Cinnamon Challenge LIVE on Stage

(screaming) – Ahh. ♫ [Family] It’s vlogmas, vlogmas ♫ It’s vlogmas, vlogmas ♫ It’s vlogmas, vlogmas ♫ And it’s time to celebrate ♫ Vlogmas.
– Vlogmas. – Good morning
– Morning, everybody. (laughs) That was Rachel. We are at my parents’ house right now. We’re getting ready for the show, and we’re all just talking
about what we need to do in the show and it turns out everyone has forgotten their choreography. – No, I remembered. It’s toe tap toe tap with a fake snap, toe tap, toe tap – [Jessica] Like how
she specified that toe? – [Chris] Fake snap, real smile. Do you know what, Parker? You’re eating your, what are you eating? – Bagel. – [Chris] A bagel? That looks delicious. – I’m eating my bagel. – Om nom nom. – [Chris] Are you eating a bagel, too? – [Bailey] I know mine. – [Chris] Ooh, Bailey’s got hers. – Lift me up. – [Chris] All right, sit down. – Yo. – Okay, so I stand corrected. The kids and Rachel know
all their choreography. Mom’s house is starting
to look very festive. We’ve got balls hanging here, lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and
lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots of snowmen. And they got a tree, but I
don’t think it’s decorated yet, they just have lights on it. Gotta do it. – [Ornament] Ha ha ha,
I’m packing my sleigh now, so be sure to leave your Christmas wishes. Wait for the jingle bells. (jingle bells ring) – Just brings back childhood, doesn’t it? All right, we are back stage now, at the Granada Theater, in Santa Barbara, and I just put Parker
down for a nap, hopefully. We tried to put him down
for a nap at Mom’s house, but he didn’t go to sleep, so we brought a little
Pack and Play crib here, and now he’s trying to sleep
in one of the dressing rooms. I’m going to go upstairs and
see if they need any help. (laughing) – You got something. – [Chris] Oh, I was filming. Okay, so here’s the deal. We’re doing this show.
– [Rachel] I thought you were talking to me.
– No, I’m not talking to you, Rachel. Quit being so conceited. We’re doing this show
once in Santa Barbara, twice in San Jose. If you’re coming to the San Jose show and you’re watching this, now you’re probably gonna see some stuff, some of my punchlines, and some jokes, things, some surprises that you’ll see in the San Jose show, but what I’d like you to do is still act surprised when they happen. That would just really help me out. Looking good, dude. (jazz music) Oh, I didn’t even notice
you were in the frame. I was getting a shot of
this microphone here. – Oh, I knew you were in the frame and I really wanted you to– – See you later. – [Chris] Look at that Santa swagger. (sped up Christmas music) (actors talking amongst themselves) Look who woke up. It’s Parker. It’s Parker. – Yeah. – Did you have a good nap? – Yeah. – Are you ready to do the show now? – Yeah. – Yeah? It’s gonna be fun. So I’m supposed to
pretend like I’m vlogging in part of the show, but
I’m gonna do it for real because I’m a method actor. (laughs)
and that’s how I do it. This is the vlogging part. – [Woman] You’re in my vlog right now. – Double vlogging.
– Oh my god, look at this. – I’m supposed to be
fake talking, like this. – [Announcer] The children were nestled all snug in their, but their father doing a cinnamon challenge to boost his career. – Okay.
– Look at him. (laughs) – Hey, everybody. – Hey, everybody. – We’re about to start the meet and greet. I had to leave my camera backstage. I accidentally set it down and when I came back to get it, they had shut down backstage. That’s something they do
with unions and stuff, they don’t let people onstage for a certain amount of time, like the stage has to be locked and shut, and that’s what happened, and so I couldn’t vlog backstage. So I’m really sorry. Did it make you feel
a little blue, Parker? Yes. – Sorry, he did that. – You look really cold,
you look like you’re ice. Are you cold?
– Yeah. – Can you pretend like you’re cold? Pretend like you’re cold, oh. Oh, so cold, it’s so cold in this theater, we’re turning blue.
– Yeah. – Everybody, we just
finished the meet and greet, and we got some amazing
presents from some of you. So we’re going to open them up and check them out. – Yes. – Oh, from Megan, she gave us these awesome Christmas decorations. This one says Holiday Spectacular 2015. And it says Chris and Jessica. This one says Bailey on it. That’s super cool. Holiday Spectacular. And it has, what does it have on it? – [Bailey] Light saber.
– Light sabers. – [Chris] And who do you
think that one is for? For you? And what’s this one? – [Jessica] Oh, this one’s pretty cool. – [Chris] This one says,
“I’m with my family.” (Jessica laughs)
– For me. – It’s for you, that’s right,
’cause you always say that. Those are so cool. Thank you, Megan, those are awesome. And then Vanessa gave us these. She told us which one belonged to who. Who does this one belong to?
– [Bailey] Parker. – [Chris] This one’s
Parker’s, here you go, buddy. – Yay. – [Chris] This one is Bailey’s. And this one is Jacob’s. These are really cool, these missiles. – Mine, mine, mine!
– [Chris] You guys don’t have any of those ones, do you? – No. – [Chris] Oh, yeah, and she gave us these, these are for you. And that’s your gingerbread
hand sanitizer, Parker, are you super excited? – I got a elf. – [Chris] You got an elf? Cool. – I want to open it. – [Jessica] Mommy will help you open it. – [Chris] Mommy will help you open it. Don’t open it without Mommy’s help, okay? – From Sophia. – [Chris] Sophia gave you these presents. Are you ready for Sophia’s presents? – [Jessica] PB and J, so you
guys get to open it together. – [Chris] That’s for everybody. (kids grunt) Oh, working so hard, he’s working so hard he’s squishing his pizza. (kids laugh) Parker, can you slide your
pizza this way, buddy? Slide it over here. There you are, now get back in it. Get back in it to win it. – [Bailey] What is it? – [Chris] What is it? “Big
Book of Look and Look Again.” Oh, super cool. – It’s a searching book. I love searching books. – [Chris] Searching books are the best. – That’s for me, Dada, Mama? – [Jessica] Yeah, this one’s for you, but let’s watch Bailey first. – [Chris] Those are so much fun, have you ever played with one? They’re super fun,
you’re gonna like those. Here, let me show everybody. Flexipuzzles. These are so fun, I’ve played
with these in stores before. They’re great. Ooh, this one’s for Parker. – [Bailey] I wonder what’s in it. – [Chris] He’s getting it as far away from everybody else as possible. – [Bailey] He can’t get the bow off. Do you need help? Okay, I’ll help. – [Chris] Get in there, buddy. Ooh, some socks, those
are cozy looking socks. And a Doodle Roll. – [Jacob] What’s a Doodle Roll? – [Chris] It’s a roll of
paper that you doodle on. Are you going to do some drawings
and some coloring, Parker? – [Jacob] Doodle? – [Chris] Yeah. – Presents. – [Chris] Oh, super cool. Look at that, Kylo Ren beanie. Let’s see it on, put it on. – What about the tag? – [Jessica] That’s okay.
– [Chris] Just throw it on there. (laughs) That’s awesome. – [Kids] Thank you, Sophia. – There’s a bunch of kids outside. They’re very excited,
they’re ready for the show. Don’t bang on the glass too much. (kids scream) (laughing) Go, go, go. – I can’t do it,
– [Chris] Do it, do it. – they’re gonna break through. – [Chris] Just say hi, go
say hi, be nice to them. (kids scream) (laughing) – All right, we have a five minute call. I have to set my vlog camera on stage, because it’s part of the show. It’s a prop. Kids are gone from the window, that must mean the show’s about to start. Let’s see if we can see
them out in the audience. (audience screaming and cheering) – [Actor] But their father doing a cinnamon challenge to boost his career. – Ooh, ah. (screaming) Check out these kids’ outfits. Jacob is a nutcracker, Bailey is Clara, very lovely dress. – You have a tutu. – I do have a tutu, that’s true. That’s true true. And then Parker’s over here. Parker, can you be a mouse for me? Oh, you’re such a mouse. Let me see your tail. Can I see your tail? Oh, very cool. – [Actor] Can I have ?? onstage? (audience cheers) – [Actor] Oh, yeah. (cheerful music) (audience screams) – [Chris] Wait, wait, wait,
wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. (audience screams) Uh, I’m sorry to interrupt this, this is really cute,
you guys are nailing it, but you’re a nutcracker and there’s just one
thing I have to do, doooo. Do you have a candle? Can you show me? Ooh. That’s pretty. Look at all those candles. (“Silent Night,” by Joseph Mohr) ♫ Sleep in heavenly peace, ♫ Sleep in heavenly peace. – [Chris] You guys are beautiful. (audience screams) Can we give it up for
everyone onstage right now? Thank you guys. So in the show, I sing
a Taylor Swift song, which is not in my typical wheelhouse. It’s a little bit out of my
comfort zone, right, Parker? Wait, I need your help packing up. What about your Pack and Play? (laughs) – Rah. – [Chris] Be gentle, Parker. Be gentle. – Wah. – Ready to go home?
– Yeah. – Hee hee hee. – [Chris] How do you think
the show went tonight? – I think it was a mess, but it was fun. But it was a mess. – Do you think it’s gonna get better, or do you think it’s just a mess? – I think it’s gonna get better, I have an idea for the end for you. – Okay. – I’m going to sing backstage and you’re going to lip sync to me, and I want you to have a
very long, flowing cape that someone can follow
behind you and flapple it. – Okay, that sounds good. – I think that’s a good idea. – I feel like I need lion of some sort. – Yeah, let’s get you a lion. – Good night.
– [Chris] Good night. – See you in a couple of days in San Jose. – Yay, San Jose. – Jose. – It’s time to go home. You goin’ home? – I’m going home. – You want to say hi to everybody? Say hi. (kids scream) Say hi. Hi, hi, hi, hi, hi. We just got home and
we’re sitting by the fire. That’s the fire. Jessica’s wearing a tiara and two bows. – Three bows.
– Three bows, so that she wouldn’t forget them. I am in my new sweater,
because it’s really cold in our house and we have takeout food
that we’re going to eat. And it’s really late at night and I haven’t started editing yet and we have to drive to San Jose tomorrow. Tired, guys. And the worst part of it all, the absolute worst part of it all, is we haven’t done advent calendar. At all. – I know, I was just thinking,
how are we gonna do it when we’re in San Jose for
like two or three days. The kids are going to be so sad. Jacob, the first thing he said after the show
– Do you think we should do like, all those days tomorrow?
– No. After the show, Jacob got in the car, and he’s totally exhausted, and the first thing he says is, “Can we please do advent
calendar when we get home?” It’s like, “We’ll try.” And he was asleep within like two minutes. – So we’ll be doing two days of advent calendar business tomorrow. I know you guys like that a lot, we love it too, there’s just some days we can’t do it, today was one of those
days, unfortunately, it was too crazy. We got to Santa Barbara
super early in the morning, and just we were just on the go all day, so tomorrow before we leave
town, we’ll do advent calendar and this is the end of today, but it’s just the beginning for me, ’cause I have work to do. – [Jessica] Do you want to
say what we learned right now? – No, I’ll do it in a second, ’cause I don’t know what we learned. I don’t really know what we
learned until I edit the video and see what we actually learned. That’s when I learn the lessons that I then give to you. – So people who don’t
edit their daily lives don’t learn anything in life. – I wouldn’t. Hi, let’s talk about
what we learned today. We learned that you
can’t put on a Santa suit without adopting the Santa swagger. We learned that when
you’re opening presents, you should make sure your
pizza is a safe distance away. And finally we learned that life’s lessons are best learned through editing software. Thanks for watching, everybody. We’ll see you next time. (giggling) – [Chris] So here’s how it works. The first person to get rid of all their chips is the winner. Uh, the way you get rid
of your chips is you get–

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