7 Replies to “Crazy Liberal Destroys Anti-Abortion Display”

  1. The irony is hilarious acting like trying to save as many babies lives as the anti-abortionist is doing and the college kid flips like this because he wants babies to be slaughtered when it should be the other way around. The united states should be going crazy trying to shut down planned parent hood everyone sits around when 50 million innocent babies are slaughtered during the American Holocaust

  2. Glad I was not there. This metrosexual foul mouthed libtard jackass would have been taught a lesson in manners and respect.

  3. He is angry, because he was trying to ignore the fact that fornication causes pregnancy. His outburst is a manifestation of the "ostrich problem," the human tendency to avoid information that causes negative feelings, often of guilt, that accompany being presented with reality. It's called the "ostrich problem," because it gives rise to the term "bury your head in the sand," as well as "ignorance is bliss." He got angry because he was trying to "bury his head in the sand" and the pro-life guy wouldn't let him.

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