Crockpot Pear Applesauce | 15 Week Pregnancy

hello and welcome to fit for to TV my name is Martha thicken and my husband Brooke Perkin is filming and welcome to another episode and her baby series baby is the size of a pear this week week 15 you'd never guess it by looking at your belly well that's sexually the exciting thing about this week is that my belly is just starting to show a bump bump still feeling great I've lots of energy and still working out running just things are toned down just a little bit and today the recipe we're gonna do we're calling a spiced apple pear sauce this recipe is organic and vegan of course I'm using for pink lady apples for red Bartlett pears fresh lemon juice ground ginger ground cardamom seeds one stick of cinnamon and ground close oh and some brown sugar vanilla extract and a slow cooker traditional apple sauce has the skin of the apples removed and the pears of course but there are a lot of nutrients in the apples of the pear quota skins we're gonna leave it on and we also like our apple sauce / pear sauce chunky so I'm gonna cut larger pieces just a quick note if you'd like to keep this recipe raw then just put it right into the food processor blend it of course you want to use ground cinnamon but it is very cool here in Canada and we're both feeling something really warm all the spices on their own are warming to five teaspoons of brown sugar half a teaspoon of ground ginger 1/2 a teaspoon 1 teaspoon of the fresh lemon juice 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract one cinnamon stick and I'm just gonna push it right down into the center and the last ingredient is cardamom we do not have ground cardamom Sbrocco is gonna use his muscles to grind this for us a teaspoon so here it is ready to go I'm gonna set it on low for six hours now in the next hour I'm going to take the lid off really quickly give it a stir and then in five hours – it will be ready it has been six hours hello new it smells delicious smells really really good so remove the cinnamon stick mm-hmm very important and then what we've decided to do is transfer health into the food processor and just use the pulse button so that we could keep some of the chunks and I like this consistently anything that's great at this point you can serve it it is finished you can it's very hot it is very hot you can transfer it back into the crock pot and make a crock pot off just to stay warm or you can let it cool and then put it in the fridge so it had a little taste and it's awesome a bad question what were you doing at age 15 so I was recovering from being a bit of a troublemaker what are you doing I was playing baseball and chasing girls and playing the saxophone playing the saxophone thanks for watching

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  1. considering i'm 15 atm i can sorta answer this. i started smoking which i regret and i'm recovering from a few health issues through the vegan life style 🙂
    been watching you guys for quite awhile now and am so happy that you have FINALLY had kids <3 stay perfect and beautiful
    good luck to your baby as well 😀 they have the best parents in the world!

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