CHIT CHAT GRWM: Ali Julia Hair, Life Update, My Miscarriage + HAIR GIVEAWAY!!!

recently gotten pregnant and I have recently lost I meant to say Cairo Michelle excuse me oh it's a big ugly girl kinda shot back again with another video and you guys are seeing Kyra Michelle raw uncut and unfiltered just how I wake up in the morning to see my boo he sees me like this when I wake up so yeah I got my Clio brillo penetrates in under 30 shower and I marry me up nothing on I don't have contacts in I don't have any concealer on so we're trying to do a little chit check pretty with me and this video is going to be featuring my lovely unit from Abbey Julia here company and it came in this little box yesterday so you know I do right because because I'll be too lazy but any touch control of my hair because I don't know I just product myself from having edges yes I protects we mentioned our Julia here is actually having a giveaway and what do moves predictably for one likes to be subscribe to me you have to be subscribed to my channel you also have to be subscribed to the average Juliet hair channel as well I'll have the link to that in the description and you also have to follow our Julia here on don't and then you have to choose one of a beating hairstyles that are linked down below there are five options you have to comment which one is not on my channel not on my channel not to comment on their channel I had to come in on their Instagram not online they're not going to see it okay then you have to leave your favorite options and your email account so that way you can be reached and the first prize winner is going to be receiving 3 18 inches and the second prize management to be receiving 3 16 inches of 7 a natural color hanger or whatever texture you decided you wanted okay the winner winners are chosen at random and there are children on me Ali Julia YouTube channel not in the iron chef's welcome knocking on my door talk about powers to give it one who the winner is not my game playing just I'll usually just get away or they wanted me to tell you guys they are hosting a giveaway so if you want her to speak almost up we'll be down below getting into my life and what's up Bob right so and why I haven't so in continuing to come out there if you hear that because I'm I have my white girl so I'm sorry editor but would you ever get into what the fudge are they going on with me and my life being out here in LA is interesting isn't that different compared to living at home being a bitch right like that I have completely like 100% about I say only because I've always known tradition and here I was already dependent on ordering myself so homesick but it being out here like noose and new ways things work I it's difficult like I mean I haven't really related with that so in the like new baby an argument I like giving to with my boyfriend's do like a like my anxiety most of the roof and really going deal with it I try not to deal with it do prescription medications you know not really you know how to get Lily drugged up on prescription meds and things of that nature you know but sometimes sometimes meditation in this too shall pass atoms who doesn't always work and then I've been heavy I've been in and out the hospital for like at least a good three three or four times since I've moved out of here if you guys are wondering why this right now sprayed here is right before these past few weeks and I've been trying to push myself to film and to really accomplish what the hell I came out here to LA to do and have been to super duper hard and on you I want to say I was trying to get through it but it's too difficult and I'll have a pain I've been dealing with other things I've been did little stomach pains and I think I'm gonna alter all types of damn shit like I just haven't been it like I haven't been me and if I thought I was depressed back home like the press here it's shiny it's lovely it's just I haven't been able to do the things I want to do because of my condition spending money you know getting me better than spending money on bills and things like that I want to go out and do what I came here to do so it was basically putting me I stay in his feelings a little frustrating so trying to get back on track for you know me ladies and guys who older still watch me you not working no more what I wanted to say was I've been keeping something from my audience that I really wanted to just hold on to myself and not really talked about it but I feel like I don't talk about it you're not you guys are probably not gonna understand what I mean by when I say what I said I've been sick lean in and out of the hospital day four times why I was wrong but you stopped being a busy but recently gotten pregnant and I have recently lost that precious weeks ago things have been really shaky around here like my body has been going through a lot in literally two past two months of me being on you it's in a lot of chaos I've been a lot of things going on I hadn't really got a chance to settling and have fun I just been one big ordeal after the other and YouTube as bulky like has become seconds to everything that I have been dealing with but even though if being sick little and my stomach is doing I've been depressed and I have been full of anxiety this far comment down below do you guys like vomit when you get when you're when you're dealing with some like major anxiety because I'm dealing with something pretty big like my first response and that was even before something wild design we don't look to that I thought okay so I didn't want to know what I the only one here what does something like that so I've just been pretty sick and I want to get back on my grind I get over this anxiety of being out here I gotta get over and I gotta start filming and getting back on my six I told myself once I come back I'm coming back around me again and it just made it pretty difficult for me to keep that promise of me coming back and never been eating it again dealing with my health issues but I'm trying to get this schedule for you guys I think I've been consistent with posting at least once every Wednesday and I'm trying to make it twice a week whether it be a hair whether it be a prank or a challenge with my boyfriend whether the whatever the place our movie I want call something at least twice a week I thought cameras that record in Arkansas justify looks yeah by kind of saying I hadn't been trying to get Clemente insistence go to Freiburg I'm just starting to feel a little bit better after the situation I don't like to dwell on traumatic things I'd like to just come past them and you know take another learning affinity for word I don't like to make things you know more than what my god really that is a big deal and some women do take it right harshly I didn't mean to be pregnant I didn't even I wasn't planning on it so I'm really like once I found out it was gone like so I didn't need a chance a detached and and when I did find out I wasn't going to say anything until I was at least fifteen fifteen weeks or something like that and you wanna least likely to have miscarriage and then the reason why I haven't been so consistent with you guys I have been going through a lot and it's not as everything starting to die down and I'm starting to feel a little better it's time we get back in shape okay because I'm Kara I'm on the fucking Michelle ain't nobody gonna take care of Michelle's please so the let's get this popping okay but with that being said I'm still deny doing reaction Dewberry I am I don't know if you actually day it got me to where I am yes and purchase did you not me it does not need you know you guys said you wanted to see it once when I my first fuse a lot of views I was like oh shit this is working I had to cut it a quick I was like my papers popping but now I'm just like I'm gonna go back to doing things I like to do and if it didn't get that many music purpose be fine you know our words you might use no problem of people saying hi fella those are my feelings I really fell off I had no choice because but now getting it to this here okay so this is I got several years from about a jillion here I got work with done before I work with them but don't be I was very very good and very pretty and I still have me in the stocked up in the archives because I am wearing make sure I take not having bumpy here very serious because I can't stand it shit why does my life – oh very Martin going for a nun make up make up let me go yes I agree I'm so mad cuz my big enough hit Rick like the tag off might have been my Gucci label on my own because I had so big I gotta meet you know not wear wigs I should have ordered her large so right in my head was there me in a nun but with weeks it's a large so if you order one of these Mitch and you wear wigs make sure you to the bars okay they stretch a little bit because our washington-based weight african black soap of your skincare routine are used but I'm not going to be much to the face area because you think I'm useless you know man not me oh hey I'm a turkey well this is the please I can give a beam under guys judge me actually feel about bringing context very different case always need to go ahead those babies likely I'm gonna show you a different that's is but this is a difference see it just makes my bigger feel like it makes it look more sweet another this kind of BD mean I'm just saying it's not like a different color I'm not trying to be a white girl it just makes it look a little more bigger so I'm gonna take my brow by benefit in number six I'm just going to lightly fill in my eyebrows my eyebrows don't need much filling I don't really like all right shape doesn't make them snatch to the guy trying to go so I just slightly fill the main my eyebrows are shaped pretty nicely so I just you know just fo they've been you know filling like little patchy places as you see in the tail and that's really about it like my love art things I don't really need to do was to them snatched overly does look so see the purge and just having a good bit of July so let me I know look at this this eyebrow ability is it I got more hands in each other so if I'm going for an actual can't do too much with this one because so no the only thing I really like to do when I'm doing a full of dishes conceal and be shy okay because you see I can polyphase i shiny shiny shiny the shame okay so we could take my my foundation color or have a different color than the rest of my my face so I don't want to have my concealer under my eyes like a pink color talk of the sea where I don't know you know weird eyes color on my forehead so I concealed my eye but you guys can't tell my doing a little bit of freckles on my contour area of my face so I just curl it up too because I worry you're not pregnant would you let me know if a your Ilario these acne scars oh I'm sorry tomorrow it's gonna be 111 my full face makeup isn't the way in here unless you're not going for a bit okay I take my tea universal power I just take just a little vanity planet with a kabuki brush even though I wouldn't like the Bennett lunch I like the Kabuki brush and I'm not gonna clash think that little bit and I think you dry out my face anywhere I put that fundation is dry it out there's even Lovering on this foundation already met my face angel my facebook here but I am in a little bit tart concealer intense and that is my highlight color I put a little bit on my shadow it wasn't a hundred damn degrees outside I would do a heartbeat look for you guys but that's not the case for today I sell when I'm gonna have my 3d bakery in the color yellow because I did just put a highlight this highlighter has pink undertone to it my schemes have been undertone to it but the foundation I put on don't have a pink undertone to it so I don't want my baby to in shade that's a cute so I'm going to put like a powder under behind it I'm going to take my big colossal shot the colossal big shot by makeup shame a little crafty with Maybelline and it's going to I don't want to wait to add a coat on my trial until I weigh all of my and my last one year that I like do well you know strip adhesive chemistry and forty lashes I'm using some views of black store lashes and B looks by and we don't really mean Russian not it was like this is like don't use exchange this is $15 so now there is big debate on how you should put on lashes whether you should put them straight or like I like certain like and whatever anyway you should put it I like a ley line kind of flat that way you can't believe especially look like this I'm laid them fly I don't have them like sitting ducks you can see the pattern of them because these luscious are very dramatic and even though they're just magic I want them to still blend in so I'm not gonna have them like slapping up where you can see exactly the package is healing and I'm like freaking lost my fancy that blah so what I do is to get that sparkle like the 50 lat fob cavity I take it teeny bit of body lava it's it's all gross I know bad about teeny bit of body lava but that over there and then I go online Lonnie lit rose that doll name of this I think it's like teddy bear or something but either way it's a new bit across from actually booking my makeup till beached okay so I'm done interest I just have a little black to top Tilly's waisted shorts from fashion over and I have on my Gucci belt slides with my finger in there told me I was not painted but this you know it's okay fuck it gonna be real beautiful I don't keep up fine metals that look so but yes this is the finished look except the marriage I had to do much either live in because I had slop it on this way get out looking scary what about dosage as you see better to top the charts my husband and my flops about the disco in the movie I don't know the spirits and I wanted to be cool for being outside and yet again because I need to be getting out the door heat stress already waiting for me so if you guys like this video if you're the big big thumbs up if you guys want to grabbing some valley doing your hair I leave that down below also go to enter in their giveaway entering or giveaway there's nothing wrong with trying and trying to give some phrase leave so entering that giveaway and yeah you're used to free week and I love you so so so much I will see you guys in my next video

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  1. I would be mad af if I was with a girl for a few days and found out her hair was fake say goodbye simple

  2. Yess! Anytime I get any type of anxiety I throw up and get sick for days my stomach will be in knots and I just want to stay in bed🙃

  3. yeessss I most definitely feel sick when something bad happens .. my ex boyfriend recently passed and i instantly got sick like i just needed to throw up .. it happened on Thursday and I’m just now feeling better .. I guess it was the shock because of how sudden it was 😩 but I have gotten better Thank God

  4. I'm so sorry for your loss I suffer from depression and yes I get very sick to my stomach to the point I'm afraid to eat I love you Kyra and you can get thru it I pray for you and your boyfriend I hope he is the supportive type because it's difficult but try not to brush it off because it can come upon you later and flood you with emotions kinda like postpartdom

  5. Thank you thank you thank you on Instagram live I really appreciate you for motivating me an I am praying for you an god bless you an keep your head again much love ❤💕🙏

  6. I’m glad you yourself that’s attractive asf. Thankyou for sharing and 🗣I still want ya 🤷🏿‍♂️💯

  7. I lost twin boys at 23 weeks, I still throw up during that anniversary day, March 18th, every year and it's been 8 years. I was lucky enough to be able to meet them and tell them I love them before they passed away. Prayers are with you girl.

  8. Much respect to you ..a lot of these youtubers can't be raw and uncut ..They always gotta be polished ..

  9. This girl is sharing something personal and emotional with us and some of y'all motherfuckers in the comments complaining about how she looks…

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