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(smooth guitar music) – Ms. Frost, I’ve got great news. Your pregnancy test is positive. – Ahhh (techno music) See, um, I feel happy (laughter) but stressed all at the same time. – How about we take a look at the baby? Do an ultrasound? – Oh, we can do that? – Yeah. – Yeah, we can do that. – Alright cool. Okay, so actually the baby’s over here. – Oh that is so – What are you hoping for? – A boy
– Another boy? – Yes. – Why? – ‘ cause whew dealing with the girls – Uh huh – is a lot of work (smooth techno music) – There’s a baby in there – Geez – Okay – There’s a baby in my belly. – Karter looks just like
you when you were a baby. – Oh my god I’m trying to get back to
work after having baby Karter and of course I need my mom’s help. It’s a team effort trying to
get things back to normal. I sure appreciate your
help through all this You know, knowin’ that he’s somewhere good – Right (deep breathing) – There you go. Big breath, big breath (deep breathing) Good job. Great job. Okay, so the water broke! Wah! I got my family downstairs. My mom’s downstairs, my brother’s downstairs some friends of the family. Hope is in here with me. Apryl’s great friend. We’re just trying to comfort her keep her cool, calm, okay? ‘Cause that’s most important. My son is on the way. It’s goin’ up! How far are the contractions, Baby? – Like seven to ten minutes. – Okay, well, Liz is on her way. – Okay – Tell me about when your water broke? – I was laying on my left
side and then all of a sudden my body just was like Pooh, Whoosh (Gasp) And now I’m going into a
contraction, one second – Breathe through it baby. – Oh my God, hold on. – I do not like to see my baby in pain, but I have never loved
her more than I love her at this moment right now. She’s about to bring my son into the world and I’m so grateful, I’m so thankful to her. I love her. – Hi! – Hi – So, how are you feeling? – Um, I’m feeling okay until
I have the contractions, obviously they’re like
getting more intense. – I know you can get overwhelmed so we want to make sure
that things are quiet otherwise it’ll be too much for you. – I want this experience to be perfect. Me and Baby decided that we
didn’t want anyone in the room besides us and the midwife. April’s mom is still in Chicago but my mom is downstairs
holding down the fort. That way mom’s still a part of it but we don’t want
anything distracting baby. We on our way. – I think it would be a great
idea if we closed the blinds and just shut out the world. And then let’s start kicking
your labor into gear. – It’s about that time! – Okay, let’s do this. – Let’s get ready. (breathing through contraction) Baby is almost here. (soft techno music) How you feel, Honey? – I had a really bad contraction. It hurt so bad. I don’t think I wanna have
kids no more after this. Only because of the pain. She said that when we kiss, the oxytocin makes – Oooo, I think it makes
the contraction come ’cause it’s coming. (soft techno music) We gonna see Little Man today. – We’re about through this. – She’s like a kid in a candy store (breathing through painful contractions) – I gotta push – Yes – Say Hi Tee Tee Hope – Hey man. Look at him. Too handsome. – [Apryl] I don’t know where
all that hair’s coming from. – [Hope] Have you seen Omari? (laughter) – Amina’s in labor. We’re on our way to the hospital. I can’t wait to meet my final baby, Bronx. The end. Amina and I haven’t been in a good place since she moved a few months
back to LA with baby Cori. I had a lot of hard feelings about Amina taking the baby so far away. Now I think the distance might help us. There are a lot of
difficult conversations that Mina and I have to have
about our relationship but right now is not the time. (baby crying) Man, she’s here and she’s perfect. I don’t care how many kids I got, it’s like having the
first baby all over again. There’s your mommy. New baby new beginning. Chance to do right in the world. (light electro music) (light electro music) – I’m six months pregnant
with my beautiful baby girl and I’m about to be a
mother for the first time. I’m so happy. It’s been so stressful
having to do this on my own. Stevie’s been M-I-A I’ve only seen him one
time the whole pregnancy. I did not expect this situation to go out the way it’s going. Kids should have both of
their parents in their life. But I am going to do everything that I need
to do for my baby girl. I spent all summer working hard. I still been in the studio. I still been taking care of my business. Today I am doing my pregnancy photo shoot. See, I want to show the whole wide world how sexy a pregnant body could be. I don’t need anybody No baby daddy no nobody for me to take
care of my business. I got this. – That’s it! That’s it! That’s it! (happy crying) – Hi Sweetie, welcome to the world! – She’s got a lot of hair. – Yes. (baby crying) – Where’s mama? Is she okay? – As I look at Bonnie and
hold her for the first time, it’s like, this is unbelievable. There is nothing better
that you can accomplish in the whole wide world
than to be a mother. It’s a feeling that nobody could explain. – Oh! Look at the eyes! – Hi Sweetie! (baby cooing) – I’m in so much pain, I wanted an epidural. I been begging this lady
to go to the hospital. And as I’m putting on my clothes,
Mrs. Crystal, the midwife She comes in there and she’s like, “You’re not going to the hospital. “We’re not giving you an epidural. “You need to just sit down and stay here “and push this baby out.” And before I knew it, Miss
Bonnie Bella was born. I can’t believe I’m a mom. – I know! You’re a great mom! You just had a natural
childbirth, Girlfriend! – I cannot believe this! These tears today are really of happiness. The best thing of it all is that my daughter came out healthy and everything is
absolutely okay with her. (serious music) Say Hi to your daddy, girl. Every decision that I make from now on is for my daughter’s best interest. Bonnie’s here now and I really want Stevie
to be in her life. – Hold her head be careful – I got you, baby. – After six years and everything that
we’ve done to each other I think it’s just time to
let the past be the past. And the only thing that I can do is to get him into his daughter’s life. Because I really don’t want my daughter to grow up without a father. – Look at this baby she’s gorgeous. Congratulations. – Thank you. She’s so pretty. I know we haven’t been co-parenting and I know we’re going through courts- – We don’t have to do all that – Stevie, I’m trying
to be the bigger person because I want you to see your daughter. I don’t want to walk
around being mad at you. Just make sure that you
provide for the little girl and that’s it. – And I will. – In order for Bonnie to have
me and her father in her life, Stevie and I really
need to find a good way to be able to get along without all the fighting
and all the arguing. This is no longer about me or Stevie, this is all about Bonnie. Of course my daughter
is going to be with me, but whenever you want to
come see your daughter, you can see your daughter. That’s not a big deal. I want you to see her. Just do what’s right for your kid. – That’s why I’m here. I appreciate you calling
me and let me see the baby. She’s beautiful. Thank you. – She is gorgeous. – I know, Baby. (door opens) – Why hello, how are you? – I’m doing good. – Good.
How are you feeling? – Alright – Good, so are you excited? – I’m excited. I’m nervous.
– Why? – It’s my first baby
– okay – I just want everything to be good. I am ten weeks along now and today I’m having my first ultrasound. I can’t believe I’m going to
see my baby for the first time. I wish Shawne could be here but he’s away trying out for teams now. So I’m all by myself on this one. – Dad’s here at all? – Well, he’s in and out. I’ve been really pretty much by myself. – So, who’s your support system? – Him. I don’t really have anybody. – Good girlfriends? Mama and them? – Nnnnnnnn – You can see what we see – Okay – on the screen here Okay?
– Okay Seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat is gonna make this oh so real to me. – Oooo, he’s jumping up and down! – Oh! – He’s saying “Hey Mama”! – Ah, hey baby! – And we call ’em all he until we know – Okay (laughs) – Can we get a doppler? – Sure (baby’s heartbeat) – Oh my god! Oh my god! I wish Shawne was here at this moment but he’s doing what he has to do to make sure me and the
baby are taken care of. Right now I’m just focusing
on having a healthy baby. – We have some photos for dad. – Oh my god! Oh my baby! I’m so excited! – Good! It’s beautiful time! – It is, it’s just a
lot doin it on my own. – Well, I was getting a
little nervous but hey, I said a prayer and just
put it in God’s hands. – I’m overwhelmed, I’m excited and I can’t
wait to be a mother. I can’t wait to see her face, kiss her little cheeks and just spoil her. I cannot wait. I can’t wait to see who
she’s gonna look like. I just want her to be healthy
and happy and a beautiful baby (baby crying) – Congratulations! Tears of joy! I like that! (soft music) – Welcome to the world,
Blessing Briel Williams. This little girl is a blessing
in my life and in our family. This right here is the kind
of love that I’ve never known. (Ambulance sirens) (tension builds) (soft sounds) – Hi He has no worry, look at him. Oh my god I’m in love. My baby boy Niko Blue was
born this morning at 4:00 a.m. And I already know this
boy is a little sneaky because he came five weeks early. That’s my son. Things were a little scary last night because he came too early. But my doctor told me that
even though he’s a preemie he is so healthy that
we get to take him home. – He goings home. Yeah, my man – Oh my god Niko is so tiny and fragile and precious, I just want to keep him safe and happy and surrounded with all this love. (baby crying) Welcome home, Niko! Oh, oh no be careful. Don’t make my son cry now. – Ready for take off. – (voice cracks) I never knew
that I could love somebody this much (sniffle) The moment I held him The love that I felt (sniffle) was the love that I’m missing all my life. He’s opening his eyes! (laughs) – Look, he’s looking- – Oh, he opened his eyes! I am so scared to raise him but I’m so glad I have Rob to help me. I literally want to cry
every time I look at you. I’m just gonna love him forever. I love you. Oh my god, he’s so cute. I love you. – 🎶 I heard your heart beat (baby crying) History in the making baby!
The Golden Child is here! – Surprise! It’s a girl! (upbeat techno music) Being able to welcome the
Golden Child into this world after so many disappointments
and heartbreaks is nothing short of a miracle. She’s perfect. She’s a little bundle of
me and Pap mixed together. It’s amazing and I love it and I love her. – I heard her heart beat and I immediately fell in
love with my baby girl. And now that she’s here that
love knows no boundaries. This is the moment we waited for and it was worth every
trial and tribulation that we ever went through to get here. – I would like to introduce you to Reminisce MacKenzie Mackie – Princess has been in
labor for hours and hours and more hours and still
we don’t have a baby. – Melody, what are you up in there doing? First thing I’m going
to teach my daughter is she’s gonna have to call her
parents if she’s gonna be late. – Who’s ready to have a baby? The labor’s a little slow. I know you’re tired but you’re gonna be a new
mommy today no matter what. – Mels, we drained, baby. We tired, please. – I think it’s better after waiting all this time to go ahead. I was hoping you would dilate more but just doesn’t happen sometimes. – Is there any risks to
not getting a C-section? – My heart is racing right now. I’m going through so
many things in my mind. Will my baby be okay? Will Princess survive? Did we get to this moment for everything not to go
as well as we planned? It’s okay baby, I love you. (baby crying) It’s okay baby, I got you. Princess is okay, Melody is safe. This is the most magical,
special time in my life. – Right over there is where you cut. Lower, lower. There. – It’s okay Mel – That does not hurt. – I got you baby, I got you baby, I got her. She’s so pretty. I am now a father. I did not know that I could cry like this. The tears just kept coming down for the love I have for my baby. – This has been the most
amazing experience of our lives. I feel so blessed that my baby is here! 🎶 My baby girl, oh yeah 🎶 Happy Birthday Childbirth definitely
was not what I expected but I wouldn’t change anything. As long as she came out healthy,
that’s all I can ask for. – Yeah man I can’t wait to
see you and to meet you. 🎶 Loving you is in my D-N-A – I am this baby’s father and I’m gonna take the front
row seat and deliver this baby. 🎶 Loving you is in my D-N-A Now I’ve done this before, obviously, but everything is different now. Hell, I’m grown. This is between me and my baby boy. 🎶 Loving you is in my D-N-A – Scrappy is going to have so
much fun with this little boy. I can already hear them in the
back yard playing basketball and Scrap teaching
Breland his little lingo. – [Group In Room] (Screams of excitement) – Now, see I love Emani. Emani, that’s my heart. We partners, you know what I’m saying? But my son, he gonna come with it Jack. There’s another guy out there with my DNA. And he’s coming to you so
you better watch out world.

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