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  1. When I had my first child, of course her head was pointy it helps them come through the birth canal but I didn’t know that at the time.. I was so scared 😭😭😭 I kept her head covered with the hat I didn’t want any visitors seeing that 💀💀😂😂😭 I’m like this is what I get for talking about people

  2. I don't fucking care who you think you are, your mom is stronger than you to be able to do this shit!

  3. My goodness just please come out stillborn, nobody wants you you dumbass baby, you unwanted pile of shit conehead……why didn’t she get smart and abort that tiny fucker…..just another mouth to feed that the world can’t support, fucking just stop making these fucking clumps of shit cuz nobody wants that stupid ass baby, why don’t people just abort these damn things, the world is so overpopulated and look here we got another one being shit out, my god I can’t stand these fucking whores of the world…..constantly shitting a dumbass mutant bastard baby out….just stop for goodness sake….babies are unwanted piles of trash and they need their tiny asses all aborted, just get rid of the damn things

  4. My respect to you and all mothers out there . Wow glad to see that you are doing well . Thank you for sharing this I have never seen a 3rd degree cut . After this I don’t think I want to go thru this . But your are strong women

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