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  1. Our Father is awesome and He created our bodies to give birth. Thank you for sharing your experience on natural birth from a Hebraic perspective.

  2. Shalom Achot! Thought I'd share my stories with you – I have birthed 4 of my 5 children. None of my births involved medical intervention or medication. My first experience was super scary and probably a worst nightmare scenario. When I went into my 2nd trimester i began experiencing tightening in my lower abdomen, docs wrote it off as my uterus growing and adjusting. Experienced that intermittently throughout the 2nd trimester, then one day woke up to some spotting. I went in to my medical clinic where the doc that saw me told me i was dilating 2cm and rushed me off to the emergency L&D. I live in a university town with a "teaching" university hospital, so the resident + a couple med students came in to exam me, told me I wasn't actively in labor and sent me home. 3 or 4 days later I was right back in L&D. I blame myself somewhat b/c I had done a lot of walking that day. I was 27 weeks and after laboring through the night my son was born like 4 or 5 am. I was furious w/hospital b/c i believe they should have had things they could do to delay, stall, or stop contractions and save him from such an early birth. He was in NICU for 3 months before coming home days before his actual due date. My second was born at closer to term and a lot faster – after finally admitting i was in active labor, I probably had her in an hour, still at the hospital but under the care of nurse-midwife instead of doctors. For my 3rd I was determined no hospital, so I went with a local birthing center. But by the time i was in active labor, it was going so quick and close my husband was nervous. He pulled off at the EMT fire station on the way and they rushed me to the hospital in the ambulance (against my wishes). For the 4th one, we were 30 min out of town, and I didn't make it to the birthing center. I pushed him out in the front seat of the car 5 min down the road, on my own, while my husband was still driving and my other kids were in the backseat. I still did my postnatal at the center and was back at home in 6 hours and back at work that night (I work from home). I'm blessed that all my births were really quick, but b/c of my first unexplained early labor, I had to take weekly hormone shots to make sure I carried as close to term as I could. I experienced contractions starting in the 2nd semester for all of them, and they were all slightly premature. Those contractions made me unsure if I was really in labor or just feeling false labor. Don't ever let fear cripple your mind mamas, it is a tool of HaSatan the Adversary to weaken us. I'm the type of person that would never get a second ear piercing b/c I was scared of the pain, but I had 4 babies with no medical intervention. No matter what you're going through, TMH YHWH made us for this and we can do it. I have friends and relatives with HORROR stories, but in the end, the baby makes everything worth it.

  3. This is really good! 💖 I'm sorry your first birth was not a good experience but I'm really happy for you that your second seems like it was amazing!!! 💖💖💖 I know mine was kind of a mix between good and bad with my daughter. It was pretty painful but it was only about 6 hours long and I did most of my laboring at home but in the end I tore as well (her head was HUGE!) and had a serious after birth complication which I needed medical intervention for. Like you, not the typical birth experience. I would be interested in trying this method you shared about if we are blessed to have another child in the future. Do you think this could be something that my husband could read and be encouraged by as well? Is it something he could help me with? Anyway, thank you for sharing this! 💖👍😀. Great video! Shalom 💖

  4. I am nowhere near having a child, but this was really helpful!

    I grew up hearing about that book, and I will DEFINITELY be reading it when the time comes! Other than your recommendation, I have heard REALLY great things about it!!!

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