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  1. I really wish you would pause and move your hand out of the way so we can see exactly what the Row looks like…..sometimes it gets very confusing what you say you are doing and it would help tremendously if you would just move your hand so we can see what you actually did and what the row/stitches are suppose to look like! But over all I enjoy your videos very much and have already made alot of this hats to donate to my local hospital! Would also love to see MORE hats for Baby Boys, as they all seem to be more suitable for Girls than Boys! One more thing, I thought this video was the Preemie size hat but at the end you said "7-9 lbs", that confused me! Would really like to see the "Printed Pattern' for ALL the Different sizes…..thank you.

  2. I made this. Think your diagram was confusing like once past the very confusing next 5 double etc it was easy. Preying it fits

  3. Love this pattern and thank you for the video!! Do you have an adult size pattern video for this anywhere, or instructions? Would love to use for chemo caps. 🙂

  4. What a fab tutorial!!I had to pause as you are a little quicker than me but very easy to follow….saving this and keeping for all future baby hats 👍💾

  5. I thought it was a good pace. It didn’t say for beginners so he went at a pace that any crocheter would be able to follow

  6. First, you spend way too much time explaining the diagram. I get it. The pink are the increases and they go between the double crochets in the clusters. An 18min video and you spent 5min of it explaining over and over and over. I had to skip forward because, quite frankly, it got annoying. Explain it, show your diagram then get to it and if you need to refer back, to show what you meant while you're doing it, that's great! But reiterating over and over and over is unnecessary, in my opinion.

    Second, this video keeps lagging for me. Did anyone else have this issue?

  7. I absolutely love Mikey's tutorials! Knit/ Crochet has been in my family for decades. I, however, have only just started learning. One of the first tutorial's I watched is this one. He is very informative and explains everything beautifully. In fact, I learned so much from his tutorial's, that I made my first baby sweater….my cousin loved it for his baby. Thank you! Please keep making videos.

  8. I did just as much tearing out as stitching. The first hurdle was getting 19 clusters. I kept getting 20 clusters. I figured out the the first cluster placement is where the confusion is. I really don't remember what I had to change to get 19 but eventually got there. There hat is easier once you get past that round of 19 clusters. I stopped at 4", did the round of single crochet, then added a last row of 2 double crochet in each stitch to create a ruffled edge. Also started the base with one color, built the hat with a second color, then created the ruffle with the first color. Just adorable!

  9. Feedback is good and should not be taken personally. That is my opinion. It is too fast even tho one can slow it down with settings. We have choices meaning there are many tutorials on U-tube channel who do a great teaching job.

  10. Please DON'T slow down! I'm so tired of videos that go soooo slow that I almost fall asleep. I'd rather pause to catch up than have to wait. I love these hats & as always, Mikey did a good job. The diagrams are confusing to me so I just skipped over that part, he could've left it out & been fine.

  11. Very good… I just learned how to crochet and I only have acN 9.00mm hook… so how do I figure out the pattern for that size hook? HELP!!!

  12. By the end of Row 4 you definitely end up with 20 clusters… give Mikey a break he didn't follow his own rule of counting the clusters before moving on lol … just carry on … 20 clusters is correct!
    Ignore the diagrams all together… they don't really help 'him help you learn how to do it' (min: 2.30) lol … they don't really matter …you just follow the steps he is taking in the video… if you think he is going too fast, pause the video to allow you time to follow each step.
    At the end you WILL end up with a cute little hat.
    Thank you Mikey for kindly sharing your tutorials and patterns with this confused and frustrated Crochet Crowd 🙂

  13. I just made this fairly quickly and got 20 clusters not 19. I continued on and the hat came out Beautiful. 💖🖒💯👏👏👏

  14. Cute!! I️ am using this pattern to donate red hats for Little Hats, Big Hearts 💕 thank you for the tutorial!

  15. Thanks Mikey! Just made my first hat in about an hour. Had to pause and rewind a few times, but overall your tutorial was easy to follow, and my finished hat looks great.

  16. around the 9:30 mark i think he switches what he's called the "between" and the "space"?? so fast and so confusing! easy pattern but not a great tutorial for beginners!

  17. Hi, I'm new to crochet. I am using Red Heart Soft. The yarn may be a little "finer" (worsted medium 4 )than the one you are demonstrating. Will that make a difference in the end result size? How can I compensate for it?

  18. Normally you have some wonderful tutorials, but this one really sucks. Not understanding what you're doing you're focusing on that diagram and not showing us what needs to be done. If you want us to learn how to do diagrams than make up tutorial on how to do just that. So since I cannot see what you were doing I have to give you a thumbs down on this video

  19. on round four I kept getting 20 clusters as u say to do 5 in last 5 gaps but on ur diagram u have done only 4, is it only 4 we do towards end

  20. I'm just trying to jump into crocheting after years of lying dormant and switching to knitting, and must say this is not a "beginner friendly" video although it was the top video that popped up for me when I searched those kinds of YouTube videos. Way too far away from the camera and way too fast 🙁

  21. Oh I am glad its wasn't just me too !! I kept getting 20 cluster stitches on round four. 😤 Otherwise not a bad video.

  22. Thanks for this tutorial, it was simple enough to follow as a beginner ^.^ I did have the 20 cluster thing happen with row 4 like the other people did but me being me I didn't want to re-do a whole row so I just removed the extra cluster and it fixed itself, no problem 🙂 hat turned out great 😀

  23. No offense, but I really don't like the diagram. It's really confusing for me in so many ways, and considering that I'm a beginner at this. I'm trying to make a hat for my nephew, but this is not going to work. I'm sorry, but maybe you could make a video without the diagram.

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