26 Replies to “Christy Turlington-Burns: Nearly Dying In Childbirth Got Me Running | TODAY”

  1. Poverty is unfortunately the real problem. But it's good she's investing money into good health care….it should however, be sustainable.

  2. My favorite supermodel! BECAUSE She not only is beautiful and lovely but she has an amazing personality, not like most of the other supermodels

  3. Chrissy is beautiful. But How about don’t get pregnant when you’re poor, people who aren’t satisfied about their lives just open their legs and give new life. there’s even a diploma for chopping wood but not for this

  4. Christy is gorgeous, but the Marathon is a stupid thing, and is only feeding someone's narcissism. Running a few miles everyday, very good and has been proven to be healthy. Putting yourself in danger to brag everywhere you're running the marathon, immature and stupid. Not to mention too much energy and time spent for nothing.

  5. Ok, I'm 7 months pregnant and this is scaring me.. Can't imagine how terrifying it is for women in 3rd world countries.

  6. I love that she's agin naturally. It's kinda rebellious to not mess with your face when you're a celebrity at an advanced age. I like it.

  7. My cousin in Tanzania lost her mum due to childbirth (her mother was giving birth to her). It's a really important cause.

  8. HENCE why we should always protect a women’s right to CHOOSE! Pregnancy and labor can ALWAYS at ANY point threaten the woman’s life. It is not a risk that ANYone should ever be practically forced to take. I just saw an interesting round table about the issue and it got me HEATED and this is why. Kudos to her for this good work.

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