46 Replies to “Cockroach Dissection”

  1. "This animal very common in your bathroom and kitchens"… yeah if you nasty AF!

    Thank you for the info otherwise!

  2. just learn something instead of whining about gloves and b.s This is India! she already sterilize the roach silly goofs!

  3. Tomorrow my 3rd year practical exam(zoology) under Vidyasagar University… Thanks u so much for this tutorial….

  4. very helpful, thank you ! I am a German student but watching this still helped me to understand the process !

  5. I don't have hsc i don't even know wtf is it… I am an engineering student and i just wanted to see this freak inside-out.
    I was shocked to death when i saw her playin with it barehandedly.

  6. People saying things about wearing gloves, big deal I handle cooking meat without gloves. It’s JUST an insect!

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