Ciara Pregnant With Baby #3? | Fans Claim That Ciara Has a Baby Bump!

welcome to the celebrity girl miss Ashley he'll bring you that blazing hot headline of the day but before we heat things up be sure to subscribe and bang that Bell for notifications okay let's heat things up so Sierra is known for getting us pumped and excited with her music but this time Cece has her fans excited over what could be a possible baby bump now Sierra posted a playful video to her Instagram and now she has her fans speculating that she could be pregnant with baby number three now the folks on Instagram are going crazy trying to figure out if Sierra is pregnant or not so I figured why not bring the conversation to YouTube so here is the video 40 years old now when I first saw this video I was shocked that Sierra couldn't do the dick I love the ballroom scene in the whole Volgin life and Sierra is queen of the dance floor so I was surprised that she couldn't dip now silly me focusing on Sierra's dancing because there was a whole different conversation going on in her comment section that did not involve her dancing most of her fans were debating over her stomach the majority of her fans left a comment saying she is pregnant now I can't pretend that I don't see what these folks are talking about I see it but as a woman that doesn't mean anything our tummies can bloat after drinking a cup of water it doesn't mean that there is a bond ends of it for me if I drink lemonade I look six months pregnant so I can't call it for Sierra now Sierra did not deny or admit her pregnancy in her comment section so we just have to wait and see Sierra has the most adorable marriage and children and another little one would just add extra cuteness to her life but until then I need Sierra to keep serving body and music and I need you guys to drop down in the comment section and share your thoughts on Sierra's video do you think Sierra has a baby bump or not share your thoughts below ladies and gentlemen that was a blazing-hot headline of the day be sure to subscribe and bang that Bell for notifications I am your girl miss Ashley Hill and I want to thank you for watching I will see you back here with more blazing high headline I'm Sylvain

21 Replies to “Ciara Pregnant With Baby #3? | Fans Claim That Ciara Has a Baby Bump!”

  1. Well her hubby QB Jersey is #3. If CiCi start wearing his jersey than it’s settled. She’s preggo

  2. That’s true women can bloat. Especially around that time of the month. But if she is pregnant congrats! They are an adorable family.

  3. If she congratulations to her she has a beautiful family and a great man in her life ❤️❣️ so happy for cc

  4. I dont see a bump but remember when women does a certain pose it can make the stomach look bigger and yall know that Ciara loves food so she probably just got done eatting and was asked to join the video.

  5. This is a hard call cuz she did say in several interviews that her and russ wanted about baby #3 but she didn't exactly do a death drop due to safety of the baby 👀👀😂 ijs but hey one of her dancers sadiyah Beyonce fellow dancer is preggo too and still performing too so…… 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  6. I mean that would be a good news but I dont think she's pregnant that doesn't look so and matter fact she wouldn't have to be pregnant now because she just got back

  7. #3. She does have a baby bump!! CiCi is very lean. Theres nothing like the shape of a baby bump. RU is a great dad so😍

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