Coping After A Miscarriage I Zita West Talks To Mothercare

Dealing with miscarriage is very
difficult for so many women. It’s far more common than you think, and I’m sure once you’ve had a miscarriage and you talked about it to your friends
you very often find that you’re not alone there are many people
that suffer as well. Dealing with miscarriage is an
individual approach, some women take it very
badly, other women recover far more quickly. If
you’ve had one miscarriage that is common if you’ve had three
miscarriages then then maybe underlying medical
factors so you need to go and see your GP and get further medical tests. But again
there is a lot of help available. There’s a miscarriage support society,
you’ve got your GP, if you’re not coping look at counseling.
But also look at other factors that can help you that will make you proactive; such as
taking vitamins and minerals, looking at your diet, looking at ways
that you can distress. Starting to try again for a
baby when you’ve had a miscarriage can be
quite frightening because a lot of women lose their confidence once they have had a miscarriage. Again its a purely individual thing, and it depends on the type a miscarriage
you have, how you cope emotionally, psychologically, and also whether there
are any underlying medical problems, which you need to be tested for
you need to get results so you might have to wait because of that. But age is the biggest
impact on successfully carrying a baby and
miscarriages are far more common the old you are.

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