they can use their training and operate. In France, you'd go to a midwife/gyn , if they see issues you'd go to your primary care doctor, if your primary care doctor refers you, you would THEN go to an OB. In America, they skip the first 2 steps and go straight to the surgeon. The US Healthcare system does care about people or babies, to the medical insurance companies you're a bottom line — a dollar amount. It's disgusting and shameful.

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