Coping with Postpartum Depression. Where have we been?

yeah get it you're trying oh you've got it are we are you rolling yeah it's recording alright guys so it has been wolf gosh like a million years 1.2 million years since the last we since last we were seen oh my gosh alright so for those of you who followed us previously you probably have been wondering what the heck's been going on it has been pretty intensely busy for us it's true and if you guys want to know all the details feel free to feel free to ask and we'll and we'll get into the nitty-gritty of it but the main gist is I took a new job at the beginning of the year and that job ended up taking up a lot of time too much time it was so just to kind of give you guys a little rundown of how bad it was he was working there for a little bit he was working five which is fine five days a week is fine but even sometimes six days a week with only one day off and he would be gone a lot of times from like 1:00 1:30 in the afternoon and he wouldn't get home until like 1:30 to 2:30 in the morning yeah it was it was intense and the short and sweet of it is is I gave it my best shot but due to some due to some other circumstances outside of just the amount of time that I was there it just wasn't a very good fit and so I have since left that position and I'm going to be looking for something that's a better long-term fit for for myself and for the family but because of that you know she she was having to spend a lot of time dedicating a lot of times taking TJ and and vlogging just didn't really fit into that very well know if for multiple reasons I mean obviously you know when you're trying to run roll the camera and like you know see all the cute little things that he does if you don't have a free hand that's difficult but yeah I know I know say hi to everybody you were smiling keeps it keep smiling but cuz you're just being so cute just then and the camera missed it don't just stare at it but give me smile no he's more interested in you guys then then he is happy about it but yes like she's spending just all day every day just trying to take care of him because it's mean or first-time parents and it takes a lot of it takes a lot a lot of figuring figuring stuff out so we're sorry that we've been away for so long we're hopefully going to be back into the swing of getting with you guys more and keeping you up to date with our little family we do have a couple things to touch on today yeah I know we're going to touch on a couple of things today army bud one we are getting ready to take a family vacation to Florida so in two weeks we're very excited about that she's been working on her tanning I am still pasty white okay um I've been working on my tanning and this is fake so this is not sponsored but loving tan if you guys like to self tan or you want to be tan but you're afraid to like lay outside or lay in a bag it is a little expensive I think it was like forty dollars maybe not quite that much but it is a really good tanner also the tanned AF at Walmart is pretty decent but that's not sponsored that's really good tanning just plugging in just a little bit you guys are welcome but yeah so if she didn't work on her tan I'm still pasty white this guy were super excited about because we if you watched our most recent video that we posted the YouTube last night then you got to see that he has been in a pool before we know that he likes being in the water but we also know that he likes being liked being outside so we're really excited to be in an outdoor pool area get him a chance to be around his uh around his grandma and grandpa a little bit and it's just gonna be a really fun time he's gonna he's we're really excited about they're really the only thing that we're not excited about is the fact that it's like it's it's a nine and a half hour drive from one from where we're at not to mention all like the stops and stuff that we have to make so that's gonna be but we did get something in the mail ty no we got something in the mail today that we're gonna unbox for you guys again not sponsored on just something that we are just something that we think might make our job of hauling him hauling him down to Florida just to touch easier we got this idea or she got this idea play off of one of your mom groups on Facebook no you know I you know what it was um so I was over at my mother-in-law's house his mom's house and um grandpa brought up one of those battery-operated fans that's true it's the water out at you gotcha and so I we got this because it's a fan and I'm gonna joke to you guys but I got it because he does not like to be hot at all um and being in Florida it's hot she's so strong I'll show you that she's been working out and so I'm hoping that this I'm hoping that will help keep him cool because you can clip it on like a car seat you can clip it to a stroller you can clip it to a desk but also he just sleeps better when he has a fan on him and he he's very sleepy he just woke up from a nap but it wasn't very long now so we're kind of hoping that maybe he'll realize that he's still tired but he sleeps better when he has a fan blowing on him anyways also just for the noise things the flight noise of it so we're hoping that this will help keep them cool in the car seat while also providing the noise that she's used to now I don't know if this thing is this is the lowest setting and even just like right here on this lowest setting it's putting out a decent little amount of air and then what's the next setting up it's a lot air and it makes a decent little noise and I think that's the highest the highest setting the the video that they have or one of the videos that we watched as a product review had it a 20 ounce a 20 ounce pop bottle that I think was like half-full or something like that that that wind power just blew right over so it's it's a nice little nice little fan and it's rechargeable so yeah it's so you can you can get air going any which away but I did just realize we won't be able to keep this on the highest setting like his face is you can't breathe ah that's fine see that's fine that feels pretty good throw it in there but well yeah so anyway that's your really oh yeah you can't breathe they're all candy but that's mm-hmm making your eyes water and everything he's Kegel so we'll have to either keep it on the first or second setting unless we find a way to clip it to where it's more going past him Hisle feats but I'd say we'll probably just keep it on the first or second set you know really reason why but yeah if you guys live somewhere where it's hot or wanna you know go to the gym minutes or even if you just work at a desk and you want a little bit of extra I got it on Amazon for like well I don't even think it's twenty dollars I think with toffler's and everything it was just I think it was like 17 bucks yeah that's good little famous put together pretty well as far as we can tell and so it comes with this nifty little USB port so it's got a yeah it's it is rechargeable so that's you don't have to change the batteries out you just recharge it yeah cool little product we're excited about it we also got him some some extra things to put on this car seat to kind of keep him entertained trying to do as much as possible so that when he's awake he's not you know bored and screaming at the top of his lungs so he's at that age now where he's really he's really enjoying the toys he he likes to reach for him and grab him and put him in his mouth so we got in just some toys to swap out so he's not looking at the same thing yeah we are going to have her little sister with us and she's gonna be in the back seat so that would be nice cuz you know having an extra set of hands never hurt anybody he still eats every three to four hours yeah um so it'll be nice you know we won't have to stop every single time he needs to eat I can just fix him a bottle real quick and pop to be on at me that's gonna make me on thank you yeah yeah can you smile real big they want to see you smile thank you thanks are you tuned on camera excuse me guys I am so sorry about his manners we are working on the on the toots so another exciting thing that I don't think you guys have got to see and we actually have to clean out his car which we're not taking his car Florida we're taking mine so that's something new um that will we're about to tell you about so I got a new car and so we're gonna be moving some golf clubs and stuff around in the car so what we will take you and show you my new car but very very exciting you were kind of got interrupted when we were telling you telling them about or were you doing I honestly don't remember well anyways I was spitting so part of it too as far as like why we just haven't really been filming also it's just because I don't want to suffer because I didn't suffer I did have some baby blues some postpartum depression and a lot of it was just because I am a very avid like I'm a very outgoing person I guess I'm a people person and so I was really just because we were only had the one car and with his crazy work schedule um we've been you know working since basically day one to get TJ on e somewhat of a routine which is going well yeah and he's just nude having and you know I didn't want to drag him out at 1:00 2:00 in the morning when he was sleeping and careful Karen it Baba oh okay sound like you had some sorry guys he was getting choked and you didn't tell me um anyways I believe we were down to one car and I am very much a people person so I was stuck at home and I didn't want to drag him out and about at 1:00 2:00 in the morning um so we went on Mother's Day and Tyler actually got me a car so that has helped and he's finally sleeping through the night are you okay so we are going to show you guys kind of what we do with him so oh all right so we hurt we swaddle him and sometimes we do this before we put him in the room or after but so pesticide wedges and I'll explain that in a minute but we just lay him down he's got a couple fans this little fox I don't know if you guys can hear it puts out a little heartbeat noise and a breathing noise and we just lay him down and then we walk away and so that's how we let him down there's a decent chance that he'll do a little bit of wining possibly even a little bit of crying and sometimes it takes him but he's getting real good putting himself to sleep and he's getting pretty good at putting himself back to sleep when he wakes up and he's like that just wasn't quite which is really nice from a parental perspective because that means that you kind of have enough cues to let you know that it's serious you know and enough cues when you like you know it's not serious you need like okay he's just fussing he let him do his own thing for a little bit until he starts escalating the situation is it work so it's been it's been really nice so far okay so as you guys kind of saw there he's got acid reflux and it's it's pretty bad and it's peaking right now because he is to the age now where his center the center of gravity is changing so he wants to be up more so he can look around and he's like kayln a lot more so he can play with this toys and stuff like that so that has kind of been what has made this whole thing so hard is because we didn't know that for a little bit and because of that he was also very colicky for a little bit so that on top of just you know some depression and you know the depression being exaggerated from being stuck at home that's why we have been missing for so long and I apologies also don't apologize because having a baby's heart and if you guys have babies you know this and if you're trying to get pregnant it's hard it's worth it but it's hard don't let anyone try and tell you that it's easy because it's not it is a full-time job and a half even Tyler and I who have I I you know not to like blow sunshine up anybody's butt or anything or you know blow smoke up and eat buddies but but me and Tyler have a very good relationship we we have a very good communication system in place and even just having TJ being first-time parents has it strains it from talking it does um nothing nothing I think we've only gotten in one like serious yeah I I would say that probably a decent amount of it is just like it's it's that feeling more like you're both tired and somebody will say something and because you're tired you take it in a way that the other person probably didn't mean and you know normally it's not a super big deal but because you're both so tired it can very quickly escalate into a you know well what the hell did I do to you sort of thing and the the biggest like fight we've had since was in the video if you if you haven't watched it go back and watch it but there's a clip where Tyler is in the pool with TJ well the day before that was our big fight and it was it was simply just because he was working so much and 12 10 12 hour shifts and he was coming or not tential of our ships he was just gone for 10 to 12 hours out of the day and he was you know by the time he was getting home I was exhausted a lot of the times I would have already been laid down for an hour to an idle always wake up when he comes through the door because I'm a light sleeper and turn around and at that time TJ was still waking up every two to three hours to eat really more like three hours to eat and I was just tired and you know I didn't want to wake Tyler up because he was exhausted too or sometimes I would try to wait Tyler up and he was just so dead to the world because he was so exhausted he didn't even know that I he would wake up in the morning be like oh my god TJ sleep through the night and I was like no I got up with him like three different times last night and he would just feel so bad and I wasn't communicating that with him I wasn't owning up to the fact that I needed more help and so we went we took a time out he actually ended up calling out of work and I can actually say this now cuz he you don't work there yeah he called out of work and we went up to Gatlinburg and when we came back we while we were up there he made the we kind of made the decision and he went forward and told his manager that he needed three days a week on even more time at home and so that was really nice for a little bit and then they started not being as busy as they anticipated so Tyler had to start working five days a weekend which is fine no big deal and it worked out great because about that time that's when TJ started sleeping more like four and five hours at a time and now he's pretty consistently sleeping like seven to nine hours which is fine because I just need six right to function yeah that's there's not a super whole lot going on right now you excited too excited to find a new job really excited about Florida obviously we'll have plenty of footage from Florida probably from the drive down let's drive down to because I mean even when you're an adult 9 to 11 hours in the cars mm-hmm can get pretty boring she's a heck of a DJ so that helps yeah I'm very I'm a fun person you do road trips what but that that's pretty much it we're gonna show you that we're probably gonna go time laughs I was cleaning the car but other than that we are back on lectures well he's not a lot much so I am back on letrozole for automation again I take the occasional letrozole because that's what all the cool kids do so we are kind of starting to try naturally just to see if it'll happen four chances are it's not going to we're gonna have to do it the transfer again but if it does happen naturally for us then we're gonna donate the last two eggs that we have you've seen seen if it gets escalated anyway always a pleasure to to spend time with y'all and we appreciate you spending time with us and like I said if there's any any part of our lives that you guys want more details on feel free to drop us a comment and let us know just you know this part of this part of your life that you bring the touched on in your video well we'll come back and we'll elaborate yeah didn't feel like giving you a 30 minute video with all the boring details so nope I we are gonna try and be a lot better about you know our day-to-day life and capturing that for you guys and letting you guys you know letting letting TJ grow up with you guys and letting you guys you know get to be a part of TJ growing up and us yeah I'm still growing up um he's not like rolling over or anything he's not even he's a giggled like a couple times here and there that's on the video that I posted the last video that I just posted he had a little bit of a giggle in there but you guys haven't other than just him growing so big you guys haven't really missed much of anything yet like I said his acid reflux was so bad I couldn't put him on his belly we have we've just now been able to start working on really doing some cutting time he had a flat head for a little bit that's why he has the side what just because I did tell you guys so he's got the pillow in the side wedges one because he can't roll it yet um not even close to rolling yet to because the doctor had recommended side wedges so that way we could like him on his left side because he favored his right and so we've also been taking him up to the chiropractor and he kind of works on that right side from time to time so he doesn't you know favorite and he also he adjusts tanana's that I assume it's a spine but it's to help keep his esophagus straight um anyways in turn it helps with the acid reflux something something something doctor facts it's actually how they laid it out for it they're basically just like I mean listen it's it's it's something something something doctor baby feels better yes oh it's really cool um and it's the chiropractor we go to it's dr. Elliott he's the only one I will let touch me he's the only one in I didn't pretty sure TJ's asleep um he's the only one I will like touch TJ and then he also has a pillow will you go grab that pillow so I can show them what it looks like since he's closer to the edge of the bed now yeah we have this nifty little pillow that you can lay bebe's on and it's to help thin it well it helps correct but it also helps prevent flatten so it looks like this and Tyler's little sister Madison is actually she's pregnant with a little girl her first her her first it's her first biological baby she has a almost seven year old stepson but this is her first like actual baby and I think I'm actually gonna pass this along to her if she uses it great if not that's okay too as long as you know we get it back for baby number two which we love but yeah that's it for the moment anyways we're gonna go clean out our car and finish getting all this crap ready for Florida using that giant duffel bag in the floor I'm on the struggle bus okay okay so you probably won't believe me but that duffle bag has Tyler a week's worth of clothes for Tyler a week's worth of clothes for me TJ's clothes swim diapers for TJ regular diapers for DJ wipes well uh no I don't think I put it I don't think I put bottles in there um here's a little like Mel clippers and stuff like that I might just put a little back together of stuff like that and or something else tape Oh burp rags and receiving blankets I'll fit in that diaper are all fit in that um duffel bag all right but it is a 2018 Nissan Rogue and I love it do you know if it's unlocked yes so there's the backseat yeah yeah we have this little mirror so that way we can see him it's really nice so it's it's got a touchscreen so like you make your calls and it will read you your text messages and when you go do like Google Maps or anything it will actually show your map up here it is a push start if you guys can see that it is an automatic I dunno how to drive a stick um but I did not want a stick shift and then let's see the truck itself open and it's also self closed so there's a button right here and when you push it it closes so it is super nice we have both enjoyed it so far so now we got to clean out his car because his car is in need of [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] we're done as fast now I'm gonna go feed him well you guys that's all I have for you it's all we have for you there's a lot to pack into a day oh wait I have one more big surprise for you guys we shave visit well they saw that earlier oh they did oh well crap cuz it's funny anyway that's all we have for you guys at least for today our kid just spent like 45 minutes fighting us on a nap and crying and I'm exhausted hungry hungry again thirsty so I think I'm just gonna sit back and do some editing and chill out for the rest of the night and we will bring you along with us tomorrow we've got like we've got a busy day tomorrow and Thursday I think tomorrow is mostly just perfect oh chiropractor and target target I know you guys like Target so don't even act like you're not excited because you know you want to go to Target with us so target is pretty great so that's what we're doing tomorrow um TJ staying with my mom so yeah anyways I we love you guys and be sure that if you haven't already to like this video and hit that subscribe button and be sure to share it with your friends and like I said subscribe because what we plan to do when we build up our family and stuff is we plan on helping you guys with your infant treatments and/or IVFs so make sure that you guys are liking and subscribing and sharing and stuff like that to help us grow our family are you to family so that way we can get back to you guys in return so we love you so much and we will see you guys tomorrow

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  1. Excited to see more vlogs! Congratulations on your new car!!! Your baby is so cute and chubby love the cheeks! ❤️

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