Cinch Postpartum Belly Wrap

most women in the US are unhappy with their postpartum bodies but we have a solution the latest research finds that if you compress your hips the first eight weeks after delivery there's a chance you can shrink your hips back to your pre-baby size its a sleek and smooth proactive rap that barely shows under your clothes it can also be used as a hip shaper by lowering it to your hips and lower abdominal area or turn it around and use it as a back support it has an inner lining of negative ion technology for better circulation and moisture control lay your cinch on a flat surface you will see that each panel is clearly labeled indicating left and right placement first you size it to your current waistline why is it symmetrically and make sure to velcro up close to the top scene for a smooth look under your clothing close the front panel stand up breathe in as you zip up to ensure a snug fit play around a bit with the initial sizing to find what's most comfortable for you with both hands stretch this inch elastic wings and velcro to the back make sure the front panel is smooth and centered as you slim down each week resize the front panel and you can see your progress an independent lab in the US compared the Cinch to two other well-known rectangular wraps they used a highly sensitive pressurized gauge to test the pressure in six points front sides and back cinch was the only rap that was found to have even compression 360 degrees all the way around the cinched tummy wrap is unique because it's the only fully adjustable wrap that gives 360 degrees of equal compression it's designed to fit the anatomical shape of a woman's body it has adjustable panels that can stretch and shrink with you and it has cinched tension control elastic bands that act as a second wrap to increase the compression as you need it this unique design with a combination of high quality and performance fabric gives cinch the leading edge of a superior wrap we created a Velcro that is high performance with low profile this means it is high tear strength and it doesn't snag most clothing research also proves that cinch has two times stronger velcro strength than other wraps whether you're working out breastfeeding or attending a business meeting your life as a mom can be hectic this is why we've created the cinch essentials line with clothing that gives you the built-in support of the cinch with a flattering style that makes you look and feel great no matter what your day throws at you

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  1. It would be pointless to buy the clothing when it GIVES away that you are wearng a Cinch stomach wrap. It just sends out the obvious that there is a bulge hiding under there. Good product, HORRIBLE idea for clothing by LABELING it with Cinch stomach wrap on the tshirts?!

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