hi everybody welcome back to my Channel today I’m gonna do a video that a few people asked me on Instagram not as a video about the questions right if you hear some sounds some yelling isn’t that nice playing right next to me so thing I’m gonna do a video a few people asked me about not really a video but when I make a video on it its water receipts for Christmas 2018 and I’m a little late I mean today is what generally eight but you may or may not know I went to the Tribune with my family and my dad and sister and we exchanged present annuity so that’s why I’m doing really I wanted to wait for all the present now that I received some money because actually this year asked not to get me anything cuz I have so many things I really don’t need anything but I’m gonna show you the few things they go so I’m gonna start with my what I Henry got me my husband II got me these shoes the Reebok Classic I had a pair I bought it in 2017 and I used it for a year and a half I had the white ones I used it for a year and a half almost everyday and they are destroyed but they’re so comfortable I love them they’re like wearing slippers so even when I was pregnant those were the only shoes I would wear so since the other ones are like Canada my husband gave me this for Christmas they’re the blue light blue ones and I think it’s like a collaboration with face talkin take inside but they’re very comfortable and I just love them with other things Henry got me let’s see oh he got me this perfume because where is it at the time because I had a sample that I got from a magazine it’s a seer seed percentage or janmani and I’m not big perfume girl I’m a woman but I got a sample in a magazine and I just loved it every time I will go like to support or to a place with all the samples our always spray it on me so that’s what the Henry got me to for Christmas very generous and two more things one is a large gift card because I used to do my eyelashes like put the fake one on mine because mine are so like horrible like mine are very short very thin so I just do my eyelashes like a year ago I stopped when Elizabeth was born so let me February last year but I’ve done it for a year and a half homes and because I barely wear makeup and like mom wearing some mascara just to not look quite I’m glad in this video but I never wear makeup and that was like a way to have a better looking face in a very easy way so I did not have to like put makeup on and I have to remove my makeup at night so that was fine that was great for me work hungry so I’m gonna use this gift card maybe to do my lashes again or try something else their last present which actually supposed to be from Elizabeth from mom and dad has it said in the cart it’s just it’s a gift card for tango classes because since we started dating me and Henry I will always say I want to take tango classes I like I was very annoying I was like telling him all the times I wanted to take ten classes then I got pregnant so that was put on hold and now we got it firmly Isabel so from my mother-in-law I received two things from Jeju it was from her wrong it was a hoodie and a sweater but since I lost all the weight out of bragging after the pregnancy I don’t really know my size so I told her I wore a medium but they were like gigantic on me so I had to exchange them at the store and they I have the same thing so I choose something else the two things that choose is this shirt that you see right here I’m wearing I like it so much because it’s very comfortable it’s big I like big things I like to be comfy and the buttons are on the back which is like strange usually shirts have the buttons on the front and it’s very unusual super soft super comfy and the other thing – Gigi oh it’s this water and I see here it’s like a navy blue I like it because it’s soft it’s actually 95% cotton and 5% cost me I always try to look at the tag and that light natural fibers having good sense but it’s very comfy even to be just I usually like since I bought it I always wore it with this shirt because I think it looks right together and so that was my mother-in-law my sister lines that yummy work coat even though I really don’t need clothes I have so many it’s like a waste but she was right cute and I mean it’s like sport like Activa attire and say so it’s these leggings it’s so sad like if you saw my video my blog about my trip I were on the airplane like me this shirt which it’s so cute because in the back has like this see-through and it’s hoodie it all matches together and that was pretty much it one more present that I can’t really show you it’s in the fridge my dad got me parmigiana cheese because when I either come back to Italy oh it comes back here it always brings parmigiana because in Italy it’s so much cheaper and it’s so much better so that’s a present I always get not just at Christmas if I wanna I want to show you something else and that was this is a present that it’s not really for me it’s not freely so I’m sorry if they like changes based on that comes in Rose so I was saying this is a present for Elizabeth at me but I think it’s very sentiment so my aunt these little cross pitch I don’t know how you call it board like you will have to frame it I have to option three and he has the first few lines of my favorite lullaby lullaby that I always say to Isabella for who follows me and on instagrams you will know that a lot cross teaching I do it myself but this is such like the some of you ever tried to this they know this is a lot of work to do all this and she made it without having a partner a pattern to all made it by herself so it was very sweet and I love it so the last thing I want to show you is what I got for myself for Christmas let’s say I put it like it if it was a Christmas present my cousin works a Valentino which you probably already know it’s a very famous fashion brand and she has like they do these sales like twice a year and I asked her to get me a pair of shoes and a bag because I couldn’t say no like the sound was too good to be true so I’m gonna show you the bag that I got even though I really didn’t need it so this is the bag it’s just beautiful and I love the turquoise collection they made so I couldn’t say no and the shoes inside our sandals always with the same pattern with the turquoise and the rock studs that are so comfortable that we’re in San Martin and I’m gonna auction them I’m sad that I’m not gonna be able to wear it to wear them for what five more months because it’s so cold here but there were so comfy and the right you I always wanted it I was wondering if so I couldn’t say no and I guess that’s like my Christmas present to myself put it this way and that’s it that’s what I got myself for Christmas well my family got me it needs a bit got me a lot of diapers to change [Music] that’s it I hope you enjoyed the video if you have any suggestions for next videos what know if you have any suggestion for next videos just like please take mama just let me know in the comments and I’ll see you very soon with next video bye

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  1. Ciao Livia, ti vedo molto felice! Quasi quasi vengo negli States anch'io. Mi fa molto piacere che nei tuoi video parli in inglese, per me è un aiuto in più per impararlo.

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