20 Replies to “Clarence Thomas WRECKS Abortion With SCATHING 20 Page Opinion!”

  1. If it's about making a better society and humans then yes I'd be ok with that but that a very thin line too so idk

  2. The opinions stated in the first document you linked are all wisely taking on one issue at a time. The next issue may very well be, Is abortion for the sake of private eugenics constitutionally protected? It is discrimination comparable to the worst real hate crimes on record. Requiring burial of fetal remains at least treats the fetus as a PERSON. Next step is enshrining that a person has a RIGHT to life.

  3. Some women do decide to abort their babies if they are diagnosed with a disability. Most of the children being aborted have not had that type of diagnosis.

  4. I used to be pro choice with the opinion that it's the mother's body & she will have to answer to God. But then I met a girl named Carrie. Carrie had numerous abortions as it was her form of birth control. This is when I realized how casual people were to them & that makes me sick.

  5. I am 99% against abortion, the 1% is i wouldn't want a child with down syndrome or other major issues

  6. We now know what causes pregnancy, turns out it's easily preventable. So the question is one of morality. And a little existential science. This is where the left get it twisted. Thx to justice Thomas.

  7. From what I have seen.. white babies are targeted as much .
    Will it ever be a time when every baby will be welcomed ?
    Every baby born is my proof that God is real..
    Every baby aborted is made by Lucifer's hand.

  8. Always have respected Clarence Thomas. The whole abortion issue seems to point at the leftists as the racists. No doubt RBG has written an opposing opinion. Ruth? Ruth? Anybody?

  9. The same clarence thomas that was caught on recording SMOKING CRACK WITH A HOOKER IN A HOTEL ROOM ?? Nobody remembers that huh?
    We actually have CRACKHEADS in a life positions governing us.

  10. I’m not sure if it’s creepier to sell the dismembered babies to research or just undignified disposal of the human remains. It hurts me to even write that sentence.
    I don’t agree with Denmark, people with Downs Syndrome have been some of the most loving people I’ve ever known. I went through a pregnancy with a friend. We both were >35 years old. We both had the downs test and both of us failed. This was 1990. She

  11. Eugenics is a good thing for families willing to participate. End government welfare are congenital defects then we will talk.

  12. I cant even imagine being the sick/emotionally detached MF that could abort/dismember an unborn baby, then go home and sleep at night.

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