34 Replies to “Couple Try IVF Having Been On Waiting List For Two Years | Precious Babies | Series 1 Episode 1”

  1. I am so blessed to have 9 amazing healthy children. Glory to God. I cannot believe how much trouble other women go through to convince. I had all of them naturally. My kids are 31 30 29 28 26 24 22 21 and 9 years old. Glory to Jesus he blessed me so much. Hope the best for all women trying to have children.

  2. What happens to all the unwanted fertilized eggs? Do they get frozen and kept? Do couples give the fertilized eggs to other couples trying?

  3. My husband and I went through IVF after we tried to conceive naturally for more than three years, and we had success with our second round. We were in Kiev clinic Biotexcom. By the way they use only fresh material that is why they have higher success rate. Thus I can 100000% sure recommend you Amelia to contact with this clinic to gain proper service. They have very good references from the clients. I also liked that they can provide all facilities for the clients. There were proposed surrogacy program. We agreed. As a result of the program we had twins and had to pay additional money. We were not against twins. But I met in clinic couples that didn’t want twins categorically. Not so many people know that for example Indian doctors transfer large number of embryos at once. And we had “all inclusive” package with meals, accommodation and transfer. The most important is that we had guarantee result. Plus it is not necessary to have a visa for entering Ukraine. Also Kiev is very beautiful city.

  4. If anyone is interested here is the link to Louise Brown's (first test tube baby) webpage: https://www.louisejoybrown.com/

  5. Isn't it such bitter irony that there are so many accidents where the baby is unwanted, and then there are so many people who really want a baby and can't have one 🙁

  6. To see the couples so sad after a negative result is so heartbreaking even though I don't know these people! Jeez what an emotional roller-coaster!

  7. I think it so wrong as Lousie brown father had kids it should only be for people who do not have kids

  8. Going thru ivf myself I am feeling hopeless. I had 5 eggs retrieved and only two fertilized. I might not even make it to the embryo transfer. The progesterone injections are killing me with side effects. I’m trying to stay positive but I can’t. I wish I was one of those women who don’t want any kids.

  9. got 8 good ones this time as they wont begiven anymore nhs ivf only ever get 2 goes and that means the 6 good embryo's from first try will not be kept as had 6 last time put 2 in that left 4 but did not use this time as they dont keep them the nhs its wrong

  10. I have 2 sons 7 years apart. Oldest one natural conception younger one IVF. IVF ICSI due to husband low sperm count. Ive had 13 attempts 4 miscarriages. A big financial and emotional toll on me. Friends avoid you, ring and apologize that they are pregnant in case they upset you.

  11. I have completed 2 failed cycles one Ivf and the other fet. I wish everyone the best the pain emotionally and physically takes a toll.

  12. Am I missing something? What happened with Lindsay and Brian – when was their baby born, boy / girl?

  13. I love this channel and Im addicted to it!! I either love crying or else i dont know!! But there is one thing they said at the beginning that from my point of view is ABSOLUTELY WRONG, "those babies are more loved than the one conceived naturally by error or not really "wanted" ". I have thre kids and beside the first, the other two came out of the blue and so so loved just as much as my first, and as much as my sister loves her IVF baby. A mother loves a child no matter where he/she comes from, otherwise there would be no love in adopted babies.

  14. When was this documentary filmed ?!
    Because BHCG test (pregnancy test) now a days takes around half an hour to an hour to give results !!

  15. this documentary is very interesting. we have been doing ivf since oct last year and this is still so accurate

  16. Alistair needs to sort himself out to be a supportive spouse. He can't even physically be present for his wife Emma while she recovers? He's way too delicate. His wife is the one doing the IVF.

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