Cryluv – Beautiful Death I [Full Ep]

[Applause] once I'm saying today I just wanna I throw up I'm a broken machine and he's a snake that I won that has changed to an animal cages out of well our struggle name is Siobhan the eyes of decide what vixen and I had some great ocean ladies because I had no antivirus date then da because I had known anti-virus because I had numbered [Applause] [Applause] that hater feels incredible welcome with me don't adorable the song it all I'm feeling tennis almost all of my feelings stop looking at the ceiling pick tearing up at people all people you've got Frank James Bond reach does Joe stuff stuck but I would drink so much but to kind of break subscribe well you $40 Terra oh yes that's crazy I don't know if I can here should be the world so I wish i yeah emotional bodies once I know I know that I will never know [Applause] John Russell guns down it's a breakdown it's a bright it's a breakdown it's [Applause] [Applause] Halla disappear that much mississippi whatever one but you I don't understand myself Oh watching for agent Scott yeah Tommy did time way yes I was although I hate you said everything around me is against me and I feel wish that things will be clearer a water was you the shadow in my pack I can yeah huge of drugs I wish snow to be separated so loving Hey bump yourself I was crying I was really over me my 16th birthday we were talking we shall help each other I really like you maybe such MA there was a burrow in the buff I remember I said video so more counting as representing and I don't wanna mention how you pretended to kill yourself life domination whatever network tomorrow

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