Coping with C-Section Pain: CT Scan Results

hey it is Monday night and I know on Friday I mentioned on IG that I would be in facebook I think that I would be basically discussing what happened with my CT results I apologize from talking with meelo and everyone is sleeping and there was the only time that I have hands feet here probably hear something like lullaby soft background music and my pop – ah me working mommy you have to get in what do you fit him so I figured I'd come and talk to you guys man and add on to the vlog for from Sunday that was kind of short um this right here I don't know what happened I think I really sharp blonde males and their girls got that for me so I think I have a lot of skin tags I think it's a hereditary thing if I notice on my mom's side of the family but I think I like did that I kind of cut like the skin tire or something like that and that's why the pan eight is on here there's no hickey or anything like that so when you do I'm I get my results I got a call from my general surgeon that's why when to I'm not my general something but a general surgeon just to basically get an idea of what to expect what's going on so I had a CT abdomen pelvis with him without contrast and it was IV contrast and oral contrast that girl contract she was literally 16 or 15 yeah worth of like three bottles worth of the barium drink oh this lemon line Oh horrible I think think I was gonna make em you have to drink all that within an hour and then you have IV contrast which maybe I'll inject the video the videos look like probably inject look exactly what I drink and being dead from that I had to have what's going to be shoot I screamed I literally screamed when they injected the oral contrast no the IV Congress because the pressure that in chief that was just unbearable to me it was so painful and then you felt this overarm sensation like you Lilly you about the peel over yourself so I have the cat scan done and then I got the results about a week later I got it was over the phone I didn't think I'd have time to really go into the office which ended up happening cause I was exhausted and so with that being said I basically let me know that at it I'm the local hernia which I really know how to explain that so just just do a quick about having biblical hernia was just like kind of like impeding on the incision area and I have like adhesions which is I guess scarring from the c-section from the incision so they have to they're suggesting that I do a laparoscopy – I guess repair their hernia and also to remove some of that scar tissue that's there basically once I heard that I kind of just shut down I'm like I have absolutely desire whatsoever to have another surgery I've had those surgeries in my life when different things you know for different different things in my lives like I don't have any desire whatsoever to do one but the fact that this whole situation the pain that I'm dealing with on a day to day diseases where it has been debilitating multiple times more than I would like it to be and I have affected the quality of life for me that's what makes me really concern it but I'm definitely going to get another opinion at some point I could go to another special another general surgeon cuz I wouldn't want that particular physician to do it I felt like his bedside manner at my initial point I was just like a little boom boom boom go get a CT but not really like was something I don't feel like I was being heard or listened to and I'm a huge I have to get for myself so I feel like the vibe isn't right like you're just like all right any night and now I gotta get I gotta get you in and I was in the office I can make money type of thing that's not for me so I rather go to someone else and get you know their opinion I'm not that sick thing his opinion is invalid but I don't know I'm not gonna pay you I don't feel comfortable paying you I just don't like the vibe so my guess is he with that being said that's something we're gonna I'm considering maybe later on you know this summer I this year with that type of surgery I needs to be out for at least I say you can be up and added to the three days later but knowing me I was zero pain tolerance so at least probably a week out and then whatever read you can't do any lifting up over ten pounds for several weeks so that's another reason why it's kind of just urgent because I wouldn't be able to like really take care of girls like it would be difficult now it'd definitely be hard on me emotionally for sure not to me what's like lift them and hold them in the way that I would like yeah that's hard yeah it's a lot to consider at this point and I'm sorry to get to it in my previous video just add so much concept than that I didn't want I just add on to it and I want to make sure I had a clarity and time again I apologize if yes this beautiful spectral pump in the background vibrating but again working on me so wish me luck I would love you prayers and if you know someone who's had this procedure done the umbilical hernia repair or laparoscopy or having scar tissue remover from any sort of surgery please comment below let me know what your recovery was like I just I don't know that's just not something that it's something that I kind of thought could possibly happen but I let it go further and further and further my mind I didn't vote to accept without added the house option but unfortunately it is maybe this will be in a separate video I don't know I'm looking at the time so it might be a whole separate videos he what anything does but yeah have a good night until next time I hold off forget to hit that like button and that subscribe button share comment below Instagram Facebook Twitter confessions over spy my mom at aspiring mommy on Twitter bye

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  1. I hope you get better. I had a laparoscopic surgery, to remove fibroids, which turned into a myomectomy (spelling maybe wrong). I was down for a week and then slowly got back to normal.

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