Contact with LAPD Outside an FPAMG Abortion Clinic

all that time we were waiting for him to come and I heard he's been here five weeks yeah Wow yeah before you know you're in a blink he's gonna be six and he's gonna be 12 there's gonna be 18 I hope I live long enough to see all that yeah we've done the cops you and your new Dodge those are nice cars boredom good good morning like disturbing people you're the right to your opinion you know right to say which one then it's an issue and we're not doing that and we're not doing okay we're calling out to people as they're walking in and talking to them and we can help them we have a price pregnancy center cross but we're not yelling and screaming we we videotape everything because we expect calls like this so did you hear what I said I did okay so if you're yelling at someone in a parking lot and it's bothering them yeah that's why we're here okay that's that's not against the law and I understand you have a right to say what say yeah I did say that right yes ma'am and I'll have fun with you being here you're a public sidewalk actually need to be on the sidewalk net in the driveway cuz it's a wall we just walk across it yeah okay do you understand I'm saying I do yeah okay because the second time that we come here then it's an issue and I don't want to have to take you guys away from what you want to mm-hmm protest you guys have a right well and and the Constitution clearly holds it there is no there is no veto because someone doesn't if you're disturbing someone's peace that is against the law right and my job isn't to enforce the law I understand I understand I'm tired LA County Sheriff dick okay right so and I'm not and this isn't a 415 situation this is a this is a right of free speech situation bothers somebody it is a yeah you know the fact that bothered by what I'm saying doesn't mean I'm violating the law however if they come out here and they called me and they gave real good descriptors of who was doing oh yeah we're here all the courts of the thing that we're making is that you are entire to do what you do like I said they put work like aggressive yeah well we have the video so no but you gotta remember video doesn't I'm not here about to watch about he needs to drive out I'm not here about the video I'm just like I said we've been down this road before right many times yeah you know what you guys know what's being respectful healthy mindful unless people that the word they use in the cameras will being aggressive that that's that's objective if that person thinks have been intimidated by that person have to understand you call they come ya know the drill cameras know you guys plant it to safeguard yourself yeah absolutely yeah well like I said be mindful of that yep we will sounds good to me sir here to preach the gospel and save lives yeah yes yeah we expected yeah you're doing what you're doing what you're supposed to do wait we have no certainly we have no beef with you for coming none at all last name is MIA no mi eena okay mi amo first name is Tony all right you too thank you be safe we haven't dealt with those two before I don't think no well now they're not working out of just mission station how are they oh they can that's why things are anywhere huh oh and people from West Valley they're Kong people from Foothill it doesn't matter you don't have to be a mission so do the folks in the white lady's in the white car go go in I just talked to him yeah right in front uh actually yeah no that's great I'm glad you did that in a little example cuz it yeah exactly that was that was great that was great that was great they had it a little wrong though you can't upset someone yes we can yes yep because everybody gets it do you think anybody's gonna be happy with what we're doing and the driveway isn't their property the drive the driveway is not their property no those are the first officers that have said that you want to live you

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