Coping with Anxiety and Depression During Pregnancy

Today, we’re talking about perinatal mood
and anxiety disorders. We usually think of pregnancy and the time when we bring
the baby home as a really happy time and it is for most women, but for about one in
five women this is a time that’s really challenging because they are starting to
experience symptoms of depression or symptoms of anxiety. It’s important to
recognize that this does not mean that you’re a bad mom, but in fact, this is one
of the number-one complications of pregnancy and happens to a lot of women.
For depression, it’s usually something that is experienced as sadness that
lasts for days not just for brief moments in time. Also, you can experience
feeling things that usually are joyful are no longer joyful. You don’t enjoy
doing the things you normally like doing. You might have trouble sleeping. You
might not have any appetite and you might experience profound fatigue. The
great news is that we have really good treatments for depression both during
pregnancy and after that include talking to a therapist or a counselor and
talking to your obstetrician who can provide medicine if that’s what’s best
for you and your baby. About the same number of women also experience anxiety.
That can mean excessive worry, worrying about everything under the sun,
or it could be very specific fears that you have like fears of harm coming to
your baby which happen to a lot of women. Anxiety can be really
debilitating for some women and can even include symptoms of obsessive-compulsive
disorder. Those include obsessions which are recurrent thoughts that you
can’t get out of your head, things like fearing germs or fearing
that you’re going to be contaminated if you touch things.
Those are often followed by behaviors that we call compulsions that
you do to try to make those fears go away so for some people that’s washing
their hands excessively or cleaning the house over and over again. While a lot of
people experience anxiety normally, when it gets to really interfere with your
daily life, it’s something that you should seek help for. Now a lot of women
that I talk to who have been experiencing symptoms of depression or
symptoms of anxiety tell me that they actually started during their pregnancy
but they didn’t feel comfortable telling anybody. What we really want to let
people know is that these are very common and it doesn’t mean that you’re
losing your mind. It just means that physiologically something is happening
in your body that happens to a lot of pregnant women or women after they have
a baby and that is causing your brain to not function the way it does normally,
so we would encourage everyone who is experiencing these symptoms to talk to
your family about it. Talk to your doctor about it and to feel comfortable getting
help because the good news is that when women do get help for these symptoms, not
only do they feel better, they tell me that they also interact with their
babies in a much more enjoyable way. We know that that helps the infants
develop better over time.

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  2. So does that affect your baby in the womb they wont grow up to be like that right bc its like u are what u eat u vecome what u eat so if u feel sad does baby feel that like depression and sadness they wont grow up to be like that right?

  3. I feel so stressed now on my pregnancy.. I feel like so down and depressed.. I have no apetite.. I feel like no one I can talk to..

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  7. I'm 7 weeks pregnant. I'm totally stressed and under depression cause I've unsolved health issues for more than 5 years. I fear of everything. Sometimes I even feel like attempting suicide. My doc prescribed me luvox 50mg but it makes me more worried when everyone says it will effect my baby.

  8. I've been depressed since I was 14, I'm 20 now and I'm 12 weeks pregnant. Sometimes im fine, but other times like today I feel sad and tired.

  9. Am 8 weeks pregnant an very depressed an its my fourth child but the only thing is that my last child is 5 years old an i didn't want any more kids an here i am on my 4th i feel so stress like am losing my mind so unhappy sometimes i just want to die please pray for me

  10. I'm 16 weeks pregnant right now. I told my doctor about my depression symptoms and she told me to say "thank you progesterone for keeping my baby safe". Obviously I'm switching doctors but I really feel for the women in my area who don't have access to transportation to a different doctor in the next town over.

  11. How fo i get my pregnant depressed wife this see she needs help. She’s clearly depressed but I can’t get through to her. I don’t know what to do

  12. This is my 2nd pregnancy. I have bipolar depression, PTSD, fibromyalgia, generalized anxiety disorder and agoraphobia pregnancy just enhances all these. I'm on meds to therapy eat healthy workout meditate I can go on and on, but some day all I can do is cry. I'm planning a meds tapering and am anxious as hell. Thanks for this vid in letting people like me know were not alone. 🙏

  13. i am 7 months pregnant with a twin.. I am really stressed out. I kept on crying. I want to know solutions. I feel like I am endangering my children by being stressed out.. I also tend to not eat or drink my vitamins..

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