Complete Care at The Valley Hospital's Center for Childbirth

I had a wonderful experience here, from the time I walked through the doors until the time I left. I just felt like I needed to come back and visit the all the nurses. They were so nice and so good. I love them. For a first time mommy, you don't know what to expect, and they just make you feel so much better. My goal with my patients is to make their OB experience as wonderful as possible, to bring your baby into the world, which is an exciting time. And I just want them to have a really incredible birth experience. At Valley Hospital, we do actually give comprehensive, excellent care to the patient. We provide whatever they need. They ask, and they can get it. I can tell you that. Emotional help, holistic help, nursing care, whatever they need, they have it. The OB anesthesia department here is top notch. I have never worked with a group that was both more talented in terms of administering anesthesia and also more supportive of the patients. I have never heard about the patient needing to be transferred because we can not offer here the care that they need. It's like a one-stop shop is very important for us to know that we don't have to run to go to another place. Everything is here. In my own experience, I had my last two children here in the hospital, and that's what promoted me to go back to school to become a nurse, because I love The Valley Hospital so much. We are very attuned to the patients' psychological as well as physical entity. It's not just about the delivery itself. It's not just about the birth. It's about the person, about the human being. I chose Valley, because they're wonderful. They call it the Hilton, and it felt like the Hilton. I didn't want to leave. Here at Valley, we want to involve everybody. This hospital really could accommodate anyone that the patient wants to be involved with their birthing experience. We are with the patients almost all the time. So, like every two minutes, we go in there, "Do you need something? Can I do something for you?" That's exactly what it is. It's complete care. We sit. We give them time. We don't rush. We tell them that we have the time, "Is there anything else we can do for you?" We don't want to be standing there and then we're out the door. We sit and we talk with them, and we teach them. I felt like they were friends. I didn't feel like they were nurses. I felt like they were friends talking with friends.

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