Couple Opens Up to John About Their Struggles with In Vitro Fertilization | Book of John Gray | OWN

– We decided to do IVF
just because it was going to increase our chances. IVF, we’re in
it about $23,000. I’m working two jobs to pay
for that house, the student loan, the car payment. It’s rough. What’s hard about it is being
infertile, it’s devastating. Our whole process
started even before I met Justin, because my mom
had endometrial cancer. Being a fourth grader
whose mom had to have this emergency hysterectomy. And so from that day
on, I knew that I was going to have trouble. I really want to be a mom. And I know I’m a mom
now to Charlotte, but it’s like I want
that little brood following me like little ducks. Like little ducklings,
I know, exactly. I want it so bad. And so I pressured him. I think Allison and
Justin would benefit from a fresh perspective. When you are fighting
for something you think you should have,
it’s always good to assess what you do have. What if Charlotte
is your miracle? I’m not saying not to
believe for more and not to seek medical advice,
but don’t ignore the blessing that you have.

10 Replies to “Couple Opens Up to John About Their Struggles with In Vitro Fertilization | Book of John Gray | OWN”

  1. Well, it is their choice to ignore the blessing that they have. It's a freedom of expression. We can't control other's opinion, we can control ours!

  2. Godspeed them, non is impossible of God, Jesus, ask all of your heart and you will receive it,. even onto our modern times of today, the most our God is active,. wether science and technology,. Godbless to the couples and miraculously, they will be alright.👴

  3. I wish my husband and I could share were we are with our story with someone that is skilled and compassionate to give us a listening ear and Godly advice. Sigh

  4. John is right the mother is acting like they literally have no kids. Heck raising kids is stressful yeah have as many as u want but take it easy.

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