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hey hey hey give me guys an opportunity to come on I'm on later than the usual the praise God I just didn't want to have that early appointment and I just didn't want to rush through this thank you Jesus hallelujah thank you Jesus morning Bree amen Helen thank you cheese thank you Jesus holiday only worship your name thank you – I needed a blessing I bless you – thank you Jesus Lord we worship your name this morning God we give you the glory we give you the honor you were the great God of heaven and earth and we bless you this morning we magnify you we lift you we glorify your name because you are holy and you are righteous and there was no other god like you and heaven above our earth below you were the great God of heaven and earth God and Father I thank you that you are unchangeable that there was no shadow of turning with thee and we bless your name this morning God we thank you that all power and might is in your hand and it doesn't matter what we're experiencing what we're going through what we're dealing with God there is nothing out of your purview there's nothing out of your ability to heal change shift alter in the name of Jesus we bless your holy name because you were righteous O God and we glorify you today hallelujah thank you Jesus so I'm gonna go and get started those of you watching good morning Regina good morning Kwame good morning Sylvia god bless you guys it's just been something I was I normally come on at 6:30 in the morning but I had an appointment that I had to take and didn't want to kind of you know rush because there's something really you know really on my heart that's been a burden on my heart for quite a few months and God has just really been dealing with me about prayer I know that that's something we hear a lot about prayer but just I feel like God is moving us into a season of prayer that if you've been a victim in the body of Christ that you've been operating in victim status that that season for you is over then you're not operating as a victim you are operating as a Victoire you're not operating some like somebody who does not have authority and power the jesus said behold I give you power over all the power of the enemy and nothing by any means shall harm you that God has released supernatural power for you to move things in this earth realm and that you are not subject to the forces to the elements you if those of you in the marketplace you're not subject to your boss or your are your team lead are the people your coworkers you are subject to the power and the force of the Holy Ghost and that you are not you know sometimes you want to take on this position of weakness and we're just waiting on Jesus and we're just waiting on God I just like this is a season for you to stand up in your most holy faith and operate in the power and the anointing of the Holy Spirit they got put on your life I want to talk to you I'm gonna start up we're talking about to assume the position because that is the word of the Lord that God gave me at the beginning of the year and I heard prophet Chuck Pierce say this he said you are not at the end of you're not at the end of everything you are really at the beginning of your next race and God is releasing a finishers anointing God showed me that at the beginning of the year that if the question was what do you have in your hand and that whatever you had in your hand if it's a book a business idea a makeup line a jewelry line whatever it is a ministry whatever it is you have in your hand that God was going to take that he was going to release the finishers anointing and he was going to prosper you with what you had in your hand so this is not the season that start anything new you know go through your oh I just I've been saying this we're midway through 2019 which is amazing how quickly this six months have gone by we got six more months in the in the in this year to to release what God has put in our hands I know most of you know I'm a writer that's my strongest anointing to me I am a prophetic scribe and I got a prophetic word from a woman that God told me to write two books and those two books the other two books I wrote I wrote a book for the first six months of the year I wrote a book already but God has given me to two more books and they are already on the assembly line writing them putting them together so in in this one year period in the year of assuming the position I will have three books out that I have written supernaturally by the hand and the pen of the Holy Ghost want to encourage you that whatever it is you have in your hand whatever God is giving you our told you to do that that go to work use it get the help you need if you need business strategies contact somebody that can help you but this is the year to manifest what God has put in your hand in your heart some of you have things in your heart they have been in your heart for years and you've been too afraid to move on them I'm telling you in the Holy Ghost that God is telling you that it's time to move it's not time to sit there and wonder and ponder and wait for God to send you help God Jesus asked the man that was sitting at the Pool of Bethesda he said do you want to be made whole he said I don't have anybody to put me in the water Jesus is like what do you want to be made whole so many things in life is choice driven it's not the enemy hindering us or fighting us or stopping us is that we are not making the choice to move forward and so Jesus had to ask him so what is it that you want you've been sitting up this pool for 30-something years and you have not got healed what do you want do you want to sit here or do you want to be made well and do you want to be made whole Jesus always asks the question do you want to accomplish what God has put on your life do you want to walk in purpose do you want to walk in destiny do you want to be everything that God has called you to be or do you want to sit there and complain and whine and and act like there's nobody there to help you you don't need a person to help you when the Holy Ghost the God of the great the God of the universe is positioned in poised to help you and pour into your life and pour into your vision to give you strategy to birth out in the in the natural what he has put in your spirit but I'm talking to that where I want to where I kind of want to focus today is just really the place of prayer the art of strategic prayer is what I'm going to really deal with today I was I was a member of a very large church um not that long last year over ten thousand members but I was walking in I was walking on the campus and this is what the Holy Spirit said to me he said you have the Ministry of the Interior and he began to show me he said it doesn't matter if you're in position or if you have a title or you have a responsibility here your greatest ministry here is prayer and intercession and sometimes that the prayer ministry is so overlooked and I looked up the apartment there's a there's a department and the United States government called the Ministry of the Interior and it's the governmental department that deals with the domestic or internal affairs prayer is dealing with the domestic and the eternal internal affairs of the kingdom and the earth it is affairs of the country especially concerning law and order responsible for policing emergency management and national security you have to understand that as a prophetic intercessor that part of your responsibility is that God is give you regions and territories to govern to to exact the law of God to bring supernatural order you're responsible responsible for policing emergency management that if God has assigned you to a region a territory that nothing should happen without it coming through you first even you know reminds me of Katrina the Hurricane Katrina there were people that were alerted in their spirit before that ever happened there is no natural disaster that can happen or no emergency that could happen that God has not alerted a prophet he said that nothing will happen in the earth unless I reveal it to my servants the Prophet so if God has assigned you to a territory nothing should catch you off guard ask God what is going on in that region or that territory that you need to be alerted about and so the Holy Spirit gave me Joel 2:17 it says this is the assignment of the prophetic prophetic intercessor it says between the sanctuary entrance and the altar that the priest got servants weep tears of repentance and let them enter see the word intercede or an intercessor is a go-between it's a person that stands in God and people and you are decreeing and declaring the will the plan the purposes of God for a person's life for a region for a territory for a ministry for a business I feel like my greatest anointing are those that are in the marketplace that something supernatural is going to happen in the marketplace mark my words there's something supernatural that the wind of heaven is blowing in the marketplace and I decree there is going to be increases raises bonuses promotions that even the warfare in the marketplace has been so great and you think that God is forsaking you but he's actually doing he's flipping the script he's actually actually changing the the the hands of power and God is going to advance his people in the marketplace and so I want to talk about Jesus I always try to pull in the scriptures because we cannot prophesy or Minister anything apart from the scriptures we can't Minister our opinion what we think what we want to say it has to be in conjunction with the scripture so we're going to talk about the life of Jesus we're going to look at intercession through the life of Jesus but another thing that the Holy Spirit put on my heart is that this is a season of separation this is a season of pruning there were people that have connected to you in your life over the course of this last six months seven months eight months that it's time for God to separate them and this is what God was showing me is that the people many of the people that Jesus heal they didn't come they didn't become part of his circle he sent them on their way the the the lepers that were healed he said go and show yourself to the priest the woman that was caught in adultery he said sin and and and he said go and sin no more he sent them on their way that you're gonna have to be very careful about the people the connections the relationships that you make in this season even though it's for every season there are some seasons that are more crucial than others and I feel like this is a crucial season that you're gonna be very careful watch out for new relationships watch out for people that are trying to connect to you or come into relationship with you do not bring anybody into your life that has not been vetted that you have not looked at that you have not looked at their life that you have not qualified because many times people that are coming into your life in a season people will come into your life in two seasons they will come into your life in the season of severe and great warfare and they will come into your life of great advancement and during those times their life you have to be very careful about the connections that you have and just like Jesus said and just like the Holy Spirit spoke to me about what do you have in your hand I feel like that's the same for people that this is not the season for a new relationships table those things and deal with the people that you that have already been vetted already been qualified that you know them you understand them that they're their own purity their own credibility their character has already been proven this is not the season for you to be proven somebody's character improving it there of God or not I just feel like there's so much wind in this season to move and shift you forward that you don't have time for dead weight I was using the I was talking to some someone else this morning and the example that the Holy Spirit gave me is I'm getting flying on a plane they limit the amount of baggage that you can bring on a plane if they tell you if you get on I generally fly Southwest they say you you can bring on you can bring this much luggage and you can bring two bags on the plane try and come on the plane with four bags so you will not make it on because the limit is two bags and so too much luggage on a plane will cause a plane to crash too much baggage in this season will cause you not to be able to get your gifting your anointing your ministry your book whatever it is off the ground because you'll be carrying too much this is a light season this is a season of separation you need to be connected to Jesus and Jesus only and only those those people I've already been qualified in your life so we're gonna look at the life of an intercessor again I'm repeating myself but we're looking at life of the intercessor through Jesus and it's so important to see look at Jesus's life look at Jesus's prayer life I was listening to a message by Cheryl Allen she's part of the International House of Prayer and she was talking this is this is the title of her message that God that just kind of stuck with my spirit and I'm gonna flush out a little bit more she was talking about the realm of quality ministry which is so powerful in this season of social media and you can start a church anywhere I remember who I need to bind them said all you need is a business card and a bill building to start a church nobody's qualified you nobody has laid hands on you and sanction or affirmed your gift you can just start a church if you feel like it but Jesus operated in the metal in the realm of quality ministry I want to be one of those that operates in quality ministry that when as a prophet the Bible says that a prophet is induced by the Lord and that a prophet can speak nothing on their own that when it's time for me to say something that I released the clarion call but when it's a season of quietness that I don't say anything and I feel like I operate in my life prophetically that I speak when God tells me to speak I was off for two months because I really didn't have anything to say there are things that are that were were brewing in my spirit but I didn't feel a release in an unction to actually release anything this is a season where I feel like God is moving on me again in the spirit so whenever we first um from John 5:19 Jesus this is this is the prayer we're talking about the prayer ministry of Jesus it said Jesus gave them this answer very truly I tell you the son can do nothing by himself he can do only what he sees his father doing because whatever the father does the son also does and so understand one of the principles of quality ministry is that we are doing what we see the father do that we're not improvising we're not making stuff up we're not operating in the spirit within things that have not been released in the Bible we're not making things up in the season because Jesus said I only do what I feel my father do and this is why Jesus operated in quality ministry it's because he was able to do the will of the Father and he came in agreement with the Word of God Jesus was not moved by people he was not moved by circumstances he was not moved by situations he was moved by the will of the Father so many times we get stuck in these bad relationships and stuck helping people it's because we're moved by somebody's tragedy we're moved by somebody's plight and not understanding that most of the time that you said most of the time people are in bad situations not because they're being attacked by the enemy is because of the choices that they're making God has just driven that home to me more than ever is that life is choice driven most of the trouble and suit that we deal with is because we didn't make a choice the choice you make is going to make you and that's why Jesus was not moved by people's tragedy he was not moved by people's failures he was not moved by people's pain not people's pain especially if you're preferring this sidebar if your prophetic you are going to be moved and affected a lot by people's pain by the plight of society but Jesus was never moved by that the Bible says he was moved with compassion but he was not moved by people he always wanted to discern what the will of the Father was even if we look at the story of Lazarus even though when Lazarus died and Mary and Martha were crying to Jesus Jesus you got to come if you would have came when we called you GLaDOS wouldn't a dot wouldn't not have died but Jesus was not moved by Lazarus sickness or his death he was moved by the will of the Father he had to just okay god this is happening over here with Mary Martha and Lazarus you know this is people that I love but what is your will what are you saying and when Jesus went to go raise Lazarus from the dead he said this is for the glory of God the Lazarus didn't die because he was sick Lazarus died because God was going to be glorified in the resurrection of Lazarus and he said after Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead there were many people that were were there they watched Lazarus died they heard Mary a month of crying that they were calling Jesus because Jesus was he said I am the resurrection so they knew that Jesus had power they knew that they had that he had authority and they were watching to see what Jesus was going to do and I can imagine a picture where Jesus was walking to the tomb of Lazarus with hundreds of people following him because they wanted to see what was going to happen and when Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead the Bible says that many people were converted that many people's minds were shifted and changed because of the power and the authority that Jesus walked in because he always just get this right here he always walked in the mind and the will of God no matter what sir especially those of you that are in ministry so many people will come to you that are hurt hurting and wounded and need help and a ministry but the question is not where they are many times the question is how did you get there because you can pray for somebody all day long you can heal them you can deliver them you can speak for speaking to their lives you can pray for them but that is not going to change the course of their life until they understand how they got there and I learned a long time ago that some people just want relief they don't want change relief I don't want this I want to stop hurting right now changes I don't care I can accept the pain I just don't want to be here I don't want to end up here again and so be very careful to the people that you're praying for ministering to mentoring counseling I always tell people that I mentor I'm not going to do more work than you're gonna do I'll do as much work as you do sometimes we're trying to save people that really don't want to be saved and we're trying to heal people that really don't want to be healed they just want relief and so you got to be very careful the Bible says that Jesus was meek and lowly and that word meek means that he operated under restrained power all jig of God said in his word he said all power and all authority has Jesus and all power and all authority has been given unto me but he really he was so powerful that he restrained his power that that's and that's when I heard a prophecy he said what makes God powerful is that he doesn't operate in his power he knows how to restrain it and that word meek means he's pliable he was moldable and this is one of the definitions that it was you could be pressed permanently at a shape without breaking or cracking jesus conformed his life and his will his life his ministry to the will of the Father even when he was in the garden he said not my will but your will be done that's what made Jesus week and even when he was on the cross are on his way to the cross he said don't you know that he said the Bible says that he submitted himself to the death of the cross he was like a sheep led to the slaughter and he didn't say a word he said don't you know that I could call 10,000 legions of angels and they could take me off the Christ right now but I am submitting to the will of the Father the power the next power move that you are going to make is that you are going to submit to the will of the Father concerning your life you're going to submit to the will of father in the place of Prayer and the place of intercession you can do more power you can do more damage to the kingdom on your face and on your knees then you can you know being on the circuit preaching in 10,000 churches I love Charles Spurgeon when they talked about his ministry that hundreds and hundreds of people would get saved every week and somebody and people would come they were amazed at the power of the Holy Spirit that was flowing through his ministry he said I don't want to be known they called him the Prince of preachers he said I don't want to be known as the Prince of preachers I want to be known as the Prince of we're and so they asked him what was the power of his ministry and he took them to the basement to the boiler room and there were intercessors stretched out across the floor praying and interceding while he was preaching your next move is going to be on your face that you're going to release the the power the Holy Spirit is gonna release power from on high to shift and move your life and the lives of those connected to you where you were on your face they call James the the James old camel knees because they said he spent so much time in in the place of Prayer but again we're going to look at Jesus and I love this because we've already confirmed that Jesus that Jesus was responsive to the father and he did not react to people or their needs this is a season to be responsive to the father and not react to people's needs their wants their desires their pain what is God saying what is the Holy Spirit telling you to do some people God is going to tell you not to help and some people God is going to tell you not to engage in because he's training them because he's teaching them something and sometimes when God is training you pruning you breaking you teaching you something you want relief but God wants to eat jesus wanted to get off the cross he didn't want to stay on the cross but he knew that he was on the cross for a greater good what some some of you what God is doing in your life is for a greater good I've just come out of a season of great pruning great warfare and did I want relief yes but I had to walk that thing through and now on the back in the vet I can see what God was doing in my life on the back or in that situation no matter how painful it was no matter how abandoned and rejected hurt and wounded I felt God was up to something supernatural something super significant in my life that it was I just feel like where I am today that God has broken me into another dimension of power another dimension of authority he has repositioned me in the kingdom because I allowed myself to go through that process without allowing it to break me make me bitter make me resentful become a victim because so many times God is pruning us and and cleaning us and processing us and we become a victim I decree that there are no more victims in the kingdom that you are a Victoire you are not operating from a place of of defeat you are operating from a place of power victory and authority and it's so easy to allow ourselves to become victimized because victims want attention they don't want power and so this is so this is the life and I want to say that again because victims want attention they don't want power they don't want change they don't want Authority they want somebody to feel sorry for them because that is how they run their life they run their life off of the sympathy of people rather than off the resources of God so watch out the people that the people that are in your life right now so we're going to look now at the prayer life of ministry which is so powerful I'm a person that I'm busy some of us are just we're busy and we got a lot to do but understand none of us were busier than Jesus Jesus was extremely busy he was he could in this day and age if we looked at Jesus we could label him a workaholic and think about how much Jesus had to walk and the miles he had to cover he was a busy man but the Bible says this the Jeep that Jesus enters in that Jesus was now the high priest of the day and the high priests were busy they had to tend to the needs of the people they had to take care of the temple they had a lot of work to do and so but this is what's powerful about the prayer life of Jesus and some of this I gleaned from I'm Cheryl Allen is that Jesus sent us like the Bible says that Jesus pray day and night that many times he prayed during the fourth watch that early 3 to 6 6 a.m. time that that but even though Jesus was busy and he walked many miles this is what sure Ellen said that was slow that just pierced my spirit is that he didn't Jesus didn't pray on the run he didn't use that time as prayer time that you know some of us were driving we're spending long hours in traffic we're driving we're doing this and we're using that as prayer time that's prayer on the run I'm not knocking that but Jesus the Bible says that Jesus devoted time to prayer he got up early and he stayed up late and this is what God was showing me Jesus set apart time to pray he devoted time to pray devoted we get the word devotion that in God talks so much about the devoted thing the set-apart thing when Joshua fought the battle at Jericho he said that the first the first batch of spoil is mine it's the devoted thing it's the thing set apart and God bless and because akin took the devoted thing akin and his whole family was stoned to death because he took the thing that was set apart and because one person stole the devoted thing the Bible says that God was mad at the entire nation he was mad at Israel and when they went up to fight the Battle of Aitkin on the AI they lost the battle because they fight they tried to fight it in their own strategy but we know in the scriptures that they won the second battle at AI and they left nothing breathing nothing alive nothing living and God said the spoil is yours but that the principle of the devoted thing the tithe is not about money it's about the devoted thing it's about what you set apart for the use of the kingdom it's about what you set apart for God that this is a season of devoted prayer we're not praying on the run we're not walking and praying we're not you know running and praying we're not cycling and praying there's nothing wrong with those things but this is the season of the devoted prayer next time that you are specifically going to set aside to seek God to seek his face to seek his will I preached Sunday on the prophetic word and how to receive a prophetic word one of the things that God is showing me is that if you keep needing a prophetic word that is a sign of immaturity that you're not walking out the word that he gave you and so this is a sign this is a season that as we devote time to God in prayer that we set sight aside time that God is going to mature us in areas where we need to mature and that's not maturity it's not always consistent with age I have met some 40 year old people that act like they are 12 there are things in us that need to be mature there are things in me that need to be mature I thought I come to another level of maturity in my emotions in my person because we're always works in progress God is always maturing us healing us the Bible says that we are working out our salvation that we go from faith to faith and from glory to glory that this is a season where God wants to do something really significant in your life but you are going to have to set aside time you're gonna have to set aside the devoted thing the devoted space to commune with him to pray to decree and to hear what the Holy Spirit has to say the most powerful part of prayer is in the book of Romans it says that eyes have not seen ears have not heard nor has it entered into the hearts of man what God has prepared for them that love them that this devoted time God is going to reveal purpose and reveal destiny and give you strategy and give you wisdom to be able to walk this thing out what do you have in your hand strategy and wisdom God gave me a strategy for writing a book it seems like an insurmountable task but using the strategy that God gave me it allows me to get a book published and and in a very short amount of time so God is going to release strategy because you don't know I didn't know what was inside of me I nobody's more surprised about the ministry on my life that I am because I didn't know what God put in me from the foundations of the earth when I was knitted together in my mother's womb but as you devote this time to prayer and it said so going back to Roman's I said not seniors have not heard nor has it entered into the hearts of man what God has prepared for them that love them in this devoted I'm attaching that to the devoted prayer but the Bible says but the Spirit Himself and this is the shift in the place of Prayer this is will be the shift you know the old bat says used to call it devotional time but this is the shift in your devotion but that the Spirit Himself will begin to make intercession for you that he will begin to pray for you and you will see a shift in authority a shift in power in your prayer life things are going to start moving areas where your life has been stagnant that those things that God is going to release a supernatural when supernatural God's gonna spring up a well in those areas where you have been dry and you have been seeking him for answers and you have been believing him for things he's going to release that stuff it released those things in the devoted place it doesn't matter what time you set aside but set aside a specific time to meet God and because one of my spiritual daughters is on I want to talk about her book until you get her book it's not it's in process and it will be out in two weeks but it's called a thirty days to dating God and I'm giving you this plug Tanisha because I really believe that it is significant in this season and in this time that God told her I want you to doctor her I want you to meet me at a specific place and a specific time and that he was going to release information to to you and so her book is very significant in this season in this hour because I believe that the instruction you're not just on hearing me watching me listening to me I told God I don't ever want to release the prophetic word without giving your people instruction the instruction is is that you are to set aside a specific time to meet with God a specific place to meet with God for I don't have a time frame but some of us need to be there thirty days some of us need to be there sixty days somebody needed needed some of us need to be there ten days depending on what God wants to do with your life but God is after the devoted thing he's after the set-apart thing set apart time with him Jesus got up in the morning he got and he got up early and he went to bed late so set some time aside at the end of your day the beginning of your day to meet with God during the time I was doing assume the position God woke me up almost every single night at 3 o'clock in the morning at the beginning of the fourth watch I was up and wide-awake and many and most of what I preached during that 30 days and you can watch it online on my youtube channel I'll put in the link but most 99% of what I preached during those 30 days was what God downloaded to me at 3 o'clock that same morning it was really fresh bread from heaven because I was asking I okay God what are we talking about tomorrow you told me go online for 30 days but what am I saying I believe that if we obey God in this season that if you you those of you that are listening to me watching me watching the replay I believe that I am a prophet to you that there is something on my ministry in my life that God wants to impart to you ministry is about impartation it's not about connection it's not about making friends it's not about being part of a group it's not about being part of the next big thing it is about impartation what does God want to impart to you through me I'm doing what I'm doing as an act of impartation what was imparted to me during a season where God told me to sit under the the ministry and life of a prophet and no matter how difficult it happened I was rejected there I was were hurt they hurt there it didn't matter what was going on I stayed put and I kept myself anchored to the altar they say that the problem with the living sacrifice is that it crawls off the altar but the Bible but this is what the direction the Holy Spirit told me during that time bind yourself to the horns of the altar and I told God I'm a time imma bind myself to the altar and I'm not going to get off until you are done this is the season of impartation I'm not on just to be on I am imparting something to you that you are going to need for the next season of your life and so as I as I close down in this next 10 minutes this is what God wants me to pray for and I feel like I'm gonna come back on tonight for prayer that this is a season where I'm gonna walk us through prayer and so I'm gonna the first thing that God is telling me to pray for is to pray for the mind if you are struggling you are struggling in your mind there is not too much Satan can do to a blood ball spirit-filled believer if you are covered by the blood if you are a child of the kingdom Satan cannot just assault you attack you hinder you at will there your life the Bible says that your life is hidden in Christ and that you are seated in heavenly places in Christ Jesus when you are properly positioned in the kingdom Satan has to find you because the Bible says that he goes around as a roaring lion seeking looking whom he may devour but if you are hidden in Christ then he can't just find you because he wants to find you he can't just devour you because he wants to devour you he has to find you and if the Bible says that he that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High that he is abiding under the shadow of the Almighty so you if you were open pray to the enemy that means you are out of position this is not a season of flesh I don't care what you're going through I don't care what you need from God this is not going to be a season of where you are going to operate in your flesh flesh there's no place in this season it is going to be by the hand and the will and the plan and the purposes and the power of God that you are going that you are going to accomplish what you need to accomplish in this season and God brought a dream that I had many years ago back to me and this and I believe as I talk about the dream it's for the people that are watching me that that and I told this to another prophet this morning that the 99% of you watching me you are further along in the kingdom than you think you are you are greater in the kingdom than you think you are you have been just waiting for somebody to affirm you somebody to tell you who you are Jesus has already told you who you are he has already affirmed you the Bible says that as a prophet that I ordained you and sanction you and called you and anointed you and appointed you in your mother's womb you came out anointed and appointed and so you're waiting for some man to anoint you and appoint you and tell you go ahead and go into ministry but God is telling you that you are already released if I was waiting for a man to affirm me I would not be doing what I am doing right now because I wouldn't be sitting on some peel and and understand that I am a churchgoer and I submit to the authority of my pastor but I would be sitting on some pew 20 years later waiting for somebody to tell me that I was okay and that I was sanctioned to go into ministry the Holy Ghost released me and I'm telling you right now that the Holy Ghost is releasing you to do what he is put in your spirit and this is not a this is not um this is not telling you to usurp authority that's not what I'm telling you to do I'm telling you to walk and what God has called you to walk in I got a dream that I was I was in the ocean somewhere in some type of tropical place it was beautiful the water was blue it was clear and there was these elephants these giant elephants they were floating on their banks and I was feeding them I was caring for them I was take giving them food I was giving them water and I was I got so far out in the deep that I was almost started startled and I remember as I was swimming to the shore that my left hand was tied behind my back and I was swimming in with my right hand and this is the this is what God showed me he said the element the elephants were giants in the faith that the majority of the people that I am speaking to that you are a giant in the faith you have been just been so beat up in the kingdom by not just by the devil you've been beat up by people you've been rejected on society ostracized and abandoned that you feel like that you are of no worth and no use to the kingdom because somebody has a sanction you yet and that that you have to endure the abuse of people you're so beat up that you can't move forward and so God will show me that you're gonna feed them you're gonna nourish them you're gonna heal them and that you're going to release them back into the kingdom of God release them into the earth specifically into the marketplace to garner wealth and resources because most of you have a business idea that you have not acted on and so and the reason I was swimming the reason my left arm was tied behind my back is because in the natural I am a left-handed person and so God will show me this is not going to be a work of your flesh this is going to be a move of the Spirit of God that by the Spirit of God you're going to nurture you're gonna nurture my people you know nurture people that are Giants in the faith you're gonna nurture people that can that can gather millions of dollars and pour it back into the kingdom of God and so that's why I want to encourage you that you're not just listening to me I'm not a random voice I'm not somebody trying to build a ministry that I'm speaking because this is the hour and the season for me to be speaking into your life because God is doing something there is a mutual exchange that is going to happen between you and I if you if we would follow the instruction that God has given me because the instruction that was given to me when I had that dream I submitted that dream to another prophetic voice and this is what he told me he said there God in this season they got on showing you this there's time for you to fix your limp because if you don't fix your limp that the people you raise up are going to have the same limp that you had and so I had to go through a saint season of healing and in deliverance and being brought to a place of wholeness in God so that I would not transfer to you what I was limping from and so you will not have the same limp that I have and even my natural children would not will not deal with the the warfare and the issues and the cycles and the problems that I dealt with in my life because I've broken that off of their lives so I want to pray to you but I'm coming back on tonight I'm not gonna put the time to it you can catch me live or later but I'm coming back on tonight because we are going to go into a place of prayer we're going to birth this thing out at the spirit because I'm just in the spirit because I'm not just time not preaching at you I wonder under I want you to understand I'm not preaching at you because the the messenger receives the ministry first then the the first person to receive and be pruned by the message is the messenger so these are things that God has dealt with me on dealing with me on I am just releasing what the Holy Spirit has put in my heart and my spirit for you so we're gonna pray out but tonight we're gonna go into a place of Prayer and we're gonna seek the father and we're gonna pray for their modern one say this about the mind I'll probably repeat it tonight but in neuroscience the mind is considered to be now what they call neuro plastic in the sense that make one make sure I'm saying that word right I believe so it's newer plexus neuroplasticity meaning the mind is neuroplastic you know in in previous seasons of mental healthcare they thought that the mind could not heal but they learned that the mind is healer is healable and they used to get people what they were called frontal lobotomies but they were short circuit different um nerves in their mind and remove the front portion of their brain to heal them emotionally because they thought okay what is is a person cannot be healed but now that they learned that they mind can be healed and I believe that this is a season that one of the things that you're going to do is that one of things that the Holy Spirit is going to do is he's going to heal your mind some of you have been through a lot of trauma emotional trauma that has not been dealt with you've dealt with it mentally but you haven't dealt with it emotionally and be in one of the ways you can tell that you haven't dealt with it emotionally it's because you're an addict you're addicted to food you're addicted to alcohol you're addicted to sex there's an addiction in your life that you're trying to heal yourself emotionally but you're doing it through an addiction but God wants to heal your mind you can be addicted to soap opera bad TV there is an addiction happy there's something that's honest there's something in motion in your life that you can't seem to stop because you're trying to heal yourself emotionally I know in the spirit that this is a season where God is going to supernaturally heal people from trauma and that these addictions over the lives of God's people are going to break because God wants to take you to another place in him and we're gonna pray that thing through tonight we're gonna pray for the mind because your smile is one of her her one of her most significant books is called the battlefield of the mind Satan I said before Satan can't just attack you at will or attack you because he feels like it all he has to do was send a suggestion and most of us run with it he says something that shows us an image that's why the Bible says cast down everything that exalts itself against the knowledge of God some of you you have images running through your mind that you can't stop and God is going to break that thing tonight because we're going to pray that thing through and that we're going to release power from on high and we're going to release the power and the Ministry and the authority of the Holy Spirit to break those things off of God's people because there's something significant that he wants to do in your life today tonight my man Tanisha today and tonight so god bless you I love you and I will see you between the porch and the altar tonight amen god bless you

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  1. Whew! you just blew me away. This is an amazing word! I couldnt stop screaming at the screen. So on time, and so for me! Hallelujah πŸ™ŒπŸΎπŸ™πŸΎπŸ‘πŸΎ

  2. Thank you so much for your ministry! You've no idea how much I've learned from the price you've paid to bring us encouragement and teaching of The Word of God! I look forward to the notifications that you're on! Phil 1:3 always!

  3. AMEN GLORY hallelujah, so many GLORY thieves and whatever else they can try and snatch! They are permanently cut loose! Thank you Lord for confirming this WORD to me!

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