Connecting my BALLS to a Childbirth Pain Simulator | Bodybuilder VS Pregnancy Simulation Challenge

nips are like the source of my strength you know oh so last time you guys thought I could have put this pregnancy simulator on my balls well you're wrong my balls are the strongest muscle in my body to remind you guys what this pregnancy simulator does it basically sends electric currents into your muscles it makes you contract or whatever muscle it's touching you see so right now check this out I'm not doing that that's not that's not me you see that the problem is my muscles aren't insanely strong so my contraction is way stronger than your contraction I can track so hard it's crazy you don't even understand how hard I can track so the idea is we're gonna put this on my nutsack there's gotta be as like close to as a pain a woman could feel right where they're giving birth so we're gonna put these on my balls and we're gonna see what's gonna happen this pregnancy simulator there are ten power levels and as you get higher in the power levels it sends more electricity into your muscles so we're gonna test this on my glutes first before it goes into my ball sack okay we're gonna crank it up right now actually it hurts why is it so fast what is this no one just vine like see so now you know the power of the glutes the thing is my nuts are stronger hey you guys want to buy the sweet pregnancy simulator well guess what it's not that Houston Jones Amazon shop and everything you buy from there really helps me out and honestly I really need a lot of help right now all right do you see the power level intensity it's at zero the goal is to make it to ten I don't know if I can actually happen but the good thing is my nuts are the strength in the center of my entire being my entire body so if anything can take this much electricity and power it's my nutsack hey guys it's me Houston and I'm just popping in to remind you if you enjoy watching the video you should like in the videos and also turn on post notifications if you haven't already because YouTube is broken and if you don't do that you won't begin the videos and last but not least make sure you join the game squad on patreon or get awesome behind-the-scenes content thanks so we got one of the pads stuck to my nuts one on each side and the other ones up to my stomach so electricity will go through it all and I'll just contract so if there's any pain for a male that compares for a woman giving birth it is this right here let's do it you see anything happening well I can't see inside your shorts but I imagine this whole I feel like I have an alias about a pop out of my stomach do it my balls are so strong they feel nothing but my stomach it's up the power a little bit so as you can see I feel no pain at all so any woman that complains about pregnancy it has no complaint now cuz me at all you see I have experienced the strongest pain in the universe pregnancy and birth and as you can see I'm unaffected by the pregnancy that's in my balls a couple days later now and I look back on the footage that we filmed and I realized Houston you really wimped out yeah you didn't give it your all okay and I always want to give my all for you guys so I put all four pads on my genitals now just all all the genitals and nothing else as you can see the chords just just go straight to here you know and instead of me controlling it having the power I'm gonna bestow the power to the cameraman Garrett give me your best stop stop stop oh my god what was that don't break it all the way up to Ted right away my penis oh and how strong is it now can we give me 10 come on the tip of my peen it's like Oh alright the next thing we decided to try is to have one of the pads on my nuts and the other pad on my cheek so we're going from strongest muscle a to strongest muscle be my head you know I've got so much power in this had so much strength and knowledge so my guess is it's gonna destroy the machine go ahead Garrett give me your best so good news everyone with the power of the scientific method we figured out that hey you can counter lift these things apart a little bit so now I don't got to be crunched down into a ball let's try this again one on the nuts and once on the face I felt like I was getting a little like a little botany dude I just wanted to hit you with everything oh I just felt it all on my face dude like my nuts bounced it bounced off my nuts came back up to my head give me your give me your best shot nips are like the source of my strength you know Oh turn it off thank you guys all for watching this video as you could see I clearly felt nothing at all it's crazy really how invincible I am you know because it's so like no other person could do the things I do it's like really if you know I haven't had a superhero movie made about me yet I need to make one they need to make one soon because like it's impressive what I do you know no one else does what I do and that is where something to be noticed so you guys you need to like the video please really like the video because I need the lights also please share the video literally if you don't share the video I'm gonna cry and it really hurts my god sorry about that this thing clearly malfunctioned shorted out or something make sure you comment down below what you want to see next on body builder vs or bro labs and of course if you haven't already make sure you subscribe and last but not least take you to the patrons that make this thing possible cuz without you guys couldn't be doing this I'll see you next one peace

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  2. Dude more speedos lol but how about being covered in super glue or something like that and having it ripped off? Or deep heat on your nuts

  3. Lmfao loved it..specially the ending when u take them off ur balls directly to your face…ball juices all over the face….bahaha

  4. On other videos you say "any ideas for the channel you should try?" You VS cushions first one to finish 2 larger pizzas. While getting tased anywhere every minute for 10 seconds. Until the pizzas are gone. First one done wins, loser has to get their tounge tased for 10 seconds for ever slice of a small loser pizza for the pushiment then maced and tased on the last slice of the loser pie.. That's if they don't puke first lol. Just an idea besides that, you're killing it with each video. Keep up the good work Huston.

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