Community Advocates Speak Out After Newborn Baby Found Dead In Trashcan At Irving Applebee's

back to our top story now Irving Police are trying to track down the woman they say tossed her newborn baby in the trash it happened just before 5:00 yesterday afternoon at the Applebee's on North Beltline Road near 183 Arianna Gavino is live there now you all know what our community advocates saying about this Robbi moments ago we just spoke to a woman who has made it her life's mission to let mothers in difficult situations to know about safe legal options and police say what happened here at this Applebee's was avoidable police say a woman gave birth inside the bathroom put the baby in a trash can and then left we are told employees found the deceased newborn while cleaning in the restroom we did speak to an advocate Patsy sunny and she tells us that since 1999 Texas is safe haven law has allowed mothers to voluntarily surrender babies that are less than two months old at a hospital or a fire station without facing charges now Apple be sent as a statement that says in part we are deeply saddened by this incident and we are working with law enforcement to support their investigation meanwhile police tell us today they are still searching still trying to figure out what exactly happened and most importantly still trying to find the mother Robbie

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  1. Oh,my God, Who's dead baby is it?I have never been to Applebees ! If anyone ever finds the coprate ,better tell why that baby is in the trashcan! Babies are NOT trash, they are born HUMAN BEINGS !!!😡💀🔫🖕

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