Christian Women Call Government to REPENT for Abortion

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38 Replies to “Christian Women Call Government to REPENT for Abortion”

  1. Amen. God bless those who are pro Life. God bless those women’s testimony’s. Powerful words and they use the word of God. Great job. Show them the word of God. That was amazing. I hope and pray they will listen and end abortion. Satan comes to kill, Steal and destroy anything that is God’s creation. We will not let that happen.

  2. I recognized these pleas from Apologia church immediately. The work that you guys at Living Waters ministry and Apologia are doing is amazing. I pray that you guys are not only able to save the lives of the unborn, but that all the people involved in abortion recognize their sin, repent, and come to Christ!
    God bless you, Ray and all my brothers and sisters in this fight!

  3. No one has the right to take away and murder INNOCENT life. God says before you were in the womb I had a plan for you. God has a plan for every child and that is to enter into his coming kingdom. Shalom


  5. I am asking, out of plain curiosity, how they answer the rape situation. I know it's still wrong, but how does one reason when faced with this idea? Thank you.

  6. be strong in THE LORD !
    "… for the Holy Spirit will teach you in that very hour what you ought to say.”

  7. The lady wearing the 180movie shirt at 1:10 is also sporting the "can I speak to your manager" haircut.

  8. Powerful video… Just imagine how many thoughts, laughs, and lives have been lost since abortion became legal. Forgive us Father of our sins through your Son, Jesus. We know not what we are doing… or do we ? Turning away, and pretending this doesn't happen daily here in the U.S. is embarrassing at the least. Until we all take a stand… things will continue down the same path we are on now. Here is a question… Have things gotten better here since the early 70's ? Life has become easier with the help of computers, but it also has made the pace of life much faster. With this pace we have become cold and uncaring. It's pretty much " everyone for themselves " mentality. If we turn away from God and his Son, then the same thing will happen to us in the end.

  9. It breaks my heart that people can so easily dismiss the life of an unborn child. I find great hope in what these bold women in Christ have done by being a voice for the voiceless babies, it takes great courage and if more of us Christians could be a voice in our communities like these women we may just start to see a shift, thank you for standing up, God bless.

  10. You go girl I'm a follower of Jesus Christ too I'm pro life killing anyone is wrong exp children it's ambomation God's grace is coming an for them killers that don't repent will burn in hell

  11. Proverbs 6:16

    These six things doth the LORD hate: yea, seven are an abomination unto him:

    A proud look, a lying tongue, and HANDS THAT SHED INNOCENT BLOOD,


    An heart that deviseth wicked imaginations, feet that be swift in running to mischief,

    A false witness that speaketh lies, and he that soweth discord among brethren.

  12. Why would you use a "Green Screen"? Why would you fabricate a lie? This makes Christians look like liars. I am no liar. How dare you do this to get views! How dare you deceive people!

  13. Literally the most well known political phrase our country has to offer is “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of happiness!” I ask to any politician who supports abortion, how can one ignore the first right guaranteed by the founding fathers?

  14. I am thankful for these women. I was brought up in a Christian home thanking God, I had a God-fearing daddy, the things he taught me stuck with me. Unfortunately though as a young teen, lived in my sin; only if someone was there for me when I had my abortion at 16, I didn't want to go through it in the first place, I immediately regretted it, cried my eyes out. A year later, I wanted and got pregnant and didn't care if my partner at the time, didn't want kids. Anyway, I lived in my regret for over 10 years, finally, God used my grandparents to bring me back to Him. I am so thankful God has forgiven me for my abortion and I could never do that again. I am thankful God gave me a son, who I get to train up in the way he should go!❤

  15. Our individual DNA process is a continuous process, unfurling from the moment of conception. There is no later stage of our existence that is not dependent on earlier stages of our existence, as a continuous entity in space and time. Our DNA process is continuous in both space and time from the moment of our conception, to the moment of our death.

    Acceptance, rationalization of the termination of an already unfurling DNA process, once invited to unfurl, requires the irrational acceptance of a temporal bias. In the continuum of space/time, that continuously unfurling DNA process is not a complete individual human 'yet.' That is because we are not regarding that human over the complete time-space continuum that it exists in. But, the only thing required to see the complete individual human is the passage of time.

    We are of course much more than our unfurling DNA processes, but whatever we are, the basis of our life, cannot exist without the unmolested possession of that unfurling DNA process.

    The fetus is a concrete example of a new individual DNA process, unfurling. There is and has been a conflict to define the most fundamental aspect of an individual — the term of its existence. The resolution of this conflict — between the newest individual and others — is resolved by others, based on whatever philosophical or moral guidance they bring to the conflict. The rationalizations in support of abortion boil down to the convenience of the others, based mostly on a shaky temporal bias that is permitted to stand, unquestioned.

  16. Amen Praise God in these last days we have to stand together for the truth. Because we see what the world's way of doing things in many cases is wrong.💯

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