50 Replies to “Crisis Pregnancy Centers: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)”

  1. Why is this even a Topic? in all other 250 countries like other places then america. They don't take away woman's rights, freedom of choice, force you into religious or political clinics. What is wrong with You! There more important things to ague about in politics. Trump, war crimes, corruption, school shootings, more money to the 1% or education instead of funding to the military. I could go on, but whatever. Again it blows my mind, how fucked up the US has become. Do yourself a favor america. get medicare for all and get rid of the privat sector. Then everything has to live under the same rules. Even the top 1%.

  2. LOL, HAHAHA…. You said carrying a Child to term!!! 9:00: min Proud for you to make light of killing Babies! Some things aren't a Joke! Piss Off

  3. You know it’s a serious topic few people know about when the audience is moaning more than it is laughing.

    Maybe not all CPCs are like this (I certainly hope not!) but the fact that some of them are means that this needs to be addressed and properly regulated.

  4. Its sad that even now the religious nuts want to force others to do what they want and not care about women or even the children. An want to act like abortions is just a evil needing a end. Never considering the fact that women who are rapped would be forced to raise the child that was the result of a crime. An if they argue that oh put that child up for adoption, that kid will show back up for answers guys and that will lead to trauma for both woman and child involved. What is also stopping that woman who is so grief stricken that she may actually kill the child after its born. You people seeking to end abortion are quite literally responsible for that kid being murdered. An its not a matter of if it would happen, but when, if roe v wad is overturned.

  5. I went to one of these in 2015. I thought it was just a resource center since I was young and scared. It wasn’t they were evil relentless people. They give you these little plastic figures they say are as big as your baby (they give the same 8 month figure for every single person no matter how far a long you are) they kept me there for almost three hours. After I left without answering a lot of questions and being physically blocked from leaving until I started crying and begging to be let out they sent me letters. They sent me letters to my house addresses to “the parents of” and my mom found out I was having a baby before I even got to tell her 🤷‍♀️ I had my son. I never even went for an abortion. I just wanted help.

  6. I believe women will die for their babies too, thats why im pro choice. I want a mother to choose what is best for her, so death doesn't become an option.

  7. rember to always look on the bright side of life and death and realize…. resistance is futile and our problems are made up. anything that is made up cand be un made. our problems will always be someone else's problems. People like drama. the world is balancing its self out with or with out u.

  8. problems: 1. if it doesn't benefit (_______) why would (_______)? 2. if it doesn't affect/effect (_____) why would (_______) care? 3.if it wasnt about (_______) why would (______) care? 4. if it wasn't (__) idea why would (_____) care? solutions: narcissism make it about (____) that you want to get on your side. not yelling or naging to get a point across which is proven many time over to fail. listen to the song Razzle Dazzle from Chicago in fact watch Chicago from start to finish spoilers two people get away with ……. all this will lead to the fact that no one is capable of being in charge of anything. that with great power comes great responsibilities. power corrupts absolutely. oh yeah, humans manufactured their own problems so why cant they manufacture solutions to the problems? Because people made up everything that is causing problems. our problems our stranger than fiction or possibly fiction. People created money from nothing to solve problems that money created. why do people write stories about heros and villans that create heros and villans? Because they write what the know and draw what they see. real life infulences art which influences real life which influences art and so on. until we realize plagiarism doesn't exist because real life influences art and art influnces real life. in real life we are trapped in a loop that is set on repeat. the years and people get older and die but the problems are forever young and imortal. like the constant loop of real life and art influencing eachother for eternity. our problems and solutions will be trapped in a loop for eternity. like snake that swallows its own tale. in a nutshell there is nothing we can do about the problems in society because they were never ment to be solved only observed.

  9. Barbara’s creepy as fuck. 😨😨😨 And from the catholic priest, unsurprisingly. All this creepy laughter…🤮🤮🤮

  10. I wonder why pro-choice advocates aren't picketing and bombing these "crisis centers?" Oh yeah, pro-choice people aren't batshit crazy.

  11. It would be helpful to know how many "Christians" had abortions as a result of having sexual relations and/or assault with prominent Evangelical leaders? Not counting the gay ones (Ted Haggard and Rory Coyle), there's Jim Bakker, Bill Gothard, Tony Alamo, Bob Coy, Doug Phillips, Jimmy Swaggart and Mike Hintz. This list is probably the tip of the iceberg, truth be told. The latest member to be added under the heading of Evangelical leader is none other than Donald Trump, yes president Trump. Trump, being the business "genius" he claims to be, figured out early on the net cost benefit of child support v. tax deduction v. abortion. Here's the math for home-schooled "Christians." Raising a child to age 18=~$233.610; tax deduction to age 18= ~$36,000; abortion $~600. Even Donald Trump figured this out on his own. These "leaders" definitely hide behind the curtain of protected information, but if the entire truth were told, would it surprise you? Not me.

  12. This entire video is full of lies from John Oliver. Why is it wrong to convince people not to get an abortion, if it’s alright to coerce people into it?

  13. 11:23
    there is nothing „very responsible“ about doing drugs and alcohol during a pregnancy and then wanting to abort the baby.
    There isn’t anything „very responsible“ about doing drugs and alcohol when having three children already.
    Heck, there isn’t anything „very responsible“ about doing drugs and alcohol at all.

  14. So cpcs argue against contraception as a means to prevent pregnancy. Then they judge women. Fun fact: if you are only having sex for procreation you may only have sex once maybe twice in your life. Total. Even while married.

  15. Actually I think I might have called one of these places in Australia when I thought I was pregnant. Cunt on the other end told me abortion is a life long decision to which I told her so is having a child if she hasn’t realise yet. She told me there are places that offer free clothing and diapers if I ever have the baby. To which I told her I want to drive a Ferrari some day and drink all day long not let some thing mooch off of me. And I think I broke her script after that coz she just shut up and I believe I hung up shortly after and complain about it to some one else.

  16. That creepy guy with the van looks just like my local political representative who just introduced an anti abortion bill.

  17. Bottom line: WOMEN ARE HUMAN AND SHOULD BE ABLE TO DECIDE WHAT HAPPENS TO THEIR BODIES. Without the interference of zealots who forget that the Bible says they aren’t God and don’t have a right to judge others and lie to them. If someone’s choice does not affect you directly, it’s not your business unless they make you part of it themselves.

  18. Wow, John, that priest wasn't 'talking down to women.' Well he was, but he wasn't. And saying that pro-lifers don't respect women as individuals is missing the point of their argument. (For all the assholes out there, I did not specify which side I was on. I know you will still insult me, so I'm putting my response up now).

  19. Live in Alabama. 2 violent rapes. One by a file member. One abortion. Hung myself in the garage. Don't regret abortion. Kind of regret I survived hanging. Please help. Almost finished degree but ptsd keeps acting up from severe systemic, intergenerational child abuse. Make peaceful assisted suicide easily accessible out of state. So much pain. So afraid. So tired. It's not the abortion. It's the FUCKING rapes and harassment.

  20. Everytime I see a frustrating social issue where the solutions seem obvious (contraception, better sex ed, etc..)I ask the same question: is this a problem we can solve, and is it a problem we want to solve?

  21. Yes because we obviously don't have any children in foster care who would need a parent. Let's just make more.

  22. Where do these people get off? Abortion is a personal choice, these retarded people infringing on our rights

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