Coffee & Questions: March 2019- Breastfeeding, C-Section Recovery, Water Birth, Fainting & MORE!

hey everyone I'm Sara LaVon and welcome back to my youtube channel today I am back for more of your questions from YouTube and from Instagram we are going to be talking a little bit about breastfeeding about c-section recovery we're going to talk about lightening crotch we're gonna talk about those annoying contraction like things you have in the middle of the night that go away and never seem to do anything to your cervix or maybe they do we're gonna talk about GBS and delayed cord clamping and I answer a whole lot of your questions today this is your March copy and question before I get started don't forget to subscribe down below and then let's get started I apologize that this video was one day late I was in a car accident actually two nights ago and I am very uncomfortable i pre medicated and I'm drinking my coffee and we're gonna knock this out and get some of your questions answered today but it's probably not gonna be like a 25 minute video I'm just gonna try to fly through these questions as fast as possible wish me luck because lord knows I am NOT the most short-winded person in the world oh also before I get started I want to let you know that I am very much paying attention to the number of subscribers that are happening and I am so grateful and overwhelmed I am already past 20,000 subscribers you guys are amazing so I'm gonna do a giveaway to give back to you guys once we hit 25,000 but I don't know how to do that on YouTube so we're gonna be doing that over on Instagram so if you don't follow me on Instagram you can go to bundle birth and find me there that's where you're gonna be getting the inside scoop about when I'm posting videos or if I have pulls about things if there's merch or new things happening over with me at on Duluth or YouTube go over to Instagram follow me over there and then stay tuned when we hit 25,000 I have a very fun giveaway that I'm putting together it's going to be a smorgasbord of some of my favorite things there's gonna be some fun items from my what's in my labor bag video I have let me just show you so stinking cute they have like the cutest stuff I swear for babies and for mamas so with this box I really wanted to hamper you I wanted to make you feel special I wanted to give you some like really cool things to make you feel better about yourself and so look at this robe I follow pashmina on Instagram and they sent me a bunch of free stuff and I'm not having a baby so I figure I don't need it so I'm gonna give it to you guys so I did open this up and it just happened so now you know it's only really than me that's put it on there's gonna be this beautiful supersoft robe that you can wear postpartum you can bring with you to the hospital hopefully a lot of these items are gonna make you feel better about yourself they are both for pregnant mamas and mamas who have their babies before I am not done doing giveaways so if it is past when I hit 25 thousand that you see this video no big deal go over there there's gonna be always stuff going on enough on that exciting things are coming one of the questions that I've seen a ton or I've gotten in DM z– or whatever at Instagram which I want to address and I don't actually have somebody to show it out here for this one but it is normal that as you get bigger and bigger meaning more and more pregnant that you are gonna experience some discomfort supremacy and some of that may be contractions at the end of your pregnancy or even during your pregnancy one of the things that happens is as the uterus grows and then the baby comes down in your pelvis it is not uncommon for women to feel what we in the pregnancy world or even I don't even know about medical world but as a nurse I used to say it all the time is lightening crotch so lightening crotch is this sensation where you're chillin and all of a sudden you're like what my vagina this like sharp shooting lightning like out of the blue lightening pain in your vagina we don't necessarily know where it comes from it doesn't mean that there's anything wrong it just means that something's being triggered down there to send more of a nerve like pain into your vagina it is not contractions it does not mean that you're in labor it's completely separate from labor so I wanted to address that really quickly because I get that question a lot it's normal I'm sorry quick position changes can actually trigger it so when you go to get up just get up slowly rather than like pop up out of bed and then you may be able to prevent it a little bit otherwise it just kind of is what it is and it's annoying but your vagina will be okay light is really bright today lol a nice about that said this is on those should you get an epidural or not video but this also has to do with the tearing video she says if you tear would you feel it without having an epidural great question I always say great question but they all are really good question if you don't have an epidural most people feel discomfort down there anyway they likely will feel the tear but they may not like connect it in their mind but like oh my tissues are tearing as the baby stretches out the tissues and the tissues get really thin meaning I'm not I'm talking like not cervix I'm talking vagina hole there's less blood flow to that area not quite as like juicy with your blood and therefore you don't feel as much most of the time you're not knowing like oh there was the chair you just find out later because there's so much sensation going on down there now with an epidural you wouldn't feel any of that and if there was a repair that needed to be done they wouldn't have to numb you up they would just use the epidural as anesthesia to stitch you up but if you don't have an epidural they would use local medicine like inject it with some lidocaine or some local numbing medication to make sure you don't feel the stitching if you feel the stitching just be like yo I need more anesthesia I can feel that and it does not feel nice this comes from help my water broke now what cherry Bulman says not everyone goes is this actually the name of a question but I just wanted to address it not everyone goes to the hospital a lot of women give birth at home with a midwife I think those births are a lot easier and more comfortable for the woman and so I wanted to comment on this one but I thought it's probably a little bit of like a paragraph it may seem a little ranty and so I wanted to address it here so I totally recognize that not everybody goes to the hospital my background is in the hospital and so I am filtering my education through hospital birth now labor and birth is the same no matter where you give birth you give birth in the hospital or the home that is totally your decision yes people give birth with midwives in fact some of my best friends are midwives so yes I recognize not everybody delivers in the hospital but these videos are tailored towards hospital births in the United States the other side is she says I think those births are a lot easier and more comfortable for the woman I just want to say that like easier and more comfortable I would say is super individualized so when you're thinking about where to give first some people are gonna gravitate towards a home birth because they feel more safe at home they recognize it as a natural process but you can still recognize this natural doesn't give birth in the hospital they feel safer they feel more supported that their home is the place where they feel like they want to have their baby and then there is a group of people who feel actually safer and more comfortable in a hospital setting because they have the resources readily available in the case of an emergency so I am NOT going to tell you which one is better I am only going to tell you that you need to do your research and that when you're thinking about where you want to give birth that you do have options and that home birth is only an option for low-risk pregnancies if you become a high-risk pregnancy you may be ruled out for a home birth so you have to have a totally normal non complicated pregnancy in order to deliver at home mama makeup says can you do this if you are having twins with delayed cord clamping great question for your provider this is gonna be very much case-by-case in general the answer is yes some providers are gonna say you can't with the first baby that's born but you can with the second baby that's born great question for your doctor it is not completely ruled out as an option if you are having twins Athena yazi says does this change when women have a c-section related to delayed cord clamping and if you have a c-section you can still do delayed cord clipping you do need to talk to your doctor about it though Taylor Moloney says and I think she wrote me on Instagram on this one too so this will hit two birds with one stone can you tell me what happened three weeks ago I was up randomly from 2:00 to 5:00 a.m. with very painful contractions same strength they would not come consistently to 5:15 three minutes apart but lasted for three minutes at least after 5:00 a.m. it went away I was 36 and five weeks a lot this is super common and I wanted to address this as far as like when to go to the hospital what's normal I actually got a text from a client this week who had kind of the same thing happened it is not uncommon to have contractions at night particularly as your body gears up for labor and birth you are going to likely have this like kind of like who is this labor oh no it's not oh wait is this labor oh no no it's not it went away that is why your keyword for going to the hospital or active labor is regular that you're waiting for those contractions to be regular and you're ignoring them when they start happening I think it's easy for people that when they first start having contractions they're like oh yay let's tie them and see where we're at when really and less they're stopping you in your tracks forcing you to breathe then you really should even really need to be tied in them yeah okay so it is normal during your pregnancy to have little spurts of contractions that go away times where you think oh maybe this is labor well maybe it's not keep waiting it out particularly if it's your first baby labor will establish itself your instinct is everything how many of you have heard you say this before but I really mean that that like childbirth education is such a broad topic and so when I say something it is not Bible it is not a hundred percent for everybody you are feeling concerned or feeling like there's something wrong or feeling like your baby's coming out of you it might be go to the hospital call your midwife do what you gotta do yes GV all about GBS this is from ashlynn Kirk see if you got there and didn't have time to be treated wouldn't it be safer for them to just do a c-section so guys when we're talking about GBS GBS is like a very mild thing like we care we want to pay attention it's like something that we treat but in the grand scheme of things not treating 4 GBS does not equal your baby will get an infection that is potentially very serious ok if your baby doesn't get treated in time like when that also goes for people who just go into labor really fast and they don't have time for it still your chance of infection is still only 1 in 200 babies will actually get infected so to take all of the risks of a c-section versus a one in 200 chance of maybe getting an infection that is treatable it doesn't tip the scale quite as much which leads me to Liz freshers did I kill that Liz rushers question of if you didn't get treated and the baby test positive for GBS infection what would be the next steps so what would happen is they would watch your baby and they would look they would take the vital signs more frequently they may do blood tests likely will do blood tests and then if your baby ends up having signs of infection or test positive for GBS then they would treat the baby with antibiotics so ideally you're like wanting your baby not to have to get poked with antibiotics in the grand scheme of things and avoid antibiotics all together but at the same time light they will treat the baby they're gonna watch the baby and kind of flex and flow from there which leads me to first-time mama 2019 says what if you're allergic to penicillin would they use amoxicillin if you are allergic to penicillin with that being the first line of treatment for GBS that typically doctors are gonna go for it first of all they need to know if you're actually allergic if you're just sensitive and then they may just try another antibiotic but if you're truly allergic like anaphylaxis throat closing face blowing up type not really blowing up really getting swollen type allergic then what they would do is take your swab send it to the lab and do what's called sensitivity testing where they actually use different types of antibiotics to see which one responds bats meaning kills off the bat the bacterial best for your bacteria that they found in your vagina there's other types of antibiotics that are not penicillin driven great question for your doctor if you are allergic to penicillin but they will still treat you and give you antibiotics to try to kill off that bacteria this comes from all about cesarean birth what to expect and more Toni Maud says what happens if you feel like you're going to faint during c-section or vaginal birth honestly this actually is a good question because I get asked this a lot of my childbirth classes and we're talking about the momma fainting not the partner partners if you will I feel like fainting please sit down put your head between your legs drink some juice we don't want you going down kay but women I've actually never had somebody pass out during birth your body is super resilient it knows what to do if you feel like your fainting most of the time in labor it's because you're hyperventilating so when you're doing your breathing your and freaking out and that when you breathe too much in fact it is it is true right now actually give me a second you may start to feel light-headed and so what I usually do is slow the breast down it's great motivation to slow your breathing down now in a c-section if you feel like passing out it may feel dizzy and maybe because of maybe a medication that they gave you that's something to say to your doctor or your anesthesiologist is hanging out by your head but in general it is super uncommon to pass out if you feel like you're gonna faint tell somebody around you and they'll kind of be able to assess the situation and see if there's a cause for it it could mean low blood pressure it could be reaction to the medication in general just fainting out of the blue for no reason / just because of the pain is super like this one the iron bloodline ooh that sounds so good are you able to labor in the tub move freely delayed cord clamping and try different birthing positions if they have to treat you for GBS at the hospital I have these on my birth plan but I need to know if it's still possible such a good question so treating for GBS happens about every four hours with a standard dose they're gonna treat you every four hours and it takes about 30 minutes for the antibiotics to go into your system and so what would happen is depending on your hospitals still talk to your doctor to make sure you work that out with them because I don't wanna make you any promises and then given your certain scenario they're like no you can't do this you're like well Sierra told me that I could do this but then you can't and now you're just playing and then your birth pans all out of the window and then you potentially affects your birds Mary so we definitely don't want that but what I will say is in general you should be able to still do all of those things what would happen is they would start an IV they would give you the antibiotics once the antibiotics are done you would ask for a saline lock that allows you to be disconnected from the IV they can cover it if you're in the shower of the tub so that doesn't get wet and then guess what you can flap your arms around all you want no big deal and then four hours later they would reconnect you give your antibiotics for 30 minutes and then you would go from there so it doesn't mean that you can't do all of those things it does mean though that every four hours or so for 30 minutes you will be tethered to the IV Teresa Shane commented on my c-section video and this has to do with breast feeding so if you guys want videos on breast feeding I am a breastfeeding educator but I do occasionally post about breast feeding on my Instagram page so if you want some of that you can go there otherwise I'm gonna answer this question she basically tells her story about how it looks like she's probably gonna have a c-section she said I am super confused how will my body know to start producing milk is there something specific they do or give me that triggers that response since technically I'm not going into labor or am I question mark here's the deal your body has had milk since week 14 to 17 of your pregnancy since early early on even before your maybe you could live outside the womb you had milk if your breasts change in size you have to trust that you have milk these are some of my scripty things that I tell everybody your body knows to hold on to the milk because you still have a placenta it's not actually really labor that stimulates the letdown or the role so the milk it's the removal of the placenta so whether you have a vaginal birth or a c-section that milk is sitting in there getting nice and juicy and nutrient dense and then once your placenta comes out which it does even in a c-section that's the trigger that it's time to release the milk and once the milk is there then you remove remove it and then that tells your body to make a little more it's supply and demand so it doesn't really matter the route of delivery you can still breastfeed and if you keep removing the milk regularly then you should continue to increase your milk supply oh I need to go to Instagram I just have been flying through these ones but let me find all the Instagram ones if you were at my very first Instagram live I gave you a code word and I am going to be answering some of your questions that were on the Instagram live that responded to my question on here and the code word was actually succulents because I was sitting by succulents when I did it and I really liked them at the plant plus cherry berry says what are your thoughts on water birth yay or nay my thoughts are that if your hospital or birth center or your doing a home birth and they allow it and you feel like it's gonna help you in your labor then go for it water birds can be very soothing for mamas it helps create like buoyancy and not quite so much pressure in the pelvis you have like the warm water that's soothing for coping purposes that if you feel like that's something that's gonna help you in your labor my thoughts are that you should go for it any other succulent question Stacey McQuaid says is there anything you can do to prevent preeclampsia my answer the quick one is not really anybody can get preeclampsia if you have pre-existing high blood pressure that would be something that you'd want to get under control prior to conceiving if possible pass that there's some may be some lifestyle stuff but in general anybody can get preeclampsia you can be fit and could not be fit you still can end up with preeclampsia so my quick answer to that one which I will do a video all about preeclampsia eventually it's on my very long list and we can talk about that but in general the answer is not really mrs. kicks fly says c-section recovery time how long do I have to wait to hold my two-year-old c-section recovery time in general we tell people about six weeks recovery from the surge and you're progressing through those six weeks during those six weeks the recommendation is to not hold anything heavier than your newborn or another way to think about it is about a gallon of milk now you're thinking about what feels good to you if it feels like it's putting pressure or strain on your incision then you're not doing it your two-year-old can still like sit on your lap but as far as carrying your baby around you're gonna want to wait as long as you possibly can flex and flow though because we know how life is and you're working your way and I would say definitely for the first two weeks that you're avoiding lifting your two-year-old again it depends on how big your two-year-old is but gallon of milk is the recommendation for lifting after c-section and then flex and flow working in to carrying your two-year-old great question for your doctor I think I'm done my back hurts and so I'm gonna need to say goodbye today thank you guys for being here and for watching and for subscribing and for asking so many questions and engaging with me I love hearing from you and I am paying attention so if you want more from me you can always go to bundle birth calm I have childbirth classes online live childbirth classes birth coaching where I one-on-one coach you through your pregnancy and support you through the end if you live in LA I can be your doula hit me up we'll figure it out I'm here for you make sure you follow me on Instagram so that you can always stay up to date with her when I'm posting videos or if there's events or other things the recommendation more education you can never get enough of that what else if you're looking for product recommendations I have an Amazon list everything's gonna be linked down below until next time don't forget to flex and flow and I will see you very soon bye more 25,000 so I'm gonna get the gift I'm actually gonna do a gift stay tuned for more Arden shout out and rose into your oh my gosh why am I so not articulate today and in your life there's like shut there's like Chloe Lonnie macaroni and cheese actually did GBS did you a lot of questions about if you if you this also leads me a lot oh that is not the best coffee I've ever had okay quite crusted wait isn't that [Laughter] the best day ever not flipping you off okay have the best day ever [Applause]

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  1. I really enjoy your videos, wish you were here!! Also, you make pregnancy fun, haha. If that makes sense 🤣 Im due next week and I am excited, not much nervous because the happiness is way more than anything!! Hoping for a July 4th baby!!! 😃 See you in the next video!! 👍

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  5. I loveeeee your videos! I’m about to have baby #2 in 6 weeks. I had my son start to finish in 7 hours and only pushed for 15 mins at 38.5 weeks. What are the chances of having second baby just as quickly and would she be early too? Also, can Braxton Hicks feel like period cramps and also lower back cramps? Never had these before like this, only had the tummy tightening

  6. First time mommy and am currently 38weeks with a due date of May 14th. And have found your videos to be very helpful. You've answered everything I didnt know about pregnancy and delivery. Thank you! I look forward to your Q&A videos.

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    Ps: Part of me hopes you will answer my question just to see how you'll pronounce my name. 😛

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  13. I didn’t have an epidural and needed stitches. I asked for no numbing because the numbing shot hurts just as much as the stitches. I just kissed my baby and dealt with it. It sucked but it was over quick.

  14. I believe I get pregnant then it fails bc every time I and my husband have sex I have two, sometimes 3 days of elevated bbt and then it plummets

  15. Can you do a little breadtfeeding minitopic? Can you breastfeed right off the bat with extremely LARGE nipples?

    I had so much trouble breastfeeding with my first baby because of the extreme size mismatch between myself and my first baby. (40 mm sized nipples! I also had one flat and one inverted.) It seemed like we tried EVERYTHING, supplemental feeding systems, breast shells, nipple shields, the works.

    The lactation consultant I saw at home and at the hospital strongly encouraged me to either switch to formula or pump because it was so stressful!

    I ended up pumping exclusively for over a year even when I went back to work at eight weeks. What could we have done to fix this problem?

  16. Hey I’m new to your channel and I want to do a vbac after having 2 csections. Can you please explain in a video if having a vbac after two cesareans will mean if your successful labor will be longer or shorter since I already had two pregnancies. Should I expect a shorter birth process or longer birth process. What have you seen from your previous patients? Thank you and love your videos

  17. I have given birth in the hospital twice. My first was really long so around the 48 hour mark I did get an epidural because I was exhausted. She came 3 hours later.

    My second I also had in the hospital and my doctor was amazing. She told me to eat, I labored in the tub for hours, I was in charge. You can still have an amazing and fantastic birth where you are in charge in the hospital.

  18. Soooo i just found out i am pregnant, At 11wks, and i am now 6months postpartum…yup! My baby and this new baby will be 12months and two weeks apart. What should i expect with being pregnant so soon? I still cannot believe this at all

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