Choosi Choodangaane Trailer || Raj Kandukuri || Shiva Kandukuri || Varsha Bollamma || Sesha Sindhu

I got into Engineering because my mother forced me to. I didn’t like it, so I dropped out of it. My dream was to pursue fashion photography, but I’m doing wedding photography. I had a girlfriend while I was in college. She was the first girl who fell in love with me! Is that your exam rank or a phone number? You took coaching to get into IIT, but you couldn’t even get a seat through EAMCET! My mother. scolding me is her main profession. My father. whenever my mother starts to scold me,
he intervenes and gets yelled at too Could you please tell me your name and branch?
-Why? The seniors wanted me to find out and get back to them. Aiswarya,800492… They didn’t ask for your number.
-Even I never told you to give it to them. It hasn’t even been three months since college has begun, you have fans and a following already? Great! Where is Siddu?
-He went to get some photocopies aunty. And he’s been doing that since morning? No Siddu! You’ve changed,
you’re not like you used to be! What do you mean by changed?
I’m exactly like how you told me to be! There’s nothing left to tell you anymore.
It’s all done. We’re over. No matter what I plan,
the people around me won’t let it happen. You should never plan anything in life. No matter what happens, you should enjoy it. I don’t know of anything other than a world of music. It’s my life. I absolutely hate chocolates, Bring me a whiskey bottle the next time. Sorry, I don’t approve of this marriage. I’m a huge failure! Why are you blaming me for all the failures in your life? Shut up! I asked her to pose with a shy expression. What is this? She probably doesn’t have shame,
just go click her photos as it is.

82 Replies to “Choosi Choodangaane Trailer || Raj Kandukuri || Shiva Kandukuri || Varsha Bollamma || Sesha Sindhu”

  1. Superb rltailer..feel good love story..another hit for Raj Kandukuri sir..all the for Shiva Kandukuri and Movie team

  2. Instead of launching cricket team of heroes from your family, you are launching multiple new talent . Thanks to suresh production

  3. ఉగాది పచ్చడిలా సరికొత్తగా వుంది..
    షడ్రుచుల మేళవింపు.
    రొమాన్స్- ప్రేమ…
    సమస్య:- పరిష్కారం?
    లక్ష్యం:- గెలుపా/ ఓటమా?
    విత్తనం #Trailer చిన్నగానే వుంది..
    విషయం #Movie వృక్షంలా వుంటుందని నా అంచనా..
    As a lover of Films.,
    I believe in the principle of "No one Watch for No One. Everyone wants healthy entertainment.."
    After watching the trailer # Choosi Choodangane, expecting confidently, it gives healthy entertainment..
    #Pellichoopulu Proved.
    #MentalMadilo Proved.
    #ChoosiChoodangane, Expecting this movie also proves itself based on this trailer..

  4. Looks very promising,everyone can relate to the scenes in trailer", its been a long time since a movie like this came out…congratulations raj kandukuri sir and Shiva kandukuri😍,I can see one more genuine attempt 😍😍😍😍😍

  5. ఫస్ట్ ర్యాంక్ రాజు టైలర్ రీమిక్స్ లాగుంది

  6. చాలా మంది వాళ్ళని వాళ్ళు చూసుకుంటారు ,,,,,నేను కూడా ఫెయిల్యూర్,,,,

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