Comedians Rip Alabama Abortion Law

so Alabama they passed that strict abortion law right I know and it's because Alabama loves children which is why their last an education because they love children here's Brian Williams talking about it Alabama's new abortion law the strictest in our country is setting up a direct challenge to roe versus wade in the Supreme Court that's what it was designed to do just tonight governor kiv signed into law this ban on abortions at all stages of pregnancy the only exception here is if the mother's life is in jeopardy it's similar to new bills first of all I love that the woman signed this in this way right I mean don't get me wrong I'm fine with more women in public office as long as their office has access to the 21st century I mean obviously gender makes no difference I mean if men shouldn't be making decisions on women's bodies women's whose vaginas are no longer working shouldn't be making decisions on vaginas that's still a work let's mortar this Hingham Georgia Ohio Mississippi Kentucky except it goes further this law does not include exceptions for rape and incest and carries a felony charge for doctors punishable by a sentence of up to 99 years in prison let's be frank and put this another way a rapist in Alabama would get a lighter prison sentence than the doctor called upon to end an unwanted pregnancy that might result from that rate this okay so to recap in Alabama you're allowed to have a banjo on your knee and a rapist between your knees how about this the governor of Alabama has shed two myths first that what America needs are more women in public office and second all lives are precious I didn't get that joke either all right there's more here we go now be challenged in court which is ultimately the point okay so that and by the way it was 20 there's 25 men right white men who voted on this right 25 men decided on the governor's vagina 25 men get to tell women what to do with their vagina are you who are the fuck are these guys I mean I can't even order from my wife in a restaurant these guys I tell them what to do with their vaginas if you imagine how men would react if a bunch of women in power decided what we could or could not do with our dicks did you imagine that Mayall response to that could you fucking imagine that shit I've got a few ideas well did is I don't know who said this but somebody said if men could get pregnant more Shing would be a sacrament right I'm confused does this make paps a pap smear a misdemeanor I think so in Alabama that rate the doctors the bad guy in the rapist is a good guy isn't that something I guess I know where Harvey Weinstein is buying a summer home I wrote that joke on the fly thank you what was that but I love that and that was a home run walk-off vogue that was fantastic [Applause] I'll do the previous governor of Alabama would have Haley Barbour legalize abortion if indicates both right and the spirit oh crap behind you got choose one across we have up again however we the Republican caucus grave wrong with this bill [Applause] that's the most articulate argument I think I've ever heard thank you so now let's fight that this is so this is such a bad law in Alabama that Pat Robertson is against it can't you think of kidding was there we go I think that Obama has gone too far they've passed a law that would give a 99 year prison sentence the people who could commit abortion and take it from a guy who knows exactly how long 99 years [Applause] there's no exception for rape or incest it's extreme law and that they want to challenge Roe versus Wade but my humble two is that this is not the case we want to bring to the Supreme Court because I think this one who lose that's all like a guy who used the back door to the abortion clinic if he does so here is this is kind of a crazy so this is the debate that they were having on the floor of the legislature in Alabama and this is just nuts watch this the video make exception for patients who are victim of rape and of course I'd kind of know the how so can you tell me why it doesn't it allows for anything that's available today is still available up until that woman knows she's pregnant so you can get an abortion as long as you don't know you're pregnant so basically you got to go to a Borgia clinic you know on the regular every week and you go hey can you check and see if I pregnant don't tell me and if I am abort it and then tell me after and we're gonna do this every Friday for the rest of my life upside there is a way around it it's called the morning-after pill nobody's gonna know when he a pocket ladies am i right no but the problem is that women don't know they're pregnant until sometimes like they're already six weeks pregnant right so as somebody pointed out that the this bill makes it illegal for an abortion after six weeks and after six weeks somebody said that's just you missed your period that's all that is right am I wrong about this you're correct Jimmy Mike did you want to say something you should know I have fun I lose the weight you know I play the bad guy on the show it's okay there's like one flag I'm doing a character we gotta get used to that raha back so here's what here's what rachel maddow had to say about it here we go that total ban on abortion in Alabama passed the Senate last night tonight the state's Republican governor signed it into law this is the strictest abortion ban to pass the state legislature but it's not just happening in Alabama it is happening all over the country in all the states where Republicans have full control this is what Republicans are doing with their control of state government right including Alabama we've got radical restrictive abortion bans passing at least one chamber of the state legislature so far and already half already 11 of the 22 states under Republican control plus one more in Montana where Republicans control the legislature but there there is a Democratic governor that Democratic governor steve bullock who vetoed one of these anti-abortion bills in his state just last week he's going to be here in just a moment to talk about his presidential bid so another one but my point the point of this video is yeah so there this is what the Republicans are doing and this is so horrible and backwards in 19th century and guess what the Democrats fucking lose to those people that's how shitty the Democrats are that they're losing to these pieces of shit [Applause] because the people who want to take your rights away they have somebody to vote for but the people who want to expand Social Security and get rid of the surveillance state and make sure you have a living wage and end the fucking wars we got nobody to pocket for boy [Applause] that's what I took away from them but Rachel Maddow video that's what I took away from that it's like the Democrat that she doesn't go and how to fight we're losing to these people she doesn't like babe oh yeah maybe offer people something I'm sorry grandma well I think she happened to leave out the fact that the chairwoman of the d-triple-c Cheri Bustos is having a fundraiser for anti-abortion congressman dan Lipinski in Chicago it's $1,000 to get in she is publicly I'm pro-choice the D triple C's Twitter of count says oh we can't allow this to happen in Alabama and Georgia and then is having a fucking fundraiser for a goddamn pro-lifer and just because he's a Democrat and she heard the statement from her fucking office was like well we just have to beat the Republicans so we're gonna support any Democrat you're supporting a fucking Republican who happens having tea in front of their fuckin a [Applause] and by the way dan Lipinski that's my neighborhood where it grew up in Chicago Lipinski his dad was my alderman and then he became our congressman and then he handed it off to his son because you know we have democracy so that's a great point by the way it's that the chairwoman of the d-triple-c is now supporting a anti-abortion Democrat for Congress so all that Sh again all that shit where they go Trump is horrible they're just as fucking horrible and they'll support people that are just as horrible and now you know why we live in the world we live in it's June 6 at the Chicago cuts steak house early cheapest ticket a thousand bucks a patron is twenty nine hundred and a sponsor is 5600 how many abortions for women who couldn't afford them with that fucking pay for you greedy cocksuckers fuck your fucking resistance you bullshit fake-ass Republican progressive pieces of shit sorry I got a little fumbled up here I had some you guys put peplos and everything don't resist the resistance oh that's the one rule we have hey we just added st. 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40 Replies to “Comedians Rip Alabama Abortion Law”

  1. Saw an abortion video once. UNCENSORED .

    Seeing the doctor reach with a forceps into the woman and pull out a teared off tiny arm then a tiny leg followed by a head changed me prolife forever

    Abortion is an absolutely immoral and demonic act and seeing these people laugh maniacally makes my stomach churn

    You only need to know how it's done and what happens to understand how grisly this is especially considering the number of times its done in US .

    Men and women being irresponsible in not using contraceptives and to escape responsibility they committ this savagery.

    Jimmy you can go fuck yourself along with your psycho audience

  2. I s'pose y'all would think it hilarious that a family held a funeral for a 4-month-old fetus that had to be aborted because the mother almost died. Yes, they are very conservative. But why is it humorous?

  3. I find it funny how some people are so pro abortion that they kinda come across like they arent aware that they were born too. Im pro choice but also happy my mom didnt abort me. Im pro choice up to 3 months. This full term abortion without medical cause is insane tho. The death penalty is insane too. Its also not the babies fault after 3 months that you couldnt practice safe sex or bother with a pregnancy test. Irresponsibility shouldnt be an excuse to get a abortion. Old enough to fuck your old enough to live with your mistakes like an adult.

  4. Is there no compromise, a middle ground? We can grow babies in test tubes but we cannot retrieve a fetus from an unwilling mother for whatever reason? I was born 3 months early in the 60”s and I survived. We transplant organs but can’t save a fetus? Bullshit

  5. I disagree with the bill, but since the people of the state elected the officials who voted on the bill i guess a majority of the people support it. I think it is a dumb law, but the majority of the people in the state agree so i won't criticize what the people want.

  6. @Oplitis Λ "What gives her the right" — How about the fact that it's HER BODY??? When SOMEONE ELSE FORCES AN ABORTION that is NOT BODILY AUTONOMY, you fucking moron. If YOU cause an abortion of SOMEONE ELSE'S fetus, YOU are INJURING that person. Why is this so fucking hard to understand? Why can you not get it through you petrified, childish, moronic brain how any of this works? Why is it so hard for you to understand the difference between personal freedom and enslaving women to become breeding chattle?

  7. Killing a pregnant woman is a double homicide.
    Kicking a pregnant woman in the stomach and causing her to miscarry, is assault on the woman, but murder of the baby.
    What gives her the right to murder that baby? It's not her body, it is a foreign body inside her. It has it's own emotions, it's own pain, and it's own eye color, hair color, fingers, toes, and heartbeat.
    So no one is telling anyone what to do with their bodies. They are telling them they don't have the right to kill other people.
    A mother is not allowed to murder her two year old, so she should not be allowed to kill her 2 month old. Geographical location is not what determines life or rights.
    Rape/incest is a sensitive one. But civilized countries don't punish children for the crimes of their parents.
    Only when the unborn is likely to kill it's host should the option of abortion be permitted. Because in that event, it is self defense. The only time killing can not be called murder.

    I agree that people need to be smarter, more careful, ect. I also believe overpopulation is leading to climate changes. But this does not give us the right to go to war or to murder innocent babies.

  8. Abortion is baby murder. A baby is not part of a woman's body.. A baby is it's own person. It has it's own heart beat .. Its own unique DNA and it's own blood type. I am all for free speech..Say what evert the fuck you want.. But know this.. If your pro abortion your pro fucking baby killer.. Get fucked.

  9. Abortion is murder! Life is sacred. Its not the womens body you evil scum, its the babies body aswell. This kind of stuff reminds me why i unsubbed a long while ago.

  10. You bunch of morons all of you are morons abortion is murder end of story if you don't want to get pregnant stop partying

  11. “Birth Control and abortion are turning out to be the great eugenic advances of our time.”

    – Frederick Osborn, founding member of the American Eugenics Society (which later morphed into the Population Council, a group set up by John D. Rockefeller III)

    "The campaign for birth control is not merely of eugenic value, but is practically identical with the final aims of eugenics."

    – Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood

    "It will be important for UNESCO to see that the eugenic problem is examined with the greatest care, and that the public mind is informed of the issues at stake so that much that now is unthinkable may at least become thinkable."

    – Julian Huxley, First Director of UNESCO; Founder of the World Wildlife Fund

  12. This is the beauty of living in a federalist system. I think states should absolutely have the right to vote a law like the heartbeat bill from Georgia into law.

    I think the federal government should have way less power, and states and localities should be able to do as they wish to a degree.

    Just as states should be able to legalize marijuana.

    If you want to live in a place with more conservative laws, go for it. If you want to live in a place that is way more liberal, go for it.

    The country is basically split down the middle on this, and I think it is a way for everyone to get along.

  13. So in Jimmy Dores world killing children and having tax money to indoctrinate children in government education camps is a moral equivalent? Wtf modern liberals are insane

  14. If men have no say in abortion. Then we shouldn’t be held to pay child support. Let’s be consistent people.

  15. I usually like Jimmy Dore, but this time he lost me in the first 10 seconds, with the mindless BS that everyone says about abortion. Alabama has poor education, so they should let people kill babies? If Alabama had the best education in the country, then could they decide not to let people kill babies in their state? The two things don't have anything to do with each other.

  16. Jimmy…maybe do some research on what the abortionists have been doing…covering for pimps and human traffickers..organ harvesting…etc…Roe vs Wade is not Constitutional….and Ms Roe never wanted the law passed….states have a right to control their murder laws it has never been about federal government controlling laws of states…10 the amendment

  17. Would it have been any different were it 25 black men 'telling women what they can do' with their bodies? Would it be different if it had been 25 women? Unfortunately pathetic Jimmy…..I try to expect more from you. You're beginning to seem dumb.

  18. The bill was co written by a woman, jimmy..I like you man..I dont always agree with you politically but dont make fun of the south dude..that's such a cliche..conservative folks tend to vote for pro life candidates..I dont know what about that is puzzling to you..and do me a and let can have Virginia's Gov that things post birth abortion is ok, and we'll keep our Gov that's pro

  19. I think their problem with this is they know they will be collecting tax dollars from the abortions, making them feel like they’re directly inheriting from abortions..

    Maybe the solution is to stop taxing fucking everything.

  20. Abortion in russia is actually legal, and still the rates of abortion is falling like crazy… Maybe because they educate their people more, or act less strict and in power of their reproductive system

  21. Haley Barbour is truly one of Mike McCraes greatest impersonations. It's sad there's so few opportunities to bring it out these days.

  22. With all the rhetoric, jokes, virtue signalling, and attempts at intellectual superiority, there are a few facts which need to be looked squarely in the face:
    Female children are more likely to be "terminated", locally and globally, than males.
    Mothers suffer lifelong negative effects from having abortions which have been documented in "Aborted Women: Silent No More" and other publications.
    Abortion has been devastating to African Americans, whose political leaders have moved them into the religion of Margaret Sanger. Find some Candace Owens vids on the subject. DemoKKKrats have unlocked the magic formula of combining genocide with suicide. Lynching, by contrast, was totally amateur. 100 year old southern males who used to prance about in bedsheets no longer need viagra. A dream has come true for true White Supremacists.
    The New York legislature gave themselves a standing ovation for legalizing late term abortions and de facto infanticide. Strangely, their law does not even require a physician to do the murder. Huh. I guess women's health concerns take a back seat to their "reproductive rights". In NYC, the black population has no dropped below zpg. 2 babies killed for every baby born, if you are black, and living in the bosom of Liberal, Democrat, Inclusive…New York. Nicely done. And then accuse pro life Trump of being a racist…Very nicely done!

  23. So a mentally deranged,HIV infected,+ other STDs etc rapes a woman and she HAS to carry it to birth.Time to leave Alabama

  24. Because babies are worthless, have less value than animals, and are called "it" and "something" ,without a say in things, and its way easier to own a chicken or cat and go on with your life.

  25. Any of the avid followers of the zeitgeist Jimmy dore, are these comedy sketches or an actual political commentary ?

  26. Maybe if my state of NY didn’t go full blown baby murder at 40 weeks of pregnancy…this would not have begun to SPIRAL. Some times the extremes on the debate lead to the middle ground, but denying rape and incest is not only extreme…IT IS INSANE.

  27. I think the left went waaay to far w/ full- term, after birth, no ?? asked, abortions. Which pushed the right waay to far. The rest, want common sense law & stuck w/o it cuz of the loud mouths on either end.

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