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  4. My IUI cost $250 and my insurance pays $0. The ovidrel is $95 and my insurance covers that and the progesterone is $100 and that is also covered by insurance. The monitoring along with the blood test for pregnancy and the ultrasounds are covered by the government. The tube test was also covered by the government. The sperm analysis was also covered by the government. The only part of have to pay for is the actual treatment.

  5. Here in az iui is $750 plus meds! And for the ivf it's $4,500 for regular ivf and for ivf with pgs testing it's $6,500
    I am in the process of iui the meds for me was about $600
    5 days of femara
    14 progesterone suppositories
    1 ovidrel inyection
    3 injections of gonal f
    And each of my ultrasounds are $200.00
    And my consultation was $200
    All we have paid out of pocket
    Tomorrow is my first iui!
    I hope it works!
    I hope God blesses you and me and all the woman out there ttc!
    And by the way you are right the tube check itself was $400
    And the semen analysis was free at the consultation and the progesterone blood work before procedure is $200 so It can be a lot every time we go it's a payment time lol I'm located in phx

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  7. $900 total out of pocket for complete IUI and IVf for first round, if you are eligible to use the bulk billing service here in our state in Australia (Primary IVF if anyone in OZ was interested) this includes everything, however if you need to treatment by the dr and it falls on a public holiday I think it was an additional $300. The ultra sounds before starting medication are free here, sperm test is $90 out of pocket. Blood tests were all free before starting medications. Private IVF clincs here total cost is around $10,000 so I have been told.

  8. My IUI cost $201.60. My insurance covered 67%. That covered everything except meds. Clomid was $18 ovidrel $86. Insurance didn't cover meds. IVF cost $20K insurance covers 0%

  9. We was just told Tuesday ivf would be about $17000.00. I did have the hsg in feb it was $850.00. We didn't talk to much about IUI so not sure about that. I have been looking in to ivf in Mexico its so much cheaper and I have read good things about it. Good luck!

  10. Hi! So we have done IUI two cycles. My insurance covers the ultrasounds but before my deductible kicked in I know my charge was $139 and I go on day 3 and day 12 and sometimes day 15. We only did letrozole which was about $10 from Costco without insurance. The washing of the sperm and the IUI are $360 for us. I know if we decide to go to injectables it’s going to be $700-1000 in meds depending and that may include the IUI I am not sure. When we lived in SoCal we had better options for IVF and cost, it was like $34,000 for 2 cycles. But now we are in Montana and it’s about $25,000 per cycle and that includes everything and PGD testing. If you live in a big city they sometime offer better payment plans. If we decide to go to Seattle, we could do a better payment plan but by the time we travel and stay in hotels for 2 weeks and time off work it’s not worth it!

  11. We’re still in the middle of our only round of IVF so far, prepping for a FET next week. Our insurance covered nothing so we paid out of pocket 100%. We did not want to charge anything or take out any loans, so like you guys, we took some time to save up.

    As for prices, we spent about $1,000 on testing and appointments prior to starting IVF. For our IVF round, we bundled our treatments and medications and received a discount for paying in cash. We paid just under $23,000 (around $4,000 was the price of meds). We did ICSI, PGS, and PGD which can really bump up the prices.

    What that price doesn’t include is all the acupuncture (1-2 week at $70 a session for 4 months), my husbands Clomid prescription ($140 a month because he’s on a high dose), or my supplements (around $100 or so a month).

    Our package covers us until after our first pregnancy test, then we’ll be paying per appointment again!

    It is EXPENSIVE! I’m happy with our choice to pay cash, even though it pushed us back a year. I think each additional transfer will be $2,000-3,000 plus a few hundred in meds. Hopefully this first one sticks! 🤞

  12. Hey girl! A lot of the costs seem to be close to what we were told. Except IUI is only gonna be 400$ ish plus medications.

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